A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 1-4

Chapter 1-4
Last time Andrea and Sunshine set Jack’s ship ablaze …
They rather took to the open sea, then staying any longer on that ship from hell. Days turned to weeks. It was almost a month that they were on the open sea. Food rations was getting low and they drank the last water this morning.
Then they saw it. LAND! in the distance.

Sunshine started rowing harder trying to get to shore. Slowly they got closer …

and then the bottom of the rowboat hit the sand…

They had reached land.

As they climbed out of the rowboat, Andrea saw someone came running down the hill…

Telling Sunshine to hang back and be ready to leave if they need to …

She went to great the person, not wanting Sunshine to have to deal with unknown strangers.

It turn out to be a teenage boy, Bart Inkheart, how saw them coming in on the rowboat against the sunset.

Listening to the tale Andrea was telling, Burt saw Sunshine getting sick. Realizing that these women need all the help they can get.

He asked them to wait in the shaded park close by. Taking of he promise to be back soon.

Awhile later he returned with his father, Morgan Inkheart, the mayor, of Barnacle Bay.

When Morgan heared Andrea’s tale he agreed with his son. They would need all the help they could get. So he took then to City Hall …

where Sunshine’s birth was registered and …

Andrea was given a new Identification Document.

While in City Hall, Morgan phoned the grosser, spa manager and bookstore owner, to try and find a work for the uneducated Sunshine.

The bookshop had an opening, as one of the clerks quieted just that afternoon.

He told Morgan to bring the women over so he could talk to Sunshine. If she was except able she came get the job.

The bookstore owner was more then happy with Sunshine. Her mother taught her to read and write in the sand on the island.

Feeling happy with this women, the owner offered them a small 2 bedroom rental house he had close to the shop. It was fully furnish and clean.

Happily they excepted the offer. Curt the owner ask Morgan to show them to the property as he was still open for business, and the women look tired.

Sunshine was a bit septic about these men that were so friendly, but she and her mother hugged when the door closed behind Morgan. They had a real roof over their heads…

Before leaving Morgan gave them some food. “This is not a lot, but it will last you two till Curt pay Sunshine here at the end of the week. He promise to give her, her first pay at the end of next week. After that she will be getting her pay monthly. Curt will deduct the rent from her pay so there is nothing to worry about. You two ladies have a nice evening now. Good night”

With the groceries Morgan gave them Sunshine made salad for their evening meal.

After dinner that evening the two women read a little to bring themselves up to date with what happened in the past 32 years.

and played some chess to relax.

Before turning in for the night. Getting in bed Sunshine hope that tomorrow will begin them a new live…

Hoping to be able to forget about the past year and starting with a clean slate.

Next morning Andrea made the one thing she was good at before. Waffles!

But the waffles did not set well with Sunshine. She spend a good part of the morning on her knees in front of the toilet.

When Sunshine felt a little better, she and Andrea played chess till it was time for her to leave for work. Enjoying the novelty of being in a house.

But live seen to not want her to forget about Jack and the past year. The uniform sent to her to wear was a pirate outfit. A cruel reminder of Jack.

That Friday after work …

she run down to the grosser to get some groceries.

One night coming back from work she found a wild horse filly sleeping in front of their rental house.

As she got closer it woken up and took of into the night.

The end of the first month after the rent was deducted, Sunshine bought the groceries for the month. With the money left she bought herself and Andrea …

After buying each some new clothing there was a bit left for a hair cut and some cheap make-up.

But no amount of make-up helped for the weather and age damage to Andrea’s face.

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  1. well at least they made it to Barnacle Bay and the major is nice to help

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