A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-10

Last time we saw Galandriel eventually finishing the tail about her grandparents. The book may have been a best seller as soon as it hit the stores, but the outrage of people across the sim-earth about some of the detail made known regarding Flora and her children. Cause paparazzi to haunt Galandriel to get detail of the next book.  391. Last Gal's 5th book was a best seller

This was so bad that Galandriel withdraw from the world. She even missed the birth of Rose’s daughter Amy II.

392. Rose gave birth to a little girl Amy II

As well as both Micheal II and Leon III’s birthdays.

393. Wesley turned 40,

Micheal became a serious young man in braising his elven heritage, much to his great great granddads happiness.

394. Micheal II became a teen inbracing his elven heritage

While Leon III took after his great grandfather, the first of the Leon’s. He may have been the calm’s toddler, but as a child he started acting out. Getting caught being out after curfew more then any other child in Hidden Springs.

395. And Leon III became a child

During this time Galandriel just became more and more withdrawn. Neglecting herself and hiding from everyone. She would run into the house as soon as anyone appear anywhere near the house.

396. Throu this all Gal kept to herself.

This started worrying Rose, turning her old before her time. Nor she or Thurdiul could find a way to get Galandriel some peace.  The paparazzi just kept haunting her.

397. Rose got more worried every day as time pass

Things became so bad that Galandriel started neglecting the garden Rose started many many years ago. The one thing that was able to sober her up during the time of her heavy drinking while writing her last book.

398. Specially after even the garden went to ruin

The garden became a heaven to all kind of critters and

399. All kind of critter

animals, as no human entered and looked after it any longer. For

400. and aminals made themself at home

Galandriel had in braise her fairy heritage and gave up on her human form. She had begin living strictly in her fairy form.

403. All the while Gal just ignore all this and stay in fairy form. Days, months Years pass this way

When the paparazzi could not find Galandriel at her home any longer. Some of them tried breaking into the place. In the hope of finding any of her notes.

401. Ever burgalrs became regular visitors

But with two family members high up in the police departments, not to mention one being the leader of the military of Hidden Spring. the cops was on the burglar before she could do any snooping around.

402. The police was always there to stop those they could

Year had passed since Galandriel published her last book and live continued for everyone even if she did withdraw from it. Wesley got a promotion to a Wiretap Reader (Level 6)

404. Wesley gor promoted to level 6 Wiretap Reader.

While Rose became a Special Agent (Level 8) now that her babies was growing up.

405. And after having her kids Rose II also got promoted to Special Agent Level 8

Even little Amy was already walking around on her own.

406. As time pass Amy grew up and turns out she like Leon is a hybrid Witch-Werewolf

But sadly like her oldest brother, she loved to in braise her werewolf side. Her mother was hoping that as she age, she would also in braise the witch in her, as Amy like Leon is a werewolf/witch hybrid. Only time will tell if Rose’s wish will ever come true.

407. Turns out to be a Witch-Werewolf hybrid like Leon III but with Micheal II toddler tendance to destroy everything

As for the Greenleaf side of the family. Oropher had even gotten married, Galandriel was sadly not in attendance, much like his 18th birthday. But he did marry a lovely human girl Maranda.

408. Time pass and Oropher married Maranda

While Lynn grew into a young women. To the dread of her father. He would soon be losing one of his little girls. A specially as Lynn did not hold the elven tradition and would wear shorts. No amount of taking from her mother and father could get her to change. Even her chose in boyfriend was not to her fathers liking.

409. Lynn Grew up

A year after Oropher’s marriage his wife gave birth to a little boy the named Daryl.

410. The following year she gave birth to a son Daryl

Then came the day Thurdiul dreaded more then life, his youngest girl, Krista became a women. She turned out to be the opposite of her sister, much to her father and mother’s delight.

411. Then it was time for Krista to grew up

To make matters worst for Thurdiul. Lynn and her boyfriend Wilfredo Fultz eloped. Even though it was clear that all was not right in the relationship. They would not even sit next to each other on the sofa.

412. As Lynn got married to Wilfredo Fultz to her father dissapointment

And during all this family drama, Galandriel just stay in fairy form, watching seasons pass. But thanks to Micheal II and Leon II her yard was cleaned and the house no longer looked abandoned.

413. All the while Gal kept herself in Fairy form. Not talking to anyone.

Soon even Daryl was a toddler following his mommy and daddy everywhere they go.

414. Daryl grew into a toddler

Two years after her sister eloped. Krista met the man of her dreams. She was quick to introduce him to her parents. Thurduil took a liking to the young human man, and within a year Krista and Fredirick Carlisle was married. But Thurdiul insisted that they move in with them. As his homestead had to houses.

415. Soon after Krista got married to Fredrick Carlisle

And over at Rose’s Amy had age into a child. Settling down after her terrible toddler years. To her mother great delight.

416. While Amy II became a child

As Leon III turned into the high schools heart-breaker. He took after his father and all Rose could do was laugh. After all she remembered how she hunted Wesley during her university years, even if

417. And Leon III a high school heartbreaker

it now was 26 years ago. As she watch her eldest turn into an young man. Micheal was into sports just like his name sake. (No kidding both time I played he started in the athletic career as a YA) 

418. Micheal II became a sport star as even he entered his YA

Seasons turned to years and Galandriel was missing all the important events in her families lives as she would not change back to human form for no-one. Thurduil, Adriaana, Rose, Wesley, Micheal, Leon, Oropher, Lynn, Krista and even little Amy (who never even met the girl her mother raised) begged at the front of the Fairy bungalow for her to change back. She just ignored them all.

