A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 2-1

Chapter 2-1 

When last we left William grew into a teen. 

After dressing it the clothes he bought just before his birthday 

William took the new backspack he bought with the clothiing, 

Put his grandmothers photo in 


hailed a taxi. 

Sunshine was totally unaware of what was happening back home. She had forgotten that it was her sons birthday and a per usual was partying at the club. 

Arriving in Twinbrook, 

William found what looked like 

an old abandoned City Depot. 

So he went in side 

to get a closer look. 

Upon closer inspection it did turned out to be abandoned, but 

it was rundown. The plus about the place was that it had furniture, even a working fridge. 

With a shower and toilet, 

however the biggest surprise was the bed. 

the first thing William did, was to take out the picture of his grandmother, and place it next to his bed, like it was all through his childhood. 

Her book got a place next to his backpack on a coffee table. 

Being the Honor roll student that he was, that Sunday afternoon, he went over to the local High School to enroll himself. Knowing that if he give his real name, the police may just found him, if ever his mother realize he was gone. So her enrolled as Bill Green. 

After enrolling as he left the school building, 

he show to high school boys out in front. 

Bill aka William introduce himself by his new name, 

telling them he is an orphan. That stay in an old abandoned Depot outside of town. He will be starting school here the following day. 

One of the boys told him, that across from the school was the community garden. Every one that help weeding the plants, were aloud to take some fruit and veggies for free. 

This was great news for Bill. (I will be calling him this from now on, till the story gets another twist). He would be able to get fruit and veggies without any problem. He just need to give a hand at the community garden, and that is just what he did. He worked in the garden till after dark. To insure, nobody would have a problem with him taking some fruit and veggies. 

Then he run home, hunger and tired, but HAPPY 

Turns out that the Depot was further then he thought, and there were no street lights on the dirt road. 

Ariving home after 12 that night he used the fresh veggies to 

make himself a salad for dinner, before 

turning in for the night. 

The next day. The school bus picked him up not far from the old depot. 

After school Bill would go to the community garden to help out, 

before he went fishing. 

All the extra produce he sold to the local grosser, which turn out to be a good thing, for a week after he moved in, the City delivered his first bill. Seams they found out that someone was living there, and send the utility bill to him. 

Luckily it was only $181 and he had made enough with his extra produce and fish to pay the bill. 

And so the first week on his own went by. 

Over in Barnacle Bay, the school have notice that William was not in attendance for a week now. With great difficulty they eventually got hold of Sunshine to ask where William was. Was he sick at home? 

Sunshine went over to the school to find out what they were on about. She did not even know the boy was not at home. 

Shocked to find William missing she got her but over to the police station to report him missing. 

Over in Twinbrook live was going good for Bill he was happy for the first time, really happy. So days turn to weeks, and weeks to months. 

Three months after she first discover William was gone. Sunshine returned to the school to find out if any of his friends had heard from him. 

When they all said that they had not heard a word from William, she went to ask if the police had made any headway, in William’s disappearance. 

She was told no, nothing new had came on their radar. For them she was still the prim suspect. The way the town know she treated the boy, they were convince that she killed him. 

**Thanks for LittleMinxUndr how built the old city depot** 

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