A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 1-6

Chapter 1-6 

Andrea last took Sunshine to the hospital when she went into labor. Three and a half hours later Sunshine gave birth, the doctor kept her overnight. So the next day she left the hospital with her baby boy. 

She named him William. Sunshine did not have the instant connection with her baby as most mother, instead she had a had time dealing with him. She would just put him down anywhere and walk away. Maybe she was regretting keeping him? 

She would go to the festival the Barnacle Bay hold yearly and just put her six month old sun down, then go complete in apple-bobbing competitions. Normally with Mayor Morgan and her mother. She did not have any other friends. 

She got very good at it, and with her winnings she bought herself a umbrella. 

With the estrange relationship between mother and son, Andrea took over all the care of William. She could not handle the way her daughter was treating the little tyke. 

Sunshine spend most of Williams first year working or playing chess at the beach clubhouse. 

Even going as far as sleeping in her mother room, so that … 

Andrea could look after William at night. 

William was a sweet and quite baby, so … 

Andrea started going out and leaving William with Sunshine, when she was home. Just taking some time for herself, she was getting old and dealing with a kid was becoming to much for her. 

Soon it was time for William’s first birthday. 

He grew into a beautiful toddler with his grandmothers hair color (which his mother also inherited), his grandfather elven ears (like his mother) and to Sunshine’s horror Jack’s eyes. 

Sunshine could not deal with the eye issue. For her it was like looking into Jacks’s eyes all over again. 

She totally withdraw from William, leaving his raising to her mother. 

Andrea taught William the beginnings of walking, 

while Sunshine rather played chess, not even looking at her son. 

At night when Andrea got up to take William to potty, 

Sunshine slept. 

When Andrea left William alone with Sunshine. She ignore him, he had to keep himself busy till granny return to take care of him. 

So he would drag his mothers old island teddy-bear all over the house, playing with it, just like she did on the island. 

Then tragedy stoke. Andrea past away late one evening. 

Sunshine returned back from the party she was at just in time to see it happening. 

The Grimm Reaper came for Andrea’s pure soul on a moonlit night. 

R.I.P. Andrea Engleton Greenleaf 

You completed you LTW Renaissance Sim (Athletic, Fishing and Gardening) 

Sunshine held a funeral for Andrea in the late afternoon the day before Christmas that year. The only people at the funeral were Sunshine and William. 

The same night after the funeral Sunshine moved William’s crib into her mothers old room. 

With no-one to help raise William now, Sunshine must look after him now. 

To try and get William as independent as possible as soon as possible, Sunshine started teaching him all the basic skills. She did not care where they were, she just wanted him to learn it so she can leave him to his own devices. 

But the community quickly got upset with her teaching a child out in the snow. Mayor Morgan and her boss Curt, had a long talk with her. It seem to have worked as she started teaching William at home. 

She may not have liked dealing with her son but …. 

at least she succeeded in teaching him how to go potty on his own. 

After he learned how to potty, she went back to her old ways. She would drag William with her to the dance club. 

Then leave him on his own. 

As time pass, William taught himself how to become more mobile. His granny and mother did show him the basics. So he walked all around the club when left alone. Looking for someone to sit close to. Even strangers or just the radio. 

Sunshine also started calling in sick even from the club… 

She would spend the last of her money of luxury food eating out. Her favorite was Raspberry Cobbler at $35 a plate. All while just leaving William somewhere in the club. Most times on the floor she was not at. 

Mayor Morgan often got calls regarding this behavior, as he was the one to speak up for the women when they arrived. Asking for people to help them, so every time he would go over to the club and talk to Sunshine. Begging her to look after her child and be the responsible adult her mother raised her to be. 

Most of the time Sunshine would listen to the mayor and return home after midnight to feed her screaming child. everyone in town was convince that the only reason the welfare did not take the child as the mayor’s involvement. 

Rumors started going around town that Andrea was haunting the graveyard. She could apparently not get rest because of her daughters behavior toward the innocent child. 

On top of hanging out till late at the club, Sunshine started chasing everything in pants. Dragging them home with her. 

And so the years pass. Then three years after Andrea’s death … 

And William was four, but still could not speak. The mayor gave her an ultimatum, she need to teach the boy or he will be taken away, if he get’s taken away, she will be fired and kicked out of her house. 

So she try to teach him … 

even if she hated every second of it. He would just look at her. 

After almost a year of battling wills with William, he started taking. Always saying my mommy is dead, she lives in a urn in the graveyard… 

It was time for a double special birthday. As Sunshine’s birthday is only a day after her sons. She made the choice to buy this years cake on her sons birthday. She always bought it on her own birthday but she was turning 40 and there was NO WAY she would celebrate that. 

So William grew into a more interdependent young boy with a major rebellious streak. 

**He grew up well and I picked rebellious for the sake of the story** 

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