419. Still no amount of begging could get Gal to join the family in human from.

Time passed and even Micheal got married to his high school sweetheart Alexandra Shue, an elf. Moving into a place of his own.

420. time waits for no sim and soon the day come where Micheal married Alexandra Shue

After almost 16 years one would think that the paparazzi would leave Galandriel alone, but

421. With Gal still refusing to change Burgalars kept

the police had to react to break-ins by the paparazzi.

422. Camoning and the police kept having to

Arresting them all, but still it did not help. They would just try again later.

423. keep making arrests. All while

Galandriel had realized this and was just looking on from her hiding place in and around the bungalow. Never coming out or even let anyone know she was around.

424. Gal would stay in Fairy form. Not interacting with anyone in human form

Even when strange zombie like creatures started appearing on full moon nights.

425. Not even the apprearance of Zombies

The bungalow was Galandriel safe haven even if Thurduil truly started hating the day he bought that horrid bungalow for his favorite great great many times over granddaughter.

426. Could get her to change and go indoors

he never realized just what a wonderful safe place it had become for the girl he loved more the life.

427. no matter how many of then

For no matter how many strange zombie like creatures started turn up at her place, she was always safe. Away form prying eyes.

428. Came to visit

And as Galandriel found safety in her bungalow, live for the rest of the family continued. Wesley was promoted to CSI (Level 7) and Rose was now a Triple Agent (Level 9)

429. As the years pass Rose reach L9 Triple Agent and Wesley L7 CSI

While Daryl started school.

430. Daryl grew into a child. Never meeting Gal

And Leon left school. Even joining his parents in the police department. 🙂

431. As Leon grew into a YA and joined his perants on the force

Later on even marring a co-worker Trisha Cho.

432. Later even marring his high school sweetheart Trisha Cho

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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-9

Chapter 6-9


Last Galandriel started on the book that contained all the info she found in the pile about her grandfather Micheal and Grandmother Amy.

346. Soon Gal was starting her grandfathers book

As she worked on the book, she other found interesting thinks that she would share with the family. Like how Amy sabotage Micheal’s original plans for his surrogate. By being the instigator of Flora’s relationship, while sponsored by Micheal. The same relationship that lead to the birth of Alsysia, Galandriel’s mom.

347. Glandriel made time to visit the family. Galandriel also learned that having a werewolf toddler was not an easy thing to do. Micheal would shred everything in his way when upset.

348. Where she learn that very young were's was a handful

As she slowly worked throw the pile of information. She came across some upsetting thinks. Like when her grand mother helped with her grand father’s kidnapping. Some of this did not make sense so…

349. As Gal work on book qeatiions formedWhen to visit her aunt Rose. Only…

350. So she went to see Rose for some answers To find that Rose was pregnant with her second child. Galandriel was very happy for the couple, and along with Rose, she hoped this one would be a little girl, and possibly a witch.

351. And to her delight she found that Rose was pregant With little ears, Micheal, in bed. Galandriel and Rose sat down in the kitchen.

352. As they sat down Rose was appriensive Where Galandriel learned more about the pass then she ever expected.

353. but did answer  what she could

She often halted Rose in her tale. Just to make sure she have the facts right. If it was not for her grand mother Amy, and her instigating the relationship, that lead to Alsysia’s birth. The military would not have been able to force Flora into the situation she ended up in. Or that was how Galandriel saw it.

354. Gal also learn more then she expexted

And the Alsysia and her siblings would not have ended up where they did, up in space.

355. She was shocked anout it

No matter how Rose tried to tell Galandriel that, that is not so. The military would have found a way to get long living Sims one way or another. Galandriel did not listen. So Rose would just hold her…

356. And the women ended up holding For a very long time. Trying hard not to burst into tears, for Rose did not even got to the part about the happenings after Galandriel’s birth. She just sis not have it in her to talk about that. After all it was in the pass, 25 years in the pass.

357. On to each other for a very long time

So it was with a heavy heart that Galandriel continued the tale. Writing long hours, late into the night. Doing her best to tell it not just as accurately as possible, but also to try and put Rose’s view into the book. That was the hardest for her to do.

358. Gal returned home to try and But she tried. Even if in the end she had to rewrite some chapters up to 10 times.

359. On paper what Rose told her

Galandriel was determent to make the best of it. But some things still was not complete. So she know she would have to find out what else happened. So when Rose returned from the hospital with her new baby, Galandriel went for another visit.

360. She really wanted to do her grandfather story well.

Not just to meet her new little cousin…

361. Later that years Rose gave birth to her 2nd son Leon III

Who Rose named after her late twin brother Leon III, but also for another chat with Rose.

362. Gal loved her new cousin, and was over at Rose's daily

Rose, ducked and dived around the subject. In the end just told Galandriel to talk to Thurduil. Rose just did not want to talk or think about that part of life ever again. She was now firmly grounded in her little family. Micheal was now of school going age, and had mellowed a bit.

363. Specially now that Micheal II was of school age

And Rose herself had reached her 40’s. The years was slowly but surely catching up on her. This bothered Galandriel. As her life had hardly started, and would be long. She realize she would most possible not only out life Rose and Wesley, but also her two cousins, who were werewolf and werewolf/wizard hybrid. Only family that would most likely out life Galandriel, were the elven part.

