A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 2-3

Chapter 2-3

William Greenleaf last graduated from Twinbrook High under his alias Bill Green. 

After the graduation ceremony was finish that night, he applied for a professional angling licence, thus joining the angler career. 

Arriving home, he proudly hang his certificate and badges. He work for them, it was something he did. No one could ever take that away from him. 

Deciding to reward himself for the the years of hard work, he bought himself a beast of a motorcycle. Fitting his rebel looks. 

Now is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of Daryl Dixon?? 

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. Okay it may only be me but that attitude. 

Let continue… 
So time past to the 5 year mark of William’s disappearance.(The year he graduated school) In Barnacle Bay, all the searching for William and his remains, delivered nothing. Now there were some of the older folk still sure Sunshine killed the boy, but the younger generation began to think differently. 

The winter following his graduation was extra cold. Even the lake froze. So unable to fish, Will took to ice skating on the lake. 

As the worst of the storms pass, Will could ones again fish in the river, even if the lake was still froze. 

When weather permitted Bill would fish. He now have caught 7 prefect fishes of different species. 

Then as winter turned bad for the last part of the season, a new store opened in town. The owner brought with then from Sunset Valley, old documents and book. Thus far unknown in Twinbrook. Bill spend all the days it was to cold for fishing going through every single book and parchment for information on Draconus Villas. 

The end of winter was here and Bill started spending more time fishing again. 
Hey, you better catch that Salmon, it will be your first Prefect Salmon. 

But it slip his gap and was gone. (For real I think it was a glitch, it just disappeared and was not in his inventory.) 

So time pass, Bill fished in the moonlight. Or rather daily from midday to midnight. 

The year that he was to turn 23, Bill decided to trow a Christmas party. 

The boys started the party of, dancing and eating. 

Then the girls joint them. 

Bill had a special gift for a special lady. Jade Greenwood, or rather now she is known as Jade Racket. 

Jeff was worried he would not get a gift, when everyone started collecting theirs. He forgot to bring one with him. Bill did ask every one to bring something small unisex so they could swap. 

First up was the youngest, Emerald Greenwood. Jade’s younger sister. 

Followed by Jade. 

Then to his surprise Jeffrey got a give. Bill know this friend of him had the tendency to forget things, so he bought a extra give. 

Then come, the first person Bill ever met in Twinbrook. Back then they will both young teen boys just starting high school. Town rebel and hotshot Simbad Rotter. 

The town rebel was followed by the old grosser, that became god friend to Bill over the years, when teen Bill sold fish to his at store. Max Racket was also Jade’s father in law. 

Last but not least was Bill. His gift turn out to be from Jade. 

It was the first piece of new furniture in his house. As chess table. 

After the gifts it was time to eat and be merry. 

Hours later the party round down on its own. Only Jade was still hanging around. As old school sweetheart, flirting come natural to them… 

which let to kissing…. 

which in turn let to….. 

so charge up Bill did not plan for thing to go this far. 

Jip, Bill just woohooed another mans wife. 

Jade then showed another side of her. She proceeded to spend the rest of the evening with Bill wearing….. 

nothing! Dancing jiggling all her assets for Bill to stand and admire. 

Bill quickly cleaned up after Jade left. The party turned out to be amazing. Then he was on his way, over to… 

her party. 

That started shortly after his ended. Arriving there he learn that Jade had a baby girl with her husband only a year before. 

Bill fell in love with the little girl as soon as he held her. 

As the seasons turn live return to it old pattern. Bill forgot all about his Christmas fling and he ones again fished for a living. This would be #8 of 13. 

He went up in his career, now he was level 4, Freshwater Freshman. He moved very very slowly up his career. 

Some months later he reached level 10 in fishing. 

Followed by #9, a Salmon, that he kept this time round. 

In the spring of that year he caught #10/13. A beautiful Blowfish. 

In the summer of that year Bill had enough money to buy a new fridge. 

Sunshine was no longer a suspect in the disappearance of William but the police still could not find a trace of the boy. It was now a cold case. With very little interest from anyone in town. As Sunshine left the police station, she had a small smile on her face. 


Blooper – Bill (William pulled a biblical stunt. Walking on water. Seriously this happened in the game. My mother laughed so much when I showed her.) 

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