A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 1-3

And the story continue 


Chapter 1-3 

As the weeks turn to months they took convert in each others company. 

Jack always glare at Andrea when he brought there food. 

After a couple of months Jack started dragging Sunshine out night … 

after night. No amount of screaming or begging from Andrea or Sunshine stopped him. 

He would scream at Sunshine and belittle her …. 

Frighten her … 

Making her life unbearable, but still the worst was to come …. 

He started with the physical abuse. Slapping her …. 

time and again. 

Then one day he ripped her cloths off while slapping her. 

Beating her down to the ground. Then dragging her … 

to his bed. Where he proceed to force himself on her. 

Hearing her daughter’s screams, Andrea went histerical unable to help her beloved daughter. She screamed just as loud and long as her daughter. But her’s was a promise to her abuse daughter: 
“If he is doing to my daughter what I think his doing, I will KILL him. I swear to the god’s in heaven I’ll KILL him” 

Because Jack know how much him hurting Sunshine upset Andrea he would someday dragged Sunshine naked into the shower in sight of Andrea. 

Time past extremely slowly for the two women. Malnutrition sets in due to only receiving old stale bread ones a day. They lost the beautiful healthy bodies they had on the island, growing thin and weak. It’s been a year on the ship and the time showed on Andrea. She grew old fast. Turning grey overnight after the first time he dropped Sunshine back naked into the brig. 

Every time Jack took Sunshine from the holding cell, Andrea tried to break to lock open. Then one night she succeeded in breaking open the cell lock. 

When she reached the cabin, Jack had one’s again attached Sunshine. She laid naked and hurt on the floor. Andrea was lucky for one’s in her life and caught Jack unaware. Standing behind him she plunched one of the knives from the galley into his back. 

She hit him in the heart. 

And just looked at him as he felt to the floor. 

Not moving a finger to help the S.O.B 

Killing Jack with no remorse or regret. 

And the Grim Reaper came too collect Jack’s black soul. 

Not wanting to spend a moment longer on this vessel, even if Jack was dead, the two women set it a flame. 

Then they set off in the rowboat … 

willing to take their changes on the open sea rather then hanging around this ship from hell … 

They can find another island. They will survive. 

**The Pirate ship ‘The Fancy” was offloaded from the exchange and created by exdemon1120.** 

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  1. well that end good.good work kill that basterd.

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