364. As the years roll by, Rose reached her 40's The same elven part, that was having problem of their own. With Lynn being a very openminded teen. That tried everything. To her fathers horror. And

365. Others in the family was having problems of their own.To top it off. Krista had also reached her teen years. Making things twice as hard on Thurduil.

366. And to make things worst. Krista was now also a teenThe only one who did not seam to have any problem was Wesley. He and his sons were very close.

367. Atleast Rose's family was going better

Though everyone did laugh at the fact that little Micheal easily beat his father in the hot-dog eating competition.

368. Specially with Wesley and Micheal Micheal was a pleasure to be around, now that the toddler tantrums was a thing of the pass.

369. Micheal calmed a bit down as child And as luck would have it. Leon III was so totally the opposite of his brother, and the original Leon. 🙂

370. While Leon never acted out.

He was a beautiful calm boy, what had pinkish eyes.

371. Leon even had his grandmother Al's eyes.

As the years pass, Galandriel’s story just did nt want to work. Something was still missing and remembering Rose telling her to talk to Thurduil. She met up with him, to ask some questions.

372. As time pass, Gal also talked to ThurduilWhat she found out, was more them she could handle. Having to stop Thurduil more then one. Not just to make sure that the fact is right the way she understood it. But

373. About what he know about the happenings in APAlso to get over the shock off all the thinks she was hearing. Most would be part of her fathers tale. If she would ever be able to put it on paper.

374. She was apolled as what she learned There were no words for Thurduil to utter. He had always know that this day would came. Specially ones Galandriel started writing. So he did the only thing he could think off. Holding her close, promising to always be there for her, and then

375. And no matter how much T tried to comfort her Drive her home.

376. She started blaming herself for what happened But Galandriel blamed herself for what happened to her family. Blamed herself for the fact that Rose gave up being a teen, to raise her. For Rose loosing everyone she cared for. For two little boys that now would never know their uncles or grand parents. Days turn

377. She withdrew from family and soon started drinking to months. Months to a year. And still all galandriel did was drink and the drink some more.

378. A lot.

When the alcohol in the house was up, and she was even have sober. She would go and paint or

379. When not drinking at home.  She would paint, Write a chapter, most time she was just re-writing over and over.

380 or write, when sober enought Other time if the alcohol in the house was up and she did not want to get sober. She would hit the bars.

381. But mostly just hangout in the bars But even with every thing going to hell,, she somehow still manage to get a promotion at work.

382. But least Gal did move up in her job. Level 7 At Oropher’s 18th birthday,

383. She did not even attend Oropher's 18th bdayGalandriel did not even pitched up. This upset and worried the family. Galandriel and Oropher had been best friends for years, so for her not to attend this mile stone in his life was just unheard of.

384. This causes the whole family to worryRather then going to the party, Galandriel was home. Ones again drowning herself in wine.

385. But Gal just kept on drinking Nature had a way of getting her out of her stomp, but some times even that

386. The fairy in her would pull her to some gardening but failed spectacularly.

387. Soon she would be back to drinking Which was why it blew everyones minds when she eventually public her 5th book in the Draconus Vallis series. Draconus Vallis Part 5 Micheal Greenleaf and Amy the Witch, became a best seller as soon as it hit the shelves.

388. How she did it is an open q but DV P5 bestseller




I had a laugh when this message appeared:

Yay, a Greenleaf grew a Greenleaf 🙂

389. Laughed at G Greenleaf growing a Greenleaf


Also while with Thurduil, they played a game of rock paper scissors. Thurduil lost and then tried to scare the c..r.a.p out of Galandriel.

390. Thurduil is a bad looser. He scared the hell out of Gal

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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-8

Chapter 6-8

After Rose and Wesley moved in to their own place, Galandriel soon graduate with honors from school. Only managing an B average. She was however votes most likely to save the world.

317. Gal graduated with honnors only managing a B ave

After graduation Galandriel settle into a routine that worked wonderfully for her. Her day start with some hours painting, after cleaning the house.

320. Soon she had her routine down. Painting early morning

Before she would spend the late morning, early afternoon in the garden. As a fairy she loved working with the plants. Socking up the sun.

321. Gardening late morning

Before she would head over to the consignment store, just before closing time. To consign the fresh fruit and any painting she may have completed.

322. Consigning  fruit and paintings in the early afternoon

Before returning home to work on her new book, Dranocus Vallis Part 4 Leon Greenleaf and Tonya Alto.

318. Gal soon started on her 4th book Re Leon & Tonya

As the months pass Rose gave birth to a healthy baby boy, that inherited his fathers affiliation. He was born a werewolf,. Rose honored her father and named the little one Micheal II.

319. While Rose gave birth to boy, Micheal Werewolf

Galandriel’s 4th book in her Draconus Vallis series, was the first she had a hard time writing. It just would not be right. She battled with the wording. In the end months turned to years as she worked on it.

323. While evenings was spend writing

As for her paintings. It turned out that she did her best work if and when she painted nature.

324. As a faye her best paintng was nature base

Galandriel did get out., for more then just quick runs to the consignment store. Well some was not so quick, as she sometimes would pick up a book and get lost in it. Hours later hunger would remind her of the time.

325. Sometme she would stay at cstore reading

Other times, she would start drawing pictures. Some of these works of her sold for $203. Even more then most of her smaller paintings.

