A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3-4

Last time William aged up into a elder. After a quick makeover William was ready for the relaxing live of a elder.

A couple of days after William’s 60th birthday, Leon was asked by his boss, to deliver a parcel to someone in France. Thinking this would be a wonderful opportunity to take is father to France, Leon excepted the task from his boss.

His willingness to risk being detained to deliver the parcel, impressed his boss, and Leon received a promotion.

The next morning Leon sat his father down, telling him that he, Leon, had booked than a special holiday in France. He pointed out to William, that since moving here from Twinbrook, 10 years ago, the two of them had hardly spend any time together. His father was getting up in years, and Leon needed some special time with his dad.

Tears filled Williams eyes, he did know they were drifting a part, but had not realize how this was hurting his son. Therefor William agreed to this surprising holiday.

A week later the two of them arrived in France…

Leon had booked them in at a local backpackers,

The first couple of days, Leon took his father to the old historical site, remembering how his father was always researching that lost mythical island, Draconus Villas. Even taking the old man to the museum, to look around for any leads on the island.

Before planning a fishing trip near the place he was to drop the parcel.

So while his dad was blissfully unaware of his doings, just enjoying his fishing. Leon slipped off to the dealer Jean and handed of the parcel,

in the shady corner of a garden.

Before joining up with William again. How was so caught up in the new types of fishes he was catching, he did not even notice his son disappeared for over an hour.

To make up for the lie he had to tell, Leon took his father on an overnight French country site fishing trip the next day. Where they just apend time bonding, like in the good old days.

Sleeping in the tent was a new experience for them both. When William reminded Leon, about the book, he read to him as child. The one that his great grandmother wrote. How she and her child slept in a tent for most of their lives. Leon just said thank goodies, they did not need to, for he done think his back would hold up sleeping on the ground like this. Laughing William agreed.

Days was not just spend fishing, they also visited the local shops,

eating some of the local cuisine.

When they were window shopping,

and Leon notice that there was something his father really loved, he would slip up to the till and buy it for him, as a souvenir upon returning home.

Leon also booked them for a overnight stay at a winery, where…

they were taught how to make wine.

They attended a wine tasting class as well, while there.

At the winery Leon bought two of there best bottles of wine,

a 20 year old grape and blueberry wine, for his and his dad, and

a 42 year old grape and pear for Nick Alto.

They spend more time together on the holiday then in the last 10 years, and it was showing them that they will need to change things when they get back home. They can not live in the same house, never even speaking to one another.

The most precious find for William, was when they stumbled upon an old bookstore in a long lost hamlet.

William totally spend days in it, look threw the book for any information on Draconus Vallis, it even got Leon hooked…

Leon found a old children’s book he just had to buy for Tonya Alto, after all he did promise to bring her back a gift.

As their last day arrive, they again spend it in the museum, there were thinks that William looked at with new eyes, after reading of it’s history in the little bookstore.

They even made time for some goodbye fishing at the pond in front of the museum.

Arriving back home, William insisted on driving them back from the airport. Leon notice again that his father was really getting up in the years. He did even made himself a silent promises. never to let his father drive him around again. The old man scared the hell out of him with his driving.

The day after arriving home, Leon went to visit the Alto’s to drop of his gift. Nick was over the moon with the excellent bottle of wine.

and Tonya rewarded Leon with….

a crashing bear hug.

William was enjoying his senior years, now that his relationship with his son was better. Knowing he could relax Leon had everything in hand.

And while William relaxed at the beach, Leon was again entertaining his Alien friends.

No matter how busy live got, the two men stick to their new routine, making sure to eat at least one meal together a day.

As the years pass Leon was promoted to Henchman.

One night a Leon was searching the sky for all things evil. Leon saw a meteor fell, quickly he rushed over to the site to pick it up. He heard that it was highly sort after in the black market.

When analyzed, it was one or the rares meteors. A item of prestige. Therefor Leon kept it, showing it of in the garden.

Leon often hangout with some of the local cop’s, how were taking money under the table from Nick Alto. This kept his father convince that what ever Leon’s work was it was above board.

What is there to say, if your good, your good

And being as good as he was, eon was promoted again.

While Leon was moving up in life. William had seem to developed a suicidal tendency. William is it really necessary to swim that close to that shark?? (When ever left to his own devices while diving, William would not go chat to the other diver, NO he went shark watching)

Unaware of his father’s newest tendency, Leon loved exercising on the upper floor, looking out admiring the view.

As the years past, Leon remodeled the house, to created a special little corner for his dad to relax…

and Little Tonya became a teenager, with all the hangup of a spoiled teen girl. Leon was largely to blame for this girl being so spoiled.

She was lucky not to have her mother looks, but there are something of both parents in her looks.

It wasn’t much of a surprise when Leon and Tonya, challenge William to an applebobbing contest one time, but…

William surprise them but beating them, fair and square.

With his last promotion to side kick. Leon made sure his father never saw him in his work clothing.

On the morning of his 40th birthday, Leon reach a new milestone. He reached level 10 in athletics.

And for his birthday, he was also promoted to Super Villain (Level 9)

He also celebrated his 40th birthday, with his colleagues and friend at the warehouse.

One night this happened….

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