A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 2-2

Chapter 2-2 

Previously we stopped at about 6 months after William aka Bill left Barnacle Bay. Running away from home and his mother. 

Time waits for no man or sim and as the months proceed to the year mark. 

Bill was still very happy on his own. He was making a good living selling fish and fruit to the grosser. Also he was able to make himself some better food. Breakfast was pear pancakes… 

and dinner was Goopy Carbonara. 

Fishing in the bog behind his ‘home’ brought in some really freaky fishes. 

His freaky fishes did however made a pretty penny. 

Then there were the special times a month when he would fish by moonlight. Loving how the moon reflect of the water. 

The times there were heavy storms outside. He would reread his grandmother book. Trying to see if there was something he may have missed. 

This lead to a renewed search in the town library for information. 

After all this was a new town and new library. How is to say that somewhere in here there wasn’t information on the mysterious island of Draconus Villas. 

The bonus of this library was… 

the fact that it had internet access. So Bill spend days looking for any mention of Draconus Villas on the internet. Every obscure enter… 

But he did not only spend his time researching, no he also loved fishing, even if he did not have the angler trait, yet. So it was no surprise that he caught yet another prefect specimen-ed of the 4th different type of fish. 

Nope let us make that 5 types of prefect fishes. 

It was now a year after Bill left Barnacle Bay, he bought some new clothing. Change is as good as a holiday, or so they say, after all. He was putting his money away for something else, so a holiday, was not in the near future. 

Over in Barnacle Bay, Sunshine again went to the high school to hear if anyone heard from William. She was being shunt by most in town because 

the police were now dragging her to the station weekly. Trying to find out what she know about the boys disappearance. They would question her for hours. She just kept saying she did not know what happened to him. They did not believe when she ask if there were new information. They all were adamant that she must have killed the boy. 

Time kept on ticking by, and Will spend a lot of time outside. One day he caught a beautiful Silver-Spotted butterfly. Which he put in a glass cage next to his grans book and his old backpack. 

He became known for the hotdog he would make in the park opposite the library, 

where he spend most week days after school of late. Doing first his homework… 

then search the old books for information. 

All his time in the library paid of, he may not have found the information he was looking for, but his general knowledge lead to him ones again being the Honor Roll student he was as a child. 

Live was not just books and fish, as Bill grew older he become like every other teen boy in the world, interested in … 

girls of cause. Jade Greenwood was one of the first friend he made in school. As they grew older, he developed a crash on her. One night while out with her, he innocently flirted with her… 

then lost control and kissed her in the heat of the moment. 

He knew she had a boyfriend named Shark, yes really can someone name their child that! She however did not seam to mind. As she grabbed him and kissed back. 

The night turned into Bill’s first date. So no surprise he brought some souvenirs home. 

It’s been almost 4 years now. Getting close to graduation time. 

So Bill started working out more, he wanted to look his best come graduation day. 

He did still make time for fishing. Welcome number 6 into the perfect collection. 

Not all fish was perfect, those of substandard, was sold to the grosser or ended up on Bill plate. It turned out that fish and chips was his favorite dish. 

Soon it was time for his 18th birthday. He invited some friend over to the local bakery and hangout, to celebrate his special day. 

A quick makeover and he still had that rugged break rebel image. 

Born William Greenleaf, going under the name of Bill Green, graduated from Twinbrook high the Valedictorian, and voted most likely to take over the world. (Well maybe he will leave that one for the future generations) 

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