A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 2-4

Chapter 2-4 

Last time Bill had caught 10 prefect fish specimens. Some weeks later he succeeded in catching number 11. A Swordfish. 

Followed days later with number 12. Taking a page out of Andrea book, he caught a prefect Toad, the first Toad he ever caught. 

Then life and the consequences of his Christmas affair caught up with him. While fishing one night, trying to get prefect number 13. The number 13 took revenge on him. 

His phone rang and a furious Shark told him to get to his house, now right NOW 

Arriving at the Racket residence, Shark took Bill inside, and had a yelling match. Shark could not believe that Bill, whom he saw as a friend, would sleep with his wife. 

Shark handed Bill his son, and stated that he, Shark will NOT raise another mans child. Bill will just have to take responsibility for his actions, and raise his son on his own. 

Bill felt like a fool, but took his son, phoning the store for emergency baby furniture. 

They came to deliver the crib. Bill will have to get it set up himself, so bill moved his fishing certificate to make space for the baby crib. Not wanting anything that my fell on his son, hanging near the crib. 

As the only space in the house where the crib would fit was in the sitting room. Near the table with all Bill’s most precious belongings. Seams fitting that his son crib will be going in that same corner. 

Bill tried to be the best dad he could be, remembering his own childhood all to well. He did not mind getting up in the middle of the night for Leon. He would give him attention, 

loads of love, 

and food, day or night, when Leon needed it. 

at six months Leon was a healthy happy baby. But something seamed off with this little boy. (This was the first time I noticed his traits. Well that will go over perfect with the plan for the next generation. NOT. I will have to change the plan a bit  . I wanted a girl, I got a boy. A needed a good kind sim, I got this  ) 

Will being the good father he was, made sure that Leon knows his mother and sister. 

He took him often to the Racket house to spend time with his other family members. 
Most times he made sure that Shark was there to, not wanting any more trouble, for the sake of his boy. While he, Jade, Leon and Caitlin would spend time together, Shark watched sports. 

It was clear that not even the Racket family pup liked Shark, how was mean and a slob. 

Bill organized a party to celebrate his baby boy 1st birthday. 

Inviting Leon’s Mom, Aunt and Step-father, along with Bill’s own old friend. 

During the party Shark for the first time spend time with Leon. Bill did not seam to impress with the way Shark manipulated the party boy’s time. 

Bill had to straggle to get hold of Leon to take him to the cake. 

Where Shark turn out to be the biggest cheerer 

Sparkle Sparkle Shark’s still cheering. Long after everyone else stopped. Think he is starting to feel bad he did not raise the boy, or his hope that one day he will have a boy too. 

Leon Greenleaf, has his mother eyes (light blue) and ears (  he does not have the elven ears) and his fathers hair (The hair color came threw to line from Andrea and is still going strong). 

While everyone eat cake… 

Daddy start the potty training. 

Before grabbing his own piece of cake. 

The party was awesome verging on epic. Not bad for a child’s first birthday party. 

Leon loved the family bear, Island bear. That once was found by Andrea on the beach, handed to Sunshine and past down to William aka Bill, to Leon. 

As the time past Bill would take Leon to the Library on rainyday to teach him some skills. 

But Leon was a strange little guy, he would slip out in the rain to play with the evil looking bunny Sunshine, found barried on the beach years and years ago. 

Bill would off cause go out after him, and bring him right back out of the rain. 

As Leon got older, he became more aggressive. Taking to biting the bears ears, almost tearing it of. 

And still trough all the years, Bill made sure that Leon’s other family members was involve in the boys life. Going on outings with Shark, 

Caitlin and 


Even insuring that they took a family photo together. After all he is still very fond of the only picture he have of his grandmother Andrea. 

By Leon’s 2dr birthday, he could walk. 

Bill would take Leon out to the bog behind the house where he would spend hours teaching him to pronounce words correctly. 

Middle of his 2nd year he was talking up a storm. 

By his 3rd year he was all potty trained and did not have any more accidents. 

But not all the time was spend learning and teaching. They also loved to play around in the shallow water of the bog. 

time fly and Leon’s 6 birthday was upon us. Bill planed a party in the same gardens that ones helped him survive his first days in Twinbrook. 

All the usual party goers was in attendance, 

even if Caitlin took over Leon’s birthday gift, while he blow out the candles and grew into a boy. 

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