A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 0-2

Chapter 2: 

Last we left off where our founder found a shipwreck. Hauling all the goodies back to her side of the island. Now time to take stock of what she found. 

beside the wood and metal she found some old clothing, tools, buckets a spade, a lifesaver, oars, some length of rope, a hammer, 2 candles, the biggest treasure for her a old tent and a teddy bear. She did not know what she was to do with it, but she took it. It may just make a nice pillow. 

Collecting some stones she build a primitive fire place, some of the wood and lifesaver where use to make a made shift chair.

Now she could at last eat something other the fruit. 

That was when she learn the first thing about herself. She did NOT like the taste of eggplant. But still it was warm and ateable. 

Time fly when you try to survive. Trying and re-trying to build thing. Not ever-ting work the first time she makes it. So about three months after she first awoken on the island she was woken in the middle of the night by a strange butterfly feeling in her stomach. 

She was shaken beyond believe to realize she was pregnant. Ransacking the clothing she found she put on the biggest clothing she could. Tearful she when back to bed. 

As the days past after her initial discovery of her pregnancy, she got more and more depressed. How will she take care of a baby alone here? What if she die in childbirth? 

As had become her routine when things get to much to handle, she went talking to her skeleton friend. Crying at the grave asking help even if he can not hear. 

But time stand still for no-one. She worked on making the island as livable as she could. After try and error she made a fishing rod. And discover she sucked at fishing. 

Day went by without her catching anything. When she was not fishing she dig a pit toilet and using the buckets constructed an outhouse. Using some more of the old wood to enclose it. 

As her pregnancy progress she collected more fruit, in an attempt to eat as health as she could. 

She also really started getting tired more and more. Same days she would just sit in her made shift chair not having the energy to move. 

This pregnancy played hell on her. And so she talked to her only ‘friend’ the man in the grave. 

About six months after she woke up on the island, on her way back to her side of the island from her friend, she found some seed on the beach. It must have came in on the previous nights high-tide. Picking it up she wondered what kind of vegetation it was. 

So the next day she planted it close to where the other plants grow, hoping that these seed will be something other then what was already on the island. But only time will tell. 

Time past slowly and even if things looked better, she still sucked at fishing, or this pond only have toads. 

She did try fishing in the ocean but nothing bite. So it will be toad on the menu again tonight. It tastes horrible no matter what fruit or veggies you ate with it. 

With only a couple of pieces of wood left she made the choice to save it and try building a crib. She had time but no idea how to go about making a crib. Still with may trail and errors… 

Late one evening during her eight month, she finished it. Having nowhere to put it and no more wood to build a shelter she just placed it next to her tent and hope for the best. She could not believe she was here for eight almost nine months now.

Then one morning as she was picking mushrooms, labor started. Her water broke and she leaned over in pain. 

It was time, the baby was coming. 

Crying and screaming she pushed and she pushed………… 

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