A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 0-5

Chapter 5 

Last time Sunshine grow into a teen. 

Sunshine got some of the old cloths that look like it may just fit 

The shirt her mom wore when pregnant with her and her mothers old torn pants 

Live as a teen was much like being a kid. She spend most days fishing with her mother. 

As the years pass even Andrea’s clothing tear to much. She had to abandon the top she wore for years and wear the second tattered t-shirt. 

Legalos’s ghost still came around, but now he always tried to made sure the females were asleep. He kept watch over them as they slept. Reading his water drenched book. 

But somedays he would be so caught up in his book that he does not notice the time till one of them sat down in the chair next to him. 

As her teen years progressed Sunshine started picking up weight. To keep fit and fitting into her cloths she took up jogging … 

and swimming like her mother. 

Still the two made time for some fun. 

And so the years slowly pass until one day Andrea realise that with the information given to her by Legalos and the years since Sunshine was born she must now be in her fourties. 

Andrea had spend almost as many years on this island as she had spend in the wide world before the accident. 

With some driftwood Andrea and Sunshine built an push-up bench or that is what Andrea thought it was called. She just remember seeing something like it in a gym years ago. 

Andrea loved the chip-up machine. She just could not believe how bad her upper strength was,, she did work on the eatable plants watering and weeding them daily. It was unbelievable. She really thought she had more upper body strength. 

As time pass Sunshine discovered that there were also Rainbow Trout in the pond. Why her mother always catch Toads is a mystery. (Seriously Andrea only caught Toads up till this point in the game) 

If Sunshine was not fishing she was literally swimming with the fishes. 

And then one day …. 

Andrea caught something else …. 

A Siamese Catfish. However she was not very impress with the fish, even if it was a nice 12.51 kg fish. 

Spending time hanging out together were another thing Andrea and Sunshine loved to do. 

Time spend over dinner at night caused them to became BFF’s. 

There were also time to just play in the sand, what else are you to do on an island anyhow? 

Sometimes when Legalos stayed around to long it was no strange thing for a pillow fight to begin.He and Andrea loved each other as deeply in death as they did in life. 

One day close to her birthday while playing in the sand Sunshine dig up a toy rabbit. It must have came in on the tide during one of the storms. 

Hugging just because Sunshine was growing up so quickly. To fast for her mothers liking. Andrea started to worry what would happen to Sunshine on this island? They had never seen any sign of passing vessels. Will her daughter grow old on this island and die her? Will Sunshine be left on her own to die alone, when she Andrea die? As Andrea and Sunshine both got older, Andrea worried about this more and more each passing day. 

And then one day it was time … 

for little Sunshine to …. 

grow into a young women. 

Mother Andrea Engleton Greenleaf, the years on the island was NOT good to her. 

Lifetime wish: Renaissance sim (Complete only athletic so far, level 8 with fishing and gardening) 

Traits: Neat (Family trait) 
Unlucky (Explain her getting stranded on an island HAHA) 
Love the outdoors 

Daughter Sunshine Greenleaf, they share hair color, eye shape, mouth and long face. 
Lifetime wish: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body (Level 9 with athletic) 

Traits: Neat (Family trait) 
Light Sleeper 
Easily Impressed (Thou she was NOT impress with the clothing her mother made her as child) 

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  1. Andries Ludick says:

    i love story Sonet its so funny and i hope lots of people like it i surely do!! good work!!

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