326. Other time she would draw some pictures

As the years pass. Krista soon reach the age that she joined her brother and sister in school.

327. Time passed fast, soon Krista was of school going age

And being on her own, Galandriel learned some things about fairies. Like one day at the consignment store she saw a train set. It stirred something in her, so she bought it. Back home…

328. Around the same time, Galandriel discovered

Galandriels learned that if the ride on the little train…

329. That in her fairy form

She would quickly regain her magic powers back, after tapping it projecting aura’s or…

330. She could ride the trainset. So she bought one

repairing the toilet. 🙂

331. She also used her fairy for to repair things around the house

As time pass. Galandriel grew bored with the consignment store. Soon she was looking for new places to hang out. The park like place where Rose got married years ago. Was now open late at night. So Galandriel would get some drink at the bar before…

332. As time pass she sometimes would get a drink

Working on some of her best work ever. Paintings of Hidden Springs, at different times of the day.

333. Before spending the night painting

It was hard to believe, but soon 4 years have passed. Micheal II was a rambunctious young werewolf. Rose was getting use to running after him all of the time.

334. Time pass Michesl II was now 4 years old

4 Years also mean that Rex was returning for Uni. He went just after school, while Galandriel point blank refuse to go. Her interest was not in anything Uni could teach her. Her interests was in the papers her father left behind. Painting she did for fun and for extra income.

335. Rex returned from uni

With Rex back, Galandriel’s social life quickly picked up. For Rex was quickly known for the wild parties he would throw.

336. And celebrate his return with a party

Parties that had him and Galandriel…

337. Where things heated up between Gal & Rex

disappearing for hours. 🙂

338. Leading to them spending time in the shower

He also started writing love love letter so Galandriel. It was a bit of a surprise for her, as she had not heard from him in all the 4 years he was at uni.

339. He even send her a letter not long after that night

She did not let that though bother her for long. Soon Rex was over at her place…

340. Before long Rex spend most

more then at his own. He would spend days off there, never even going back home. Only returning there just before he had to be back at work.

341. Of his time at Galandriel's

Something else that was nothing strange with them. Was eating breakfast in the buff. They know each others bodies so well, it just did not bother them at all. Though Galandriel often told Rex to put cloths on when he went outside, he would just happily walk out naked.

342. It got so bad the them eating bfast in the buff became commen

Life was wonderful for Galandriel. She was happily in love and already level 6 in her job as a painter. Her paintings was selling on the average for more the $1000 each.

343. Gal still made time to paint. Sell 2 for good price Lvl 6

And to top it off. She eventually finished her 4th book in the Draconus Vallis series. It took just over 4 and a half years, but it was worth it. Turns out it became a best seller.

344. DV P4 Leon & Tonya took years to write was a best seller

With the years passing. Lynn grew into a teen and Thurduil had his hands full. The was luckily for Galandriel, or the old man would have been on her and Rex to get married, something she was so NOT ready for.

345. Lynn became a teen & Thur started stressing

Then one day Galandriel sat down to start writing the 5th part of the Draconus Vallis series. This one was to be about her grandfather Micheal and grandmother Amy.

346. Soon Gal was starting her grandfathers book


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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-7

Chapter 6-7

After Rose’s wedding Galandriel started acting up. Her new found love for setting traps.

281. G's new love for setting traps

Had cause many an embarrassing moment for the newly weds.

282. Has cause many an embarising moment

And there was just no stop to her and her trickery. She became worst then her great-great grandpa, William.

283. Gal was not always in human form when she set her trapsBut at least she did not always set traps. As the years pass. She took up her writing again. Completing her 3rd book, a best seller. Compared to THE GOLDEN HOUR.

284. But G also completed her 3rd book

She spend time getting to know Wesley better, now that he was offically part of the family.

285. Wesley had a sat down with G, while playing chessYears that he lived with them, had see a slow friendship forming. But after Galandriel calmed down. She and Wesley would spend hours just battling each other in chess.

286. To try and get behind the reason of her acting out.While Rose worked hard, still trying to solve the youth gang case. She was out all hours of the night following up on leads.

287. Rose's career, Teen gang evidance breakthroughAnd in the end it did pay off. After almost 4 years since she first started. She cracked the case. Earning herself a promotion, to level 7.

288. At least it did pay off and she was promoted to level 7With time passing. Galandriel completed two new paintings, that she took to the consignment store too sell.

289. Gal also consign two paintings.

The did sell, even earning her a promotion to level 4. Galandriel was slowly moving up in the painting career, even as a prankster teen.

290. Gal earned a promotion to level 4

Things did not stand still for the rest of the family. With the youth gang case cracked. Rose work to get behind the Adults, that was responsible for pressing the youth into the gang.

291. While Rose had to question Jimmy re smuggling

While Thurduil and Adrianna, expanded their little family, with the birth of their second daughter, Krista.

292. Thurduil and Adrianna had another girl Krista

It was around the time, Lynn, started school and

293. Just as Lynn

Oropher II was starting high school. Oropher, turned out to be a carbon copy of their first son Legalos. 🙂

294. And Oropher grew older

The winter before Galandriel’s 18th birthday. The family made sure to spend as much time together as possible.

295. The winter before Galandriel turned 18

Rose even made very sure that they take a new family picture.

296. Rose made sure to take a family pic

And to make it more special. Galandriel received another promotion. She is now have way in her job, and will soon become an Young Adult. Life was looking very promising for this young lady.

