A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-3

Chapter 3-3 

Last time after their incident with Shark. The two men overnight packed and disappeared from Twinbrook, with the help of Leon’s associates . 

Leon’s friends Simbad and Jeff organize everything themselves. Instructing Leon that on arrival he must leave William in the Town Square, 

and go to a abandoned warehouse on 115 Sunset Boulevard, where he will get keys for a house and a job for himself. 

Doing as instructed, Leon and William’s breaths were taken away when arriving at the street address given to Leon. 

The house they were given was, big. Very big for the two men that for so long lived in the old City Depot. 

The house was a two bedroom, three bathroom, two storey, with…. 

a beautiful sea view. 

William was thankful for Leon and his associates, even if he did not know what Leon do. He rather did not ask question. But was not worried that it was something eligible, because he know he son worked with his old friends Jeff and Simbad. And Jeff did tell William he was a cop. 

Things in Sunset Valley was peaceful, most of the time. 

Not long after arriving… 

and moving in, Joline McGree tried to…. 

break into their home. 

Leon was home alone, and when the cops arrived, just looked on as Joline got arrested. 

She picked the wrong house, not knowing how lived their. But word got around soon… 

that Leon Greenleaf lived there. He did not protect anyone but his friends. You do him wrong, and you will pay. No-one yet knew what price he was willing to take for wronging his family. 

William on the other hand, got himself some water crafts, a rowboat and jet-ski. Resuming his love for fishing. William set into a nice relaxing live. He did not need to worry about any thing, Leon was taking care of him and everything they need. He loved the boy, for all he did. 

What William did not know, was that thing did not always gone Leon’s way. 

Leon spend time in jail, which he used wisely, making sure word never reached his father 

Leon was a hard worker and it paid of, he got promoted and was ask to help in a heist at the science lab. 

By keeping himself busy with his fishing William stayed unaware of what Leon was doing. They do say no-one is as blind as he who don’t want to see. 

William became known in town as someone who knows their marine life. 

Live settled into calm routine for the men. One night after a theater show, William went fishing not wanting to be alone at home, while Leon was working late, and caught a prefect Vampire fish. 

Finding out that Sunset Valley graveyard hold different kinds of fishes he had never before caught. William started spending nights there, while Leon work late at his office.No surprise then that he quickly caught his first Death-fish. 

almost immediately followed by another. 

As William spend his days in bed and nights fishing, Leon worked out at the gym most days, as to not wake his father. 

One day will working out, Vita Alto, the big bosses wife, went into labor at the gym. 

Leon did not hesitate, he grabbed her and rushed her to the hospital…. 

while Vita was pushed into the delivery room, Leon called Nick. Nick came charging in moments later. 

Nick asked Leon to hang round with him, till the baby was born. Where was a big surprise for Nick when it turned out to be twins…. 

Nick named the boy, Leonardo, in honor of Leon, for his quick reaction when Vita went into labor. 

Instructing Leon to follow them home, Leon was asked to name the little girl. 

Leon named her after his late sister, Tonya. When ask why that name, Leon told Nick about the happenings in Twinbrook. 

Nick talked to him about their lives of crime.That Nick could see Leon go far with the right influence. Leon heard this not for the first time in his live, uncle Simbad sad the same to him when he was but a teen. 

Leon became a regular at the Alto house. His behavior however was not always what it should be. 

Thou he would never do anything to Tonya, Leonardo was not that lucky. 

As the months went by, William got promoted to level 7 

Leon took advantage of the open sea around Sunset Valley, wind surfing or… 

just hanging out at the beach. 

While William hangout in the graveyard or the bistro. 

When they left Twinbrook, William had to leave his car behind, to insure they were not traceable, so when Leon got enough put together, he bought William a new Heart breaker Hot Rod. 

William loved the car. It fitted his persona and was great for transporting fishing equipment. 

Not long a William was promoted to level 8 

Being a thug in the operation, mend Leon build up his upper body strength to look the part. 

it also lead to another promotion, level 4 

William had taken up scuba diving, because he heard in town that it made money fast, and will help him get promoted. It did not only help bring in money faster, but William was actually given a medal for the amount of money his was making from just fishing. 

Before the end of that year Leon was again promoted 

Little Tonya Alto grew into an adorable toddler 

William was still working his way up in his career 

and his age started showing. 

William was no longer selling his fish at the grosser, but started taking them to the local consignment store, were he got better prices. 

Now spending day scuba diving and his nights at the graveyard. Catching a nap in the late afternoon, early evening. 

Leon on the other hand brushed up on his charming ability to impress the Alto’s. 

Scuba diving paid off and William soon reached level 9. 

Thing sometime just did not go Leon’s way, for when a heist went wrong it was, Leon who ended up in jail. 

This time jail was to much for Leon to handle. 

William also successfully caught a total of 350 fishes. 

Leon still regularly hangout at the Alto’s, where Tonya would always wait for him with a hug. 

Leon and Tonya would play together, while Leonardo kept to himself. 

The night of William’s 60th birthday he reached level 10 in the angle career. Took him long enough 

Returning home Leon had a cake waiting for William, 

as William did not had any friends in Sunset Valley, he and Leon celebrate his birthday also. 

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