A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 0-3

Chapter 3: 

Last we left off where our founder went into labor. 

After a painful grueling 31 hours she gave birth too …. 

a little princess she called Sunshine. Again the founder thought about the fact that she could not remember her name. What would she do the day her little princess ask about her mother and where she comes from. What of her father? 

Still the founder have no answer to this. Will her memories ever return?? 

As the year proceeded the founder cherished little Sunshine. Giving her all the love and attention she could. 

Many a night was spend sitting with little Sunshine next to the warm fire. Holding her and humming to her till she fall asleep 

When ever the founder has to collect fruit or fish little Sunshine would lay on the grass not far from her mother 

When Sunshine was six months old the founder took her to the grave of her ‘old friend’ the skeleton man, that she buried over a year ago. Chatting with the man under the sand kept her sane when things was difficult. Now the founder told him and her daughter how wonderful live is since her little angle was born. 

But time waits for no man, woman or sim. The weather turned hot again, burning the founders skin blood red ones again. Time move closer to the year mark after Sunshine was born. 

Now with the warm sun shining on the crib, the founder dragged all the drift wood she could find around the island and to dead trees over to her home area. There she manage to build a shelter over the crib. From the sides and front the wind still blow in, but at the back it was protected by the tent and overhead was the make shift shelter. 

With Sunshine the seed planted shortly before her birth also grow into fruit bearing plants. It turned out that the seeds where indeed of eatable plants. Lovely … 

strawberries, oranges and pears. The diversity of food on the island grow and the founder smiled. Glad to know that when her breast milk die up there will be soft fruit she could feed her baby girl. 

So a year past on the island. The founder was surprise to find it has been that long. Her baby girl was growing into a beautiful toddler. 

And as Sunshine grow the founder have more questions with still no answers… 

Sunshine grow into a beauti with her mothers brown hair, strange dark green eyes and even stranger pointy ears. 

Did Sunshine inherit her eyes and ears from her father (the founder husband) or was it maybe something in the founders own DNA? 

From the start Sunshine took a liking to the teddy bear her mother found within the debris of the shipwreck so many months, could it really be almost two years, ago. 

But the next couple of years was hard on the founder. Keeping body and soul together, making sure her child and herself were fed. 

However the founder still made sure that Sunshine learned all the important skills one must have in life. 

First it was potty training her, in a make shift potty from a hollowed out tree. 

Next was teaching her to walk on her own two little feet. Doing this on the beach help prevent Sunshine from getting injured. 

As Sunshine age her hair grow longer, and she started picking up word. Her mother did like to tell her just how much she love her. 

and Sunshine love to say it back. 

As she grow Sunshine got more sure of herself and it was no strange thing for her to go of on her own all over the island. She know never to go into the water alone only when mommy was with her 

She did however loved to walk all over the island on her own 

Some months just before her six birthday, something bad happened that almost ended in tragedy. 

On a stormy night with extremely horrible lightning the founder was hit full on by a lighting bolt. Setting her on fire. 

Luckily she made it to the beach in time to put the fire out. Burned and hurt, she spend days in and around the tent. Unable to pick Sunshine up and giving her hugs. Still she did try and be with little Sunshine as much as possible. 

But all wounds heal, even burns. The founder was lucky that no permanent damage accrue and she was not scared, to badly only light marks that was mostly covert by her clothing. 

And time does not wait upon men. 

Soon it was Sunshine’s six birthday. 

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