A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 2-5

Chapter 2-5

The last time Bill trough a party for Leon at the community gardens, where Caitlin took over her half-brothers birthday gift.

As soon as the cake was cut, she however joint her brother at the table and the two bonded over cake.

As soon as he ate his cake, Leon make sure to be the first one on the rocking horse.

Playing chasing the bandit for hours.

This was a special birthday, for even Leon and Caitlin’s maternal grandmother was in attendance.

It turned out to be another awesome party. While the party was in full swing Bill…

had made arrangements with a painting crew to revamp the bedroom, he and Leon will be sharing from now on. New furniture were also delivered.

After the party when they got home, Leon was very glad to have a bed, he took the bottom bank leaving his dad to clim the steps, and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Bill insured that Leon always have a nice breakfast before leaving for school, even if he have to get up extra early to prepare it.

Now that Bill only helping him in the evening with his homework,

he had time to go back to fishing, and finally caught his 13th perfect specimen, a Rainbow trout.

His collection in alphabetical order:

William Greenleaf aka Bill Green completed his LTW, Presenting the Prefect Private Aquarium. (This was the first time I did this LTW, I thought it would be harder to complete.)

That night William made them some fish and chips from a prefect Tuna.

The following night after catching some more fish, Bill sold all his perfect fishes to the local grosser.

Now that Bill had achieve what he wanted since being a young boy, about the same age as Leon was now, he started spending time in the Library again, searching for information on Draconus Vallis. After school Leon would join his father in the Library, where Bill always made sure to help him with any homework he may have.

Some days they would just walk around town, taking

and there were never a shortage of hug for Leon.

While on a field trip to the theater Leon brought home a very nice looking mirror, replacing the old onw that was in the house.

Leon had joined the boy-scouts as soon as he started school. Bill was forever encourage him to do what he wants in life, just as long as he always try his best.
So it was no surprise when one night Leon came home, yell at his dad. Cornering his in the living room near the bookshelf, Leon just had to show his dad,

his brand new badge in survival.

Bill was so proud of his son, he cheers his on. Telling his that he was a marvelous little boy.

Time past and Bill still read to Leon every night before bed, from his grandmothers book. By now Leon know the story of granny Andrea and grandpa Legalos by heart. The last chapter in the book tells of how a bad pirate saved grandma and great granny from the island.

That part of the book inspire many of the role playing Leon did in his tree house,

Later years when Leon got another badge he just had to show his granny Holly, so Bill took him over to Holly’s house, where Leon cornered her is the kitchen

showing his badge. Like Bill Holly loved her children and grand babies to bits, enjoying what they achieve as if it was her own.

Time at grandma’s house included playing on her couch as the grownups chatted about grownup things.

Years went buy, and with the money Bill made he decided to revamp the bathroom.

While Leon held a tea party for Island, to celebrate the new lint dad got for island.

Six years ago, Jade gave birth to a boy, and for his six birthday, Bill trow a party at the festival ground.

He always made sure that the family know each other. So to make a new memory for a new little boy, Bill had them take another family picture. Knowing that soon they will have to take another as Jade was with child again.

Then he and Leon started a water balloon fight against Caitlin and her brother Anthony.

More time past, Bill love to take Leon to the stadium when ever Leon favorite team the Lama’s played. They actually never missed a home game. After….

the game, specially on rainy full moon nights, Bill would treat Leon and Island to a ghost story. Bill know that the teen years was closed, and that Leon will start being like every other teen in the world, not wanting to spend all his time with his dad any more. ..

so he made himself a promises. He would be there for Leon, but he will not force him to spend time with him. Just make sure Leon know he love him to bits, and he could always rely on his dad, no matter what.

So as Leon ask not to have the normal birthday as every other years for his 13th birthday. Bill agreed.

His birthday was celebrated, just Bill and Leon. This was the first birthday, Leon’s extended family was not in attendance. As the sunset. Leon and Bill light the sparklers Leon insisted on and played for hours, before…

going in for cake.

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