A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-1

Chapter 3-1 

Last time the little blight Leon got his wish to see his father ghost. 

Leon“Hi don’t blame me for that I had nothing to do this it. That was his own fault” 

Well Leon did tell the true, Bill went to the spooky day fest, and a witch curse him will in the Spooky Sack. 

It was only a very bad Halloween joke, played on Leon. 

So after Bill return to human status, it was time for Leon’s birthday. 

He took same time to think about what to wish for, 

Then blew out the candles. 

His only wish that his dad never play such a cruel joke on him again. 

He love the old man. 

A quick make over 

Like his father Leon was the Valedictorian 

Bill moved some of the things on the wall, so that Leon had his own half of the family wall, as Bill was now calling it. 

The afternoon of graduation day, was spend with family. Bill and Leon went over to the Racket house for the celebration. 

Just hangout together. 

Later that night as the Racket went to bed, and Bill returned home. Leon went to the warehouse, as instructed by uncle Simbad. 

Leon got a job as a decoy for the underground. 

His biggest shock was that is step-uncle Garret turned out to be his direct boss. Nobody in the family had any idea that Garret was a criminal. 

As the months pass, even Bill got a promotion. Now he is level 6. 

Bill even got a second chair from the junkyard. 

That year when winter came Simbad turn into a elder, but did not retire, only work part time for the crime boss, so he could still train Leon. 

Shark and Jade were still happily married, seems Shark still did not know the truth about Tonya. 

It would seem that he did not mind that Bill spend so much time with her, but then Bill spend time with all of Shark’s kids. 

Bill made sure the little girl know she was loved. Not caring about hugging her. When he said hello or goodbye. 

As Tonya grew older, her mother explained to her that Bill was her real daddy, but that she could not tell any one or Shark will sent her way. So she agree to always keep her hair long and over her ears. 

Shark even allowed Bill and Leon to take Tonya out for dinner. 

When they said good night, the night of her tenth birthday… 

they never expected it to be the last time they would ever spoke to her. 

The morning after her tenth birthday, Bill got a call from a hysterical Jade. 

Shocked beyond believe, Bill was devastated to hear the news of his little girls death. 

The unfortunate task of tell Leon that Tonya was dead fell on Bill. Leon whoever… 

could not believe that his little sister would go out alone at night for a swim in the bog, so far from her home. Not with the lake at their back door. On top of the fact that she was so far from home, she was a very good swimmer. Something did not add up. 

Jade had a mental breakdown, and Shark was no help. So Bill organize Tonya’s funeral. As Jade was in the hospital mental unit, it was understandable that she could not attend the funeral. Shark also did not show. But Emerald, Jeff, Caitlin and Simbad, joint Bill and Leon at the funeral. 

Just after the service Leon talked to Jeff about the fact that something seems of about the way Tonya died. The bog was so far from the house, close to his and Bill’s place. Tonya was a strong swimmer, that would never go out at night, much less to swim. 

While comforting Bill Simbad listened to what Leon had to say. What the boy said made sense to him. Therefor he decided that after the funeral, when Leon, Jeff and himself was back at the warehouse, he would find out more. No-one mess with Simbad’s friend or their family. 

A devastated Bill started spending all his time fishing at the cemetery. 

While Leon and his associates dig deeper in to the happenings of the night Tonya died. 

A years has past since Tonya’s death. Leon got a promotion. His boss was very happy with him, and his associates help him as ever. 

With the money he made, Leon cleaned up the yard, repainted the old City depot. As well as remodeled the sitting room. All of this to help his father dealing with his grieve. 

While Leon was doing his morning exercise one morning, 

he received a call from Simbad…. 

Sitting his father down over breakfast, Leon started telling Bill what he just heard from Simbad…… 

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