297. Galandriel also got another promotion Now she is level 5

Rose and Wesley, was now married for almost two years. Both of them were starting to think about children of their own.

298. 2 years married Rose and Wesley both  wanted kids

With Galandriel’s birthday closing in on them. Wesley was overjoyed when he received a promotion to Patrol Officer (Level 4)

299. On the day of Gal 18th bday, Wesley got promoted to lv 4

Then the day arrived. Rose organize a party for Galandriel.

300. As Rose organize a party

While the same young lady, Galandriel, finished a rather shocking picture, she sneaked of Wesley and Roe. At least Rose was already clothed.

301. Gal completed a rather shocking painting

The party was mostly family and close friends.

302. That afternoon the guests started arriving

The only family member not in attendance was the very young Krista, whom had just celebrated her 1st birthday herself.

303. Mostly just family

Even with just family and very close friend. The house was full.

304. and close friends

While at the party Rose pulled Thurduil to the side. She had some news of her own.

305. Rose took this oppertunity too

She had just found out that she was 9 weeks pregnant with her first child.

306. Anounce that she was pregant

Thurduil was so excited by this news. He could not stop grinning for the rest of the night.

307. To Thurduil's happiness

While her boss, who had overheard, was furious. He was about to loose one of his best, to maternity. Even if it was only temporary, she was working a very important case.

308. And her bosses disapointment

Despite her boss throwing a tantrum in the middle of the party. The party was a blase, an epic. And Galandriel….

309. Soon everyone gathered around for the bday - epic

grew into a beautiful young lady.

310. Gal grew into a good looking young lady.

Wesley was starting to hate Rose and her party plans. For ones again she through the party on the night of the full moon. He lost his battle with the moon, in the privacy of the bathroom.

311. But Wesley ones again had to contest with the full moon

After the party goers have all left. Thurduil called Wesley and

312. After everyone left the party T

Rose a side for a chat.

313. had a long descussion with R & W

Wesley was not very happy, but as Rose was overjoyed, he decided it would be best to just go along.

314. Th house was to small, Gal dad money so he

And so Wesley and Rose soon moved into a house of their own, bought and paid for by Thurduil. As Thurduil though it would only be right if they gave the old house to Galandriel, seeing as it was her fathers money that paid for it. It was to small for them and their growing family in any case, or so Thurduil thought.

315. Bought them a new house

The new house was a large two bedroom with potential to expand.

316. Big enough for there expanding family


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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-6

Chapter 6-6

Last we left off with Rose and Wesley getting engage. That same night Galandriel also got herself a promotion to level 3

243. Gal also got a promotion Now level 3

The next day after Wesley asked Rose to marry him. They went to inform Thurduil of the news. Wesley was the one that draw the short straw and had to tell him.

244. Wes draw the short straw to the Thurduil

But too every ones surprise. Thurduil was very grad. He had been better and unhappy about them living together for the past 3 years, specially with a teen girl living with them.

245. About the engagement

He gladly congratulated Wesley on the engagement before…

246. Luckily T waas happy they plan to get married

Proceeding to congratulate Rose. He was so happy for the young couple.

247. For he did not like them living together

Meanwhile back home Galandriel started her 3rd book – Draconus Vallis: William (Bill) Greenleaf and Jade Racket. The further along in the story she got the more upset she got. Specially when she started the chapters on Shark and Tonya.

248. As the wed got closer. G start book 3 William (Bill) & Jade

Time fly when Sims are happy and soon it was the morning of the wedding. The wedding was planned for the late afternoon. So Rose had a very relaxing bath before getting dressed.

249. All to soon wedding day. R start day relaxing bath

Having her hair done, was a pain, but she wanted to look sophisticated for her wedding.

250. Everyone got dressed, Rose had her hair done

Even her bridesmaid, Galandriel, had to sit through pines and curlers. Getting her hair do just the way Rose wanted it to be.

251. As did Gal, who were the bridesmaid

Luckily for Wesley, rose loved his hair the way it was, he only had to get into his tuxedo.

252. While Wesley dusted of his tuxedo

The afternoon the wedding planner made sure that everything for the wedding was set up to Rose and Thurduil’s, how was paying, standards.

253.Afternoon was spend making sure the venue was rightAs the groom, Wesley was responsible for the bar tab. So he arrived first to set it up with the bartender. Not wanting anything to go wrong. But he had something that was worrying him, he just not want to upset Rose about it just yet. He will just hope for the best as the night fall upon the wedding…

254. Arriving first Wesley opened up a tab at the bar.The first guest to arrive was Rex. He could not wait to see Galandriel.

255. The first gueest to arrive was RexPretty soon all the guest had arrived, and was mingling before the ceremony commence.

256. But pretty soon all the guest had arrived and ...

As ring-bearer, Rose and used her great great great uncle Oropher.

257. With Orpher as ringbearerAs the sun set, the couple met below the wedding arch…

258. The coupleTo promise eternal love to each other and

259. Said their vows and


260. Exchange

wedding rings.

261. The rings

Before sealing it with a kiss.

262. Before sealing the deal with a kissThe wedding brought different emotions from the attendees.

263. The guest had different emotions about this wedding

While Adrianna found it lovely and romantic. Thurduil spend most of the wedding in tears.

264. While Adriaana thought it romantic, Thurduil criedRex on the other hand, found it so romantic, all he could think of was his girlfriend. Who just so happen to be in the row in-front of him.

