A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-2

Chapter 3-2 (A chapter where Grimmy is very busy) 

Leon last got a call from Simbad with information on how Tonya really died. 

So Leon sat his father down, with breakfast, to tell him what they found out. 

What happened was not something Bill would have believed if not for photo evidence from the witness gave Simbad. Simbad text it over to Leon as prove. An old lady living near them in the bog. 

That last night after Bill and Leon dropped Tonya of at home. 

Shark took her out with his jet-ski to the bog. It was late at night and the sound of the jet-ski was what had woken the old women. 

In the middle of the bog Shark dropped Tonya in the water… 

Then kept driving around the girl as she tried to swim to the beach. As it was already late at night, Tonya was tired….. 

It was not long before Tonya could not kept herself up any longer. 

He body washed out on the beach, were 

the Grimm Reaper came for her. 

As the brave little girl she was, she greeted him. Going with him to another place. 

R.I.P Tonya Racket daughter of Bill Greenleaf. 
Only 10 years old 
You were a brave, Outdoor loving, neat freak. 

The old lady told Simbad, she did not came out earlier, because her grandson was still staying with her, and she was afraid that Shark may kill him if she talked. Now he is away at University, she could not kept quite any longer. 

Bill was furious,when he herd this. Because of Tonya’s death, Jade had been in the psychiatric unit at the hospital for thew last year. Shark was dating other women, so Bill and Leon decided to go have a talk with Shark, before going to the police with the information. 

Since Leon and Bill never came over anymore, Shark know something was up went both of them arrived at his home. It the last year his hair had turned white…. 

Bill immediately went on the attack seeing Shark. Yell at him that they know he murdered Tonya. 

When Shark said they were out of there bloody minds… 

Leon jumped in telling him their were a witness and 

photo evidence. 

Shark yell telling Bill he know Tonya was Bill’s daughter, he saw her ears ones. If Bill remember he had ones told Bill he would not raise another mans child. Bill should have taken his brat and raised her himself… 

Bill was in tears, as he would have gladly taken her and raised her, if only Jade had not begged him for his silence. 

Leon lost it. Shark killed her…. 

for no other reason then she was her father child. Would this have happened to him too, if not for Bill? 

He attacked Shark….. 

During the fight, Leon got hold of… 

his knife, and put it in Shark’s back… 

Killing Shark instantly. 

Leon grabbed his dad, and took off, even before Grim could make his appearance. 

Arriving home, the two men talked about what just happened. 

Bill told Leon that his real name was William Greenleaf, he was for Barnacle Bay. 

Leon immediately so the good in that, 

for he know they will have to leave Twinbrook, before the police found Shark… 

If they took back Bill’s real name, 

and leave 

they could start over some place else. Bill ask how they will be able to leave town so fast. It took him more then a year to plan getting out of Barnacle Bay. 

Leon told him not to worry he will make a plan. Bill must just pack any thing that may identify them, or they may be locked away for murder. 

As Leon left, Bill started packing…. 

Leon went to get help from his friend at the warehouse. 

That same night the men left Twinbrook….. 

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2 Responses to A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-2

  1. Awesome but why where Williams’ ghost there if he was Bill?

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