A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 1-5

Chapter 1-5 

Life on Barnacle Bay took a quite turn. For ones in their lives things were going according to plan for the women. 

And so another month pass, Sunshine worked hard at the bookshop. After work and before she enjoyed playing chess 

While Andrea kept house. An easy routine was establish by the women. Keeping both happy and busy. 

Sunshine bought a new duvet and curtains for her room. Brightening it up making it more her. Promising her mother that next month it will be her room. 

Little did she know that the money spend on her room would have been better saved. There was a little one on the way. 

With the knowledge of her pregnancy Sunshine took to reading every book on pregnancy and child birth she could find in the towns library. 

Months pass. Storms came to Barnacle Bay, and for ones the women were able to stay warm and dry. 

Rainy and stormy days was spend indoors, reading and playing chess 

As Sunshine’s belly got larger she got stranger cravings, like ice cream and pasta or fish with waffles. 

Sunshine at one time thought hard about giving this little one away for adoption. The baby was not born out off a loving relationship, but because of what Jack forced on her.Will she be able to love it like it deserves to be loved? or will this reminder of Jack drive her insane?? After months of going this way and that way in her decision at the end she made the call to keep it. Andrea always supported Sunshine in her decision to keep the baby. 

Showering Sunshine with attention. Listening to her tummy, 

feeling the butterfly like movements when the baby moved and 

talking to her tummy when ever she could get Sunshine to stand still for long enough. It got to the point that Sunshine started ducking her mother, going to the library when she was not at work. 

But Andrea followed her there. Keeping a close eye on Sunshine. So one day while Sunshine was reading in the library, Andrea came up with the idea of using the libraries computer to start writing down her life story. From where she left home, meeting Legalos … 

about the island Legalos talked about. What she know about this elven island. How he lost his life in a storm and she got stranded pregnant on a island. The years there, Jack everything. 

With what little money they had Andrea insist that Sunshine saw her doctor often. Andrea still remember how worried she was on the island during her pregnancy. 

During that time watching her mother writing about the island her father’s ghost told her about when she was just a kid. Inspirited Sunshine started looking in all kind of books in the library for any information she may be able to add to what her mother know. To keep the memory of the island her father dreamed of a life 

Passing months had Sunshine grow large and round. She did everything to keep healthy. 

They made a nursery in the corner of Sunshine’s bedroom. Not knowing if it was a boy (“heaven forbid, not a boy” Sunshine begged in silence) they went for natural colors. 

On a Thursday morning while at home Sunshine’s went into labor. 

Luckily Andrea was home. Remembering her own 31 hour labor on the island, she rushed Sunshine to the hospital. 

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