265. On the oppisite side of the ilse Rex only had eyes for Gal

With the formal ceremony done, it was time to cut the cake. As this part came around. Wesley got more and more stressed. He did not want to ruin Rose’s day, but…

266. Soon as the cake were cut

Just as she turned around to sit. It happened. There was no way he could hold it off any longer.

267. Wesley....

For Rose had planned the wedding on the night of the full moon. Living with Wesley, they were so use to his turning. It did not even register with Rose that a full moon, Elven wedding, might not be the best idea. When your groom to be is a werewolf.

268. Transformed into a werewolf.His transformation was a shock to many of the guests how promptly passed out.

270. Boo'd them

The only person there to think it funny was Thurduil. Who could not stop laughing – I actually had to reset him, he kept on laughing for 2 hours – while Adrianna booed them for ruining the wedding.

269. For Rose II forgot not to plan the wedding on a fullmoon. Guests past out, T laughted and Adrianna

Being a werewolf, Wesley also cause some raised eyebrows. For he showed just how bad his manners as a wolf can be, by licking the icing of the piece of wedding cake Rose gave him.

271. Being a wereeolf, Wesley left his manners at home.

After every one had a piece of cake. Rex helped himself to some of the liquor at the bar, before convincing Galandriel to join him outside.

272. After cake, Rex and Gal slipt outside for some alone time.

After almost freezing outside, Galandriel returned inside almost an hour later. Now it was just close family still at the wedding. So they used the time to catch up with one another.

273. Before the family started catching up with each other.Rose even used this time to get to know Oropher better. And told him and..

274. Rose even told Oropher

Galandriel a ghost story.

275. and Galandirel a ghost story

By the time the last of the wedding guest left and the newly weds returned home, it was just before  two the next morning.

276. Just before 2am when the newly weds made it home.

But that did not mean that the newly weds

277. They retired to bed too

Could not consummate their marriage.

278. Celebrate the union

The first couple of months after the wedding, Galandriel started to show some rather disturbing behavior. She was suddenly setting up pranks all over the house. Something she never did in the past.

279. Shortly after the wedding Gal started acting up, setting traps

But something awesome also happened. One night while searching the sky. Wesley found a new star, and he named it after his wife, The Rose II Greenleaf star.

280. While Wesley found a star and named it after Rose


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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-5

Chapter 6-5

Last time Wesley move in, and only getting a C at Uni due to Rose hunting him all the time. Causing him to be late for class, he only manage a entrance level snitch work at the police station.

202. So Wes got himself a job starting at the bottom

On return from his snitching jobs, Rose would question him on his snitch work.  Then…

203. Rose quetion Wes about some of his snitch work

She quickly send his report on the snitch activities in for her supervisor to go over. This way the changes of Wesley getting caught was minimal.

204. Then wrote a report on his snitch findings

Rose and Wesley was not the only ones working hard. Galandriel was promoted in her painting career to level 2.

205. Gal soon got a promotion to level 2

As time pass, Rose even had to question here best friend. Julia who was the first friendly face back after moving to Hidden Springs. She was also the person how help Rose making contact with her great great many times over grandfather Thurduil.

206. Later she had to qeustion her friend Julia

As Rose wrote her report on Julia, Galandriel did her homework. Galandriel was a hard working student, that did not have many friend.

207. Rose wrote up the report on Julia, Gal did her homework

Most of Galandriel’s time was spend writing up all the information on Draconis Vallis, a book titles – Draconis Vallis – Andrea and Legalos Greanleaf- that was at the bottom of and old bag and in the corner of the living room. It included all the things Marius had long ago learned on his world travels.

208. Gal continued with her wriitings on DV

Wesley was so stressed from his snitched work, he would transform the moment he step into the house. The girls got quite use to it, and it did not bother them any more.

209. wes like to transfer into a werewolf all the timeAfter her interview with Julia, Rose was send to interview her great great grandmother Adrianna. To her shock Rose found Adrianna heavily pregnant again. It was clear that Thurduil and Adrianna was getting over the lost of Legalos all those year ago by now having as many kids as they can.

210. Rose was send to interview Adrianna preg again

A Year after starting her first book Galandriel finished it. The first draft she send in was remarkably accepted without any rewriting. Soon it was available on the bookshelves. Selling fast.

211. Gal conplete the first work on DV

After the book was published, Thurduil requested that Galandriel get to know Rex. A boy introduces to her as child. Thurduil had plans and only time will tell if Galandriel will go along with it. But for now not having friends, she used this opportunity got make at least one.

212. But she made sure get

Remarkable while they did play some games together as kids, usually when they were the only kids at parties. The did get along a lot better as teens.

213. To know Rex on her great granddads request

All to soon little Galandriel had her first crash. Even though Rex would hug her, he never let any of his feeling show. Would her heart get broken in future??

214. She like him a lot

Months of dating and spending time together. Lead to Galandriel getting her first kiss. Making for one happy fairy.

215. And she got her first kiss.Heck he even agreed to accompany her to the junior prom.

216. He even agree to go to the prom with herLife was good to the Greenleafs. Rose and Wesley even both got promotions on the same day. Rose was now level 5 and Wesley level 2.

