A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1-2 

Rescue arrived at last. 

A single rowboat was lowered from the ship. 

As it slow got closer to the island, Andrea when down to the beach to await the person or person 

while Sunshine tend the fire, keeping watch. 

Andrea introduced herself and learnt that the rescuer was Captain Jack Sparrow. 

After meeting the man, she took him up to the ‘home’ area too introduce him to her daughter, Sunshine. 

They welcome him with some fresh fruit as a late-night snack. 

While talking to Andrea Jack notice that the women seem tired … 

He suggested that they all take a nap till morning light. Promising he would not leave them. 

He slept in his sleeping roll while the women slept in their tent. 

Later that day after they awoken, Andrea started having second thoughts about their rescuer. In the light of day something just did not sit right with her. She sense something was off about him, but could not put her finger on it. Maybe it was just that she had not dealt with standers in a very long time or 

it was the fact that Jack started given orders to her and Sunshine. Sending her to collect all the things they had that could be taken with them. Some candles, the tent, thou sun blaked and wind damage, it still provided shelter. 

Sunshine was send to pick as much fresh fruit from the trees as she could get.Filling up a basket provided by Jack. 

Jack did not sit around idly, he brought barrels from the ship to fill with fresh water from the pond. 

By late afternoon, everything was done. Jack helped the women into the rowboat and set of towards the ship. 

Arriving on the ship, Andrea realize that this is a pirate ship. The man that rescued them was a pirate. She began to trust him even less. Seems her feeling this morning when she awoken might just still be proven correct. 

However Jack was friendly and showed them to a old storage room that he thinks may still have some women s clothing in it. He was not sure, since according to him, he had never before had a women on board. Last women to this ship he know about was his last mother. Or that’s what he said. 

Turns out the only clothing there that fit them was an old knitted dress and a under dress. Andrea putted the dress on as it was a bit big for Sunshine, while Sunshine dressed in the under dress. It was clean and in one piece, that was good enough for her. 

Then the unexpected happened … 

Jack forced the two women into the hull, and into a brig. 

Totally stunned beyond believe Andrea and Sunshine just looked at each other. 

Later that night Jack pushed two plates with stale bread and jam under the iron-bars, telling them to eat. 

Not know what else to do, and refusing to go hunger and thus became weaker, they ate the food and … 

then bedded down on the bed rolls provided. 

While’s Jack ate a lovely fresh salad made for the fresh fruit and veggies Sunshine picked and … 

slept in a convertible bed in his cabin. 

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One Response to A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 1-2

  1. Andries Ludick says:

    O my word i can’t believe that jack did that!! hope they can get out soon and be save..

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