A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 2-6

Chapter 2-6

Last we left Leon was growing into a teen.

As Leon grew up his scouting badge was added to the family wall.

A quick make-over late and he was presentable for the world.

As he now is a teen, he convinced his father to swap bed with him, so that he could sleep on the top bank. Bill was all to glad for the swap, he was now a man of 36. He did not like climbing that little ladder every night. 

In the first year after he became a teen. Leon went around town, scooping out all the local businesses.

Then one day he found what he was looking for. But not where he was looking for. 

When out near the bog late one afternoon, Leon run into one of his fathers oldest friend, Uncle Simbad. Leon learn something about Simbad, that even Bill did not know about. Simbad was one of the town’s elite robbers, with a list of hits as long as his arm.

Simbad, knowing young Leon and his evil streak from a very young age, told the lad to meet him at the old abandoned warehouse next to the science lab’s.

Leon did not have to be invited twice, taking his dad motorcycle without permission, he set of to the abandoned warehouse the following day. 

This was the place Leon was looking for. He loved it, and the people he met their. Simbad make sure to spend lots of time with the young man, just outside the warehouse. That way Leon had an excuse to be there, and see how things work. How was how within the setup.

Which is how Leon got to know that Jeff was not a cop, as he told Bill, but in fact, was quite high up in the ranks of the criminal underworld. (Bill what kind of friend did you make, and introduced to your young son?) 

Leon also not lang after meeting the people from the warehouse, started skipping school. He would hangout at the warehouse, or in the graveyard where…

he would pull pranks on people grieving.

But time did not stand still. 

25 years after William’s disappearance, at the age of 71…

Sunshine Greenleaf died alone in the same rental house she first shared with her mother, and later with her son….

Sunshine passed away alone.

R.I.P Sunshine Greenleaf.

You completed your LTW: Prefect mind, Prefect Body.

Your reached level 3 in the bookstore job, Book Club Moderator.

Neat (from Andrea (this will also always be the family trait))
Genius (from Legalos)
Light Sleeper
Easily Impressed.

You would never have won the award for best mother, but you were a decent daughter.

Sunshine was laid to rest next to Andrea in Barnacle Bay Cemetery. The funeral was only attended by the cemetery workers.

Live in Twinbrook continue, unbeknownst to the events that took place in Barnacle Bay.

Leon’s evil strike came more and more into the foreground of every thing he did. Even stealing candy from toddlers. Not caring if there parents was there witnessing it or not.

Bill was totally unaware of the changes happening to his little boy. For when Leon was with Bill he was a model citizen.

So no surprise that Bill still try to only give Leon the best. Putting some money away, to buy an old beat up car, for Leon to learn to drive, so the boy does not need to feel bad, if he bump it.

The boy even got his own space on the family wall of achievement. Bill was looking forward, sure that he was going to be a very proud father with a boy like Leon.

All to soon it was Bill’s 40th birthday, 

he celebrated it alone with Leon.

But being 40 hit Bill hard, first he change his clothing and hair,

then spend almost all the family money on a new car, a Rock Town 3000, pasing down his old beast to his son.

Bill became obsess with his body, and would exercise daily, building muscles.

During this time, Leon spend all his time at the warehouse while

Bill spend his time alone. He even started up his old research again as well as…

his old affair with Jade. Flirting leads to…

kissing. Kissing leads to….

woohooing. This time Jade and Bill even did it in Shark’s house.

While Bill was having his mid-life crises, and restarted his affair. Leon got in trouble of his own.

One night while hanging around the warehouse, the police did an unexpected raid,

running off did not help, 

for Leon was caught…

and dragged home,

to his waiting father.

To say the lease, Bill was shocked to hear about the nights events. Giving Leon a stern talking to, 

grounding him, for his behavior.

Leon hated his father for grounding him.

The grounding, whoever did not last, as Leon just sneak out when ever he felt like it.

It turned out that Leon was not the only one in trouble,

for Bill’s affair with Jade had consequences of it’s own.

Jade called Bill a couple of months after Tonya was born. 

Asking him to help her keep the secret of whom Tonya’s real father was. She had already lost one child, because Shark did not want to raise another mans child. She would not make the same mistake and came clean about the affair this time. 

Bill understanding that this will break Jade’s heart again, only now realizing how much giving Leon away must have hurt her, agreed. (But is that elven ears?)

Prom came around, Leon still grounded sneaked out…

to the limo, provided for him by uncle Simbad.

To attend the pro. Uncle Simbad even made sure that the most popular girl in school, was his companion for the evening.

It turns out Shawanda Ball, was the daughter of Twinbrook Crime boss, and they had a reason for forcing her to go out with Leon.

Simbad and Mr. Ball even insure by using blackmail that Leon was pro king.

Bill was a devoted father, even if he could not claim the girl as his own. So being friend with the Racket’s nobody thought it strange when he babysit-ted, Devon and Tonya. (Devon was Shark and Jade’s boy, born after the last family photo was taken. She was pregnant with his at that time.)

He was a good babysitter and showered Devon with as much attention as he did Tonya.

Loving the children, Bill ever minded if he had to stay till the witching hour, before Shark or Jade would return.

One night while Bill was babysitting again, an old alien looking stranger arrived at his home.

Leon was there alone, and met with the man. They quickly became friends.

That lasted until one night Bill arrived earlier then usual. Catch the two talking outside.

Bill was furious with Leon for being so irresponsible as to not realizing the danger he could have been in. So ones more Leon was grounded, this time even his TV privileged was taken away.

As time pass the relationship between father and son got worst. Leon started scaring Bill for the fun of it, but….

would then later apologize, 

knowing his father was a sucker and always forgave him. Letting him off the hook. 

Time went by, Bill upgrade the kitchen, 

and Leon got to do what ever he felt like again. 

If he was not windsurfing,

he was protesting at City Hall, or…

picking up girls.

He dated every girl in town,

he was popular and the dates turned out to be great most of the time.

Bill still tried very hard to connect with this new creature his son had turned into.

Taking Leon fishing and

ice skating, in the hopes of bonding.

Leon was not all bad. He somehow made it to the Honor Roll at school,

and got his first kiss from Kirsten.

Bill spend the following years regularly at Jade’s house. Loving the little girl he could not claim. He did however notice as she got older, that they will not be able to fool Shark. Tonya had his eyes and elven ear. Thou the blond hair was a bit of a bafflement, until he remember that Emerald, Jade kid sister had blond hair.

He would teach Tonya to walk and

talk. Making sure she had the best possible start in life.

The night of Leon’s birthday, he arrived home late to find….

It would seam the little blight had gotten hims wish.

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  1. Who is william?? I didnt see him before?

  2. I though that William is Bill now?! Isn’t he?

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