217. Double promotions Rose (5) and Wes (2)

Time fly and Galandriel, even though she did spend time with Rex. Started her second book on Draconis Vallis titled – Draconis Vallis, Sunshine and the pirate Jack. Some of the information in this book was shocking, and hard for Galandriel to put into words. Tears often run down her cheeks as she wrote.

218. And soon Gal started on the second book. So much info

Galandriel heard about a new game, called the Sims 4 that was due to come out. So in memory of the previous games she painted Bella and Casandra Goth.

219. Gal painted Bella & Casandra Goth

Fall was on them again, and after the last year, when leaves piled waist high and snakes became residents on their lot. Rose took it upon her to clean away the leafs daily.

220. While Rose raked the leaves at night

With her painting of Bella&Casandra and some another.

221. The next day Gal went to

Galandriel set of to the consignment store. Hoping it would sell.

222. Consign her paintings

The price she was offered was not much, but it was better then she would have gotten trying to sell it herself.

223. Even if it was only 2 paintings

While at the consignment store Galandriel found a book on Martial Arts. Thinking this would make a great present for Rose, she bought it.

224. Gal also found a Martial art book as a gift for Rose

Then it was the night of the junior prom. Galandriel got dressed and felling a bit worried about what everyone else would think of her flower dress set if to the prom…

225. Soon it was time for the senior prom

On the way in the limo she received a text. Her painting sold at an above average price. Even earning her a promotion to level 3. A good start to her prom night.

226. And just before the prom start Gal level 3 promotion

The prom was great, Rex even ask her to go steady. She did have a crash on him, but he even gave away how he felt. So she was a bit stunt to say the least, but said yes. They were now an official couple. There was also another surprise for Galandriel.

227. And her date Rex ask her to go steady

She was named Prom Queen. For someone how did not have friends, it was a bit of a shock. She never thought she would be prom queen. Never even dreamed of it. Rex however never doubted that she would be. He was more then willing to congratulate her with a kiss, that lasted a very long time.

228. They stole a kiss, and Gal was voted Prom Queen

Back home Rose and Wesley was spending quality time together. It was the first night since Wesley moved in that it was just the two of them home.

229. And the engage couple back home got some alone time

Returning home from the prom, Galandriel placed the pictures taken from her and her crown in her room on display. (For some reason the game generated 2 pictures with different background settings)

230. Gal got to pics taken at prom

Soon after the prom, Rose got promoted to the special Agent branch. The martial arts book Galandriel gave her, paid off.

231. Rose got promoted and entered the special branch

Making her a Vice Cop (Level 6), but she was not the only one to get a promotion…

(It is clear how much of Rose Hoppcraft – from Piazzagirl – she has in her with her hair up like this)

232. She is now level 6 Vice Squad

Wesley also got a promotion to level 3, a Traffic Cop. It became clear to them that the department did not want to promote one without promoting the other.

233. While Wes became a trafic cop level 3

To celebrate Galandriel getting a boyfriend and Rose getting into her preferred branch. Which will help her doing the one thing she had always wanted to do – protecting supernatural creatures – the girls when out to dinner. Just the two of them.

234. Rose & Gal spend some girl time alone

Then one day Rose was sent to investigate a teen gang that sprung up over night in Hidden Springs. This was not something that had ever happened in this small town before. The teen all played the innocent card. Making it hard for Rose to get the information she needed, to get behind this sudden gang activity in Hidden Springs.

235. Then one day, Rose was sent to invest a teen gang.

Life goes on, and while Rose was spending day in and day out trying to find out what was happening it Hidden Springs with the teens. Galandriel finished a heart breaking book, regarding Sunshine and all that had happen to her.

236. Pretty soon Gal had her second book done

Three years had pass since Wesley had moved in with Rose and Galandriel. So one night as the couple spend some romantic time together …

237. Rose and Wesley was still going strong

He went on one knee and….

238. Things was so good, Wesley

pulling a jewelry box from under the couch. Ask Rose the big question.

239. Even propose marraige to RoseThere was never a change that Rose would not say yes. She was so happy…

240. She said yes before

That she attacked him, knocking the wind out of him.

241. Attacking him. Hugging the wind out of him.


The family have quite the collection of gnomes, and they are driving me nuts. I actually sold some.

242. They also have a lovely collection of Gnomes

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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-4

Chapter 6-4

Last time Galandriel was told to wait outside…

As Great Granddaddy, had a talk with Rose. A very stubborn Rose it turn out to be.

The more Thranduil tried to convince the girl, that going to University would only help her in her future work…

The more she kicked against it. Coming up with more things as too why she could not attend. Like Galandriel…

That one was easily solved as Thranduil and Adrianna would look after her for the four year. When Rose return, Galandriel. Will almost be a teen. So she can then decided to move back or stay.

Thranduil at the end had to play the guilt card. Does Rose want Galandriel to always feel she was the reason her cousin could not achieve her dreams. Will Rose have Galandriel live with that?

So in the end Rose hugged her great, many time over, granddad and accepted his offer to pay for school.

The next day, Thranduil had application forms dropped at the house. Rose immediately sent out to fill them in, before returning them by mail.

After a good nights rest…

She received her results in the mail. She scored 400 out of 400 in her chosen field.

The study help she received, actually left her with $400. So granddad only had to pay for the housing.

After a treatfull goodbuy, Rose

was on her way to university. She would not return for four years.

Thranduil went all out with the housing. Renting Rose her own place,

furnish in her favorite color, with all the type off furniture she loved.

