A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 0-4

Chapter 4 

Last time we left off with Sunshine growing up into a child. 

Because non of the clothing in the pile Founder found years ago fit Sunshine, Founder got a brilliant idea and created clothing from leaves for Sunshine. Sunshine however was NOT impressed. 

Now that Sunshine was older she slept in the tent with her mother. This was the first time since she was born that she was able to get out of the elements. 

With the wood form the crib Founder showed Sunshine how to make a chair. 

To pass the time Sunshine loved playing in the sand. 

While Founder jog from one side of the island to the other. She tried to keep fit and healthy inspired by the knowledge that she must survive to for her little girls sake. 

Founder made Sunshine her own fishing rod from the last of the crib leftovers. 

Then she proceeded to taught Sunshine to fish. Telling her just how important it will be for her to be able to fish for her survival. 

Sunshine turned out to be a much better fisherman or is it women then Founder. She caught a gold fish with her first attempt. Turns out there is more then Toads in the pond. 

Together they loved to play in the ocean. Founder made sure to be close when Sunshine was in the water. 

Founder took the time to teach Sunshine how to swim. Living on the island surrounded by water it was of the utmost importance that she know how to swim. 

Teaching her that even with water in her eyes, she must stay aware of her surrounding. Looking out for danger in the water.

Every thing was not games. Founder taught Sunshine which plants were eatable. 

At night they would roast fish and fruit or veggies over the fire. Sunshine also learnt how to make fire. 

It turned out that bananas was Sunshine’s favorite food. She would snack on it day or night. 

And it was always one of the items on her stick when she roasted something. 

Then one night an apparition appeared. 

He greeted the two women. 

Looking stunned at Sunshine. 

When Founder asked him why he was staring stunned at her daughter. 

He told her his name was Legalos Greenleaf. Then asked her why it is that she doesn’t recognize him? Could she really had forgotten about him, was he that unimportant to her? 

She proceeded to tell him that more then ten years ago, she awaken on this island with no memory of who she is, where she’s from. The only thing with her was the wedding ring on her finger. Months later she found herself pregnant. After a long and painful birth Sunshine was born on this island. She had never been able to leave this island. 

The Legalos started telling her all her know about herself and him 
“Your name is Andrea Greenleaf. You grow up in Riverview. The two of us met when you took a year off after high school to travel the world. You always wanted to learn everything possible (Revealing that her lifetime dream was to be a Renaissance Sim). We fell madly in love and got married soon after, against the wishes of my people, the Elves of Hidden Springs. I have always longed to found the mystical island hidden from which it is said my people originate. Draconus Vallis.It is hidden from the normal sight of humans or so it is told.” 

“We were on a boat I has hired in Ilsa Paradiso when a storm hit” 

Trough his tale Sunshine just stood there, stunned beyond believe. 

The dawn was breaking when it finally registered with Sunshine. This was her FATHER! 

Just as the sun came up, and Sunshine took off, Andrea ask how Legalos died. Why did he not survive the storm like she did? 

Legalos told her that the boat was hit with lightning during the storm.When it was hit with the lightning, he too was hit.When he hit the water he was unconscious and drowned. 

Now knowing who the skeleton was Andrea and Sunshine reburied the remains closer to them and prettied up the grave with flowers from the pond area. 

Some nights Andrea talked to Sunshine about what the ghost of her father said. Making sure her little girl understands and was able to deal with what happened. Insuring that Sunshine know that if her father had survived he would have loved here, that she was precious to them both. 

So the years pass and before they know it Sunshine entered her teen years. 

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