A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-6

Chapter 3-6 

Last William committed suicide, Tonya convinced Leon t go away for a while, and pull himself together. After Leon’s return he was promoted to Emperor of Evil, for Sunset Valley, thus reaching his LTW and top of his career. 

Three years later Tonya turned into a beautiful young lady, with plans of her own. 

The day after celebrating her 18th birthday, she invited herself over to Leon’s house. 
Making advances on him, grabbing him behind… 

Flirting with him… 

Flattering her eyes at him…. 

Leon was but a man and with Tonya that kept heating up the air…. 

Things quickly escalated… 

When Tonya disappeared down the hallway, and called for Leon. He followed like a love stuck pup… 

to his room, were things go… 


smoking hot, and before Leon knows it…. 

the deed 

was done. Tonya had dreamed of Leon being her first since she first started thinking of Woohooing. 

Later that night as Leon slept, she quietly slipped out… 

But Leon was having none of that, within the month Tonya had became his roommate and lover. 

Things were going very well for the two, until Tonya started getting sick… 

With his own suspicions of why Tonya was getting sick, Leon took her to the hospital one evening, just before he had to go into work. 

It was confirm, Tonya was caring his child. 

Tonya was so happy about this, while Leon was worried that the girl may just still be to young for the responsibilities of being a mother. 

As the months pass and Tonya got bigger, Leon introduce her to some of his alien friends. This helped her as Zorindu told her that caring for earth babies was difficult from what they observed. She will need to research child raising, to be the best mother. 

With this in mind Tonya and Leon spend days in the library, going over every baby book they could find. 

As per the instructions, Leon made sure Tonya relaxed as much as possible. Taking her to spa days, 

even getting a tattoo himself, while she was in the spa ones. 

Then one night after he had treated her to a theater show, 

he went down on one knee, and ask her 

to be his wife. 

Tonya off cause said or rather yelled: YES! 

All her dreams since childhood was coming true. 

With her time coming closer and her being so big, she asked Leon to pros-pone the wedding till after the baby was born. He reluctantly agreed. 

They changed Williams old room into the nursery, only problem was…. 

they could not agree on whether it would be a boy or a girl. Every time Tonya went for a sonar the baby turned so that it was impossible for the doctor to see. The result was a baby room with both male and female toys. 

A month before her due date… 

one of the new riff-ruffs in town, tried to break into their home. 

Even thou he was caught, it send Tonya into early labor. 

In the early morning hour of the night of the break in. Leon rushed her to the hospital….. 

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