Later at the meet and greet…

Rose pocket a candy bar and Diet Soda, of a student never know when she may need it.

Before setting out to meet the other students.

She was surprise to see how may supernatural people was at this university. Loads of witches like her and even

her new best buddy, a werewolf. She kept following him all over the place.

Spending most of the day with him.

As time pass she picked up kickbag playing after class, when not

hanging out with new people.

When there was no one else around she would play with herself.

Sometime ending up almost late for class, and having to run for it.

She did form study groups at her house, with some of her classmates, or

other times, her class would get together and take over the front of the local comic shop.

One full moon night, she witness the werewolves transfer for the first time.

It was a horrible thing to witness, and Rose promptly passed out.

But that did not stop her from hunting down Wesley, even on a full moon.

She always liked hanging with him. No matter what he looks like, she was seriously crashing on the boy. Had even phoned her high school boyfriend and broken things off.

Wesley was not only her crash, but

she used him as guinea pig in her charms.

Rose never left Wesley alone for lone. Where ever he went, she would pitch up…

She convincing skills grew, and she started to have a easier time getting him to dance with her.

Followed soon by some hugging. If only…

she realize he was quite happy to hug her, and would hold of for just a couple on seconds longer then needed.

Went she notice Wesley pass her house, she would rush out to greet him. No matter if she was still in her unmentionables. 

One night she decided to go fir it, grabbing Wesley and pulling him is…

but he had no plans to get her go after that move.

And pretty soon the two were dating.

Sometimes the dates go on so late, that Rose had to catch up on her sleep in class.

One night while at a party…

Wesley had a bit to much ‘juice’ and streaked.

Liking what she saw, Rose quickly dragged him off to one of the bedroom…

And let him make a women of her.

They truly did love each other, and could not stay apart.

Then the day of the final exams arrive. Rose was lucky and made it into the class. Because just after she got in, the doors was closed, and have the class was left outside.

Rose know she pass the tests with flying colors.

So too treat herself, she go a large piece of Key Lime Pie.

That night, knowing it will be her last on campus. Rose made a lovely home cooked meal before

inviting Wesley over.

After they had a nice meal together…

Rose ask Wesley if they could go out steady. She needed to know where their relationship was going. Would he be her boyfriend?

When he said yes, she was so happy she literally jumped him.

Soon after that things got hot and

ended with Wesley staying the night.

Her grades was delivered at her house the next morning. Granddad Thranduil would be very proud of her grades, just as proud as Rose herself was.

Wesley was so happy for her, he even dip kissed her.

Sadly there were a flood at the station, and no gradustion ceremony was held. So

Rose returned to Hidden Spring, where she received her diploma.

As Rose unpack, she came across, a gnome that hitch hiked along. How he got in between her belongings she did not know.

After unpacking, Rose uploaded her resume. Immediately

she was offered the job as a Patrol Officer in the police force. They had been looking for a qualified person of ages. So Rose was luck and started on level 4.

Happy with the job she got, Rose set off to greet her grandparents, and hear what Galandriel’s plans was.

She also met her great uncle for the first time. Sadly she only found out then that Adrianna had lost the previous baby, Oropher was born only four months ago.

After all the years away Rose was very happy to see the family again.

Giving her great granddad a very thigh hug, for if not for him. She would never had gone to university. She would never have met Wesley.

She also thanked them for looking after Galandriel for the past four year. Then she ask if they know what Galandriel’s plans were. She was happy to learn, Galandriel was looking forward too move back in with her.

Before leaving with Galandriel’s belongings, she got a chance to hold the little one.

Rose had only hear good things of Galandriel. It would seem that this year was the 3rd year in a roll that Galandriel was on the honor roll.

And Galandriel had even already decided what she want to do in life.

Went Galandriel returned from school that day, the cousins hugged as tears run down both their cheeks. They had missed each other tremendously.

Not long after Rose returned, it was time for Galandriel’s 13th birthday.

Thranduil brought his granddaughter favorite, Cinnamon Rolls.

While Julia brought deep fried fritters, always a favorite at her parties.

It surprise no one when Galandriel made a bee line for the cinnamon rolls.

Before starting a pillow war with Rex.

But all to soon, the playing had to stop. For it was time for the big event. Galandriel was called to blow out the candles.

And one sparkling fairy grew

into a teen that…

was one stunning girl. This bothered Thranduil quite a lot, specially now that the girl was out from under his roof.

For her birthday, Galandriel received the top of the range Pegasus broom, only released the day before, not even available in shops yet.

As the party slows down, Galandriel went to pester Adriaana again. Turns out she had done this often, specially when Adriaana was a bit down.

As time pass, Rose started missing Wesley a great deal. So she penned him a love letter.

In the letter she received back, he told her he missed her too. Wanting too she her so badly, Rose feeling the same. Invited him for a visit.

All the while Galandriel had gotten herself a job as painter.

When Wesley arrived a week later, for it was the only flight he could get out of Midnight Hollows. Rose was so excited to see him….

she blurted out, “Please would you move in. You have too, I can’t be without you.”

So Wesley moved in. Living together, did not go down well with Thranduil. He will be making plans soon, that is for sure. But in the intern, Wesley, who wanted to be a DNA specialist.

Got himself a job at the police station. But all Rose’s hunting. Had him late or missing most classes. So he barely made a C average at university. Thus he had to start at the bottom of the chain.


Shafer sent a potion, that will be held for protection if even someone mess with the family again.

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