A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 1-7

Chapter 1-7 

Last we left where William grew up into a child. He was given the Rebellious trait. 

He refuse to wear anything he did not pick out. So he ended up picking his own clothes. Not that Sunshine cared. 

She spend most all their money on a make over for herself. No expenses was save on buying her clothing and jewelry. 

She did not want to be bothered updating Williams room, so she hand him some money and told the boy to do what ever he wants to the room. He must just know he will not get any more money. He is to use that money and only that. If he can not do it, to bad. 

William bought a new bed spray, linen, some paint and a roll or two of cheap wall paper. Hiring some men to help with the wallpaper, he did the rest. The room turned out quite good, for a boy. 

Even thou it was winter, William took of every day to go fishing, just to get out of the house. 

When it gets late, he would run over to the festival just before closing time to buy a cup of hot chocolate or something to eat. If he caught something to sell at the grocery shop. 

And where was Sunshine, while her little boy fend for himself. 

Oh at the club off cause. Playing chess, 

drinking and 

eating wonderful dishes at the restaurant. 

Morgan Inkbeard watched how she acted, going out night after night strait from work. Not going home to look after the poor boy. The whole town looked on at this behavior. 

Nights when William was alone he would stare at the only photo he had of his grandmother. 

When Sunshine dragged her butt home at 1h30 or 2h00 in the morning when the club close 

William would already be fast a sleep in bed. She would not even bother to see if he was there. Just get ready for bed and sleep. 

In the mornings William would get himself ready for school, hail the bus while his mother … 

would still be sleeping. 

William never miss a day of school. Not for the actual classes, but because of the cafeteria, where he would get food from one of the ladies. This was most day the only food he got. It made him hate weekends. 

when he could he would go home with friends. Doing homework with the till late, always insure he got a meal at his friends homes. 

Shortly after her 44 birthday Sunshine got promoted to Genre Sorter. 

She off cause went out to the club to celebrate this. Dancing, 

drinking and 

staying at the club till closing time. 

All the while William sits lonely at home at night. With his grans picture close by. 

Then one day he could not take this any more, so he started pulling pranks on him mother. Getting it set up after he showered at night before she return from the club. 

No prank able place was save, he pulled pranks all over the house. 


and time again. 

Never missing. 

William make sure to be no where near the house, in the morning when his mother would wake up. He would be out innocently fishing or 

pulling more pranks all over town. 

He became a terror in the community 

As time went by, Sunshine got a tattoo and 

started hitting on every thing that wear pants in town. 

Morgan Inkbeard was her first victim (first the flirt) 

then the grab … 

ending with the kiss. Morgan was a married man but clearly it did not bother him. 

When the hunger became to much, William would sell some fish and buy food. 

Sunshine was naturally, eating, drinking and hangout with the towns men at the club. 

Spending so much time fishing to sell for food. Many a morning William would do his homework just before the school bus arrive or even on the bus. 

He even signed his own permission slips for field trips. 

As the money came in, Sunshine spend it on improvements in her bedroom. She was taking men there and needed it to look good. Buying a new bed, as the other ones springs was shut. (i take it that we all know why) 

Williams love for school (or rather the cafeteria) paid off and he made the honor roll. He was a little genius after all. 

One day while fishing William made a very important dissuasion in his life. 

He decided that what he wants most in life is to be the owner of a private aquarium. (Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium) 

Where was Sunshine, when her boy made this important life time decision? She was playing chess with another victim, what else. 

While at home one day, bore out of his mind, unable to go fishing in the thunder storm, he found the book his granny wrote may years ago. 

The story interested him immensely, he was hooked. Wanting to find everything he could about this mysterious island, Draconus Vallis, he took of to the library. 

The next year or so he read any book he could find that may hold information on Draconus Vallis. 

While Sunshine was still hunting the towns men… 

One day when William was almost 12 years old, he was playing games in the club, minding his own business …. 

he over heard a conversation that will change his world for ever. 

Hearing the two men at the bar, taking about how his mother was abused by some pirate years ago. 

That he was the result of his mother being forced. That that was why Sunshine drank so much and go around with anything wearing pants. 

He took off home. In tear. Now for the first time in him life he understands why it is that his mother hate him so much. So he just ate his jam bread, not worrying why he had to look after himself anymore. 

Life continue and Sunshine was again promoted this time to Book club moderator. 

Sure as bluebells she went to the club to celebrate. 

Sunshine reached her LTW just … 

hours before Williams 13th birthday 

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