A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 0-1

This is the story of a woman with no clue to who she was, where she was, but who fight the fight to life. 

Our founder is a women with no name, no past and seemingly no future. 

Please meet her. 

One day our founder awaken to find herself on a deserted beach 

Shocked she stared out over the sea, trying to see anything, anyone 

But at last nothing, absolutely not a thing as far as the eye could see. 

The only thing she found was the golden wedding ring on her finger, was she married, to who, for how long? All these questions race through her mind but no answer came. It was all just a blank. What was her name. No matter how hard she tried to remember nothing, just nothing. 

Looking around her at the island she noticed some plant life on the higher area. Maybe this was not a lone island, maybe there were people here. She need food and fresh water. Maybe some of the plants were eatable, even if there were just some fresh water. Slowly she made her way up the hill. It was very later in the afternoon when she reach the top. 

There were palm trees and a coconut tree, but she could not reach the coconuts. The other side of the hill was rocky and steep. She realize she will have to find another way down, going back to the beach and skirt around the hillside. There were another hills side across with more plants. But it being late she made the choice to stay on the hillside for tonight. It was high above sea level and looked save. 

Tried and hunger she went to lay down beneath some of the trees. 

It did not take long for her to fall asleep. Dreaming of a better tomorrow, remembering her name. Anything that will help her.Only to wake in the middle of the night to throw up. It must have been the seawater she swallowed? 

As the sunrise the next morning, she got up and again checked if she could see anyone or anything 

But at last NOTHING. 

Slowly she made her way down to the beach and around the hillside, to discover the most beautiful site. 

A pond with freshwater and fish. Now if only she had a fishing rod. She wonder if she even know how to fish. But that will have to wait till such time as she can get or make a fishing rod. 

After looking at the pond and drinking some of the lovely fresh cool water, she began to climb the hill on the opposite side. 

Going up the hill she notice some white mushrooms under a tree. 

Looking at it she realize that she know just know that it was eatable. Now fired up and curious as to what other plants maybe growing on this side of the island, she began to search the bushes. And did she hit the jackpot, oh man … 

A tomato plant and is that a peach tree? Can it be? She picked some of the fruit and it taste like heaven. Sweet and juicy. 

In the bushes behind the peach tree was a egg plant. Not something she can eat raw, but who knows, at least it will be something to eat if times get desperate. 

Around and behind some more plants and bushed she came across a banana tree and a onion plant. She was set. Fruit and veggies. now she only need to craft a fishing rod and she could survive. 

Time past slowly, and even though she had fruit and veggies, she could not make a fishing rod, nor get a fire started. The sun was beating down on her daily and her lovely skin turned tomato red. It hurt but she had nothing for it. She just tried to stay in the shade as much as she could. 

But as time past she really started smelling herself, she could use the bushes as a toilet, but the pond just did not get the job done to clean her or her clothing. 

Weeks later as her clothing started showing the wear and tear. She ones again made her way around the edge of the island. With shocking results. 

Around a bend she came across what look like debris and was that what it look like. 

Slowly going closer she got a nasty shock. 

The remains of some poor man. Was this maybe debris from the craft she was on? Did she know this person? Was it maybe the man who gave her her ring? Was this her husband? 

All these questions race through her mind and just still no answer. Looking through the clothing pieces near the remains she find no ID of any sort. She buried the unknown body in a shallow grave and when ravaging through the items on the beach. Finding wood, metal, ropes and a chess with some wonderful items… 

Things seam to be to much for her and she throw up 

After more then a week of dragging items back to the side of the island she claimed as her ‘home’, the hilltop with the coconut tree she slept under the first night. She took stock of what she got from the beach junk. 

It made her happy for the first time in a long while as she stared into the sunset 

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