A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-5

Chapter 3-5 

Last we left where some little (or not so little) green men abducted one of the Greenleaf men. 

As Leon was their friend, and they did not want him to know what their real intentions with human was, they picked William for their experiment. 

When Leon returned home the next morning, William was waiting for him. William sat Leon down and told him what Leon’s so called friends, did to him. 

Leon could not believe what his father was telling him. He had been friends with the Aliens since his early teen’s and they never tried anything with him. He was younger and fitter then his father, so why would the aliens take his father for experiments, it just made more sense that they would take a younger person. 

With Leon not believing him, Willliam withdraw into himself, brooding over why his son would not believe him. He was telling the truth after all. 

So William decided to follow Leon and find out more about what his son was doing, and how he was connected with these aliens. 

What he learn had nothing to do with aliens, but to his ultimate shock William learn that his son was second in command of the Criminal underworld in Sunset Valley. 

Learning this about Leon and his friends… 

William just could not cope with it. He totally freaked…. 

He did the only thing that he could think of… 

He went diving in shark invested waters 

When a large Tiger shark 


he did not even bother to fight back… 

But by a miracle the shark did not kill him. 

How ever it did succeed in damaging the oxygen tank, and before…. 

the old man could even try to reach the surface, not that he even attempted… 

he was out of air…. 

Slowly he sank to the bottom of the ocean floor. 

That is where the Grim Reaper came for William’s soul. 

Before the other diver that saw this happening could not reach him… 

The Grim Reaper… 

showed William no mercy, 

for he know that this was no accident. William had done this on purpose. 

Leon was fast a sleep aware of what his father was doing. 

R.I.P William Greenleaf aka Bill Green 

You died at the age of 64. 

You have never been able to cope with difficult situations well. You tend to flee or let others handle it. 

As a child you rather run home then run away as a teen the talk to your mother. You never tried to contact her. 

When you got your best friend with child, you just did as her husband told you. not thinking what it would do to her, to take her child away. 

Then when you got her with child a second time, you did as she begged, but your actions gave you both away. That let to the lost of a child’s life. 

Thing turned ugly and instead of facing the consequences of what happened, you let your son whisk you away during the night. 

For 10 years you then ignored that same son. When things got better, and Aliens got involve, you got interested in the on goings in your sons live. But when you found out the truth and it hurt, you did not go and talk to him. Not you went and just thinking of yourself. Committed suicide. 

You did not for one second think of what this will do to your son. 


You completed your LTW Present a Perfect Aquarium. 

Neat (from Sunshine) 
Love the outdoors (from Captain Jack Sparrow) 

You reached the top of the angler career. 

Leon received a phone all the next morning informing him of what had happened during the night. He was totally heart broken at the lost of his father…. 

worst was when he was informed that because their was no body recovered, seems like the ocean currents carried it off. Their could not be a funeral held. 

That winter Leon withdraw from society, not even wanting to look at the sea. 

Only person he would see was Tonya. 

On whom’s shoulder he would cry 

Thing at work even went downhill fast. He suddenly got arrested every time he went out on a job. 

He had no more interest in his job, started thinking of just changing job. Starting over. 

But Tonya had a long talk with him. Convincing him to just take some time for himself, go away for a while. 

Which is exactly what he did. He took some time off to go to China. 

Just going around seeing the ancient sites. 

and relaxing… 

He even found a way to get rid of his built up frustration. 

He did make sure to try some of the unique local cuisine. 

Remembering how his father had read the books in the little bookstore in France, when Leon found a local bookstore, he even spend time looking throw it, to see if perhaps here there was something about Draconus Villas… 

The only reference on Draconus he could find, was about an old cave. 

He even went there to see if he could get inside, maybe found something more. But he could not get in. 

However the tranquility of China did have a positive influence on Leon and 

he even made new friend, with common interest as him, but not criminals like the rest of his friend. These were good people. 

Before returning to Sunset Valley, Leon bought Tonya… 

a little golden tiger statue. She was the tigress in his life, that fought for him, when he was down. 

Upon returning home, Leon thanks Tonya for her good advise handing her, her gift. 

She was just thankful that he was dealing with thinks better and hugged him. Letting him know he was not alone. 

Upon returning to work thinks got a lot better, 

Leon was voted the new Emperor of Evil in Sunset Valley. 

Nick Alto was there to congratulate him, after all he did tell Leon as a young man that he would go far. Nick just ever realize how far. 

As for Leon. He was unrecognizable in his new getup. 

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