A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 1-1

Chapter 1-1

Last Sunshine grownup into a beautiful young lady. 

Heir Gen1 : Sunshine Greenleaf ( I didn’t count the founder as a generation.) 

Burning her food while chatting to her mother became a regular accurance with Sunshine. 

Pillow fights errupted spontaneously 

Jogging and swimming paid off and both women had stunning bodies. 

And that is level 10 Athletics jogging in the rain for Sunshine. 

Too much heat left Sunshine with a lovely shade of tomato red. 

After Sunshine found a packed of balloons on the beach. She and Andrea filled it with water and a balloon fight commence. 

As the years pass Sunshine became Best Friends with the ghost of her father, Legalos. 

Andrea reach level 10 in Gardening (2 down one to go to reach her LTW) 

While Sunshine take over the gardening Andrea spend time with Legalos’s ghost. 

Then while fishing from halve way up the hill in the pond, Andrea reach level 10 in fishing. (And that is her LTW completed – Renaissance sim) 

While fishing on a fullmoon night, 

Andrea caught a perfect jellyfish. 

Years pass with the two women on their own. It was now almost 32 years since Andrea awoken on this beach. More the 31 years since Sunshine came into this live. 

One evening while fishing Andrea caught a beautiful Swordfish. When she and Sunshine look up from the extra ordinary fish … 

They saw someyhing, they had been wishing for for years and years. The first ship in 32 years, to sail even close by this island. 

Andrea and Sunshine hurried up the hill. Using the wood and two dead trees from the shade built when Sunshine was a mere baby they quickly built a bonfire. Hoping against hope that the ship may see it… 

The ship turned and slowly … 

Maded it’s way toward the beach. 

Close to the beach it lay ancor and a single row boat was lowered. 

Happiness they were to be saved. 

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