A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-7

Chapter 3-7 

Last time Leon had to rush Tonya to the hospital when she went into early labor, due to stress after a house robbery. 

Things just went downhill from there, and fast. The doctors could not stop the labor, Tonya went totally hysterical, and they had to take her in for a emergency c-section. 

But during the c-section, the doctor made a mistake. Not that he would ever admit to it, but Tonya started to hemorrhage. 

Two days later Leon and little Micheal left the hospital alone. 

Leon laid Tonya to rest in the garden below his house. The funeral was large, all the well known people in town were in attendance. 

R.I.P Tonya Alto, you were a Insane,over-emotional, clumsy daredevil with a artistic streak. 

Even hours after the funeral, they were still at the house. 

Even in his sorrow… 

and despite every thing Leon tried to be a good father. 

He did not always succeed, for his natural sometime won out. 

He would give Micheal a candy, just to turn around and steal it back. 

Leon could not help himself, 

but he would always feel sorry and give Micheal cuddles and hugs to show how sorry he was. 

When Leon had to work, he always made sure the best babysitter in town, Valerie Huggings, was there for Micheal. She really was the best in town… 

and coming home, Leon would go strayed to Micheal, even while still wearing his work clothing. Valerie had to tell him often that his outfit scared little Micheal and that he must remember to first change before going to greet his little boy. 

Soon a year had come and gone, and it was time for Micheal’s first birthday. Leon was at work so… 

Micheal celebrated his birthday alone. 

Micheal Greenleaf had his mothers hazel eyes and brown hair, and the human ears of both his parents. 

When Valerie was over watching Micheal, she would put him in his walking ring, and 

support him, to learn how to walk. Thus while Leon was working, little Micheal taught himself how to walk. 

Leon did take time to start on Micheal potty training, when he was home, but being the Emperor of Evil was busy work. 

So when home Leon was busy with his own things, he would left Micheal save in his playpen. 

Where Micheal heard the radio and TV, and so with Valerie always talking to him. Micheal taught himself words, then sentence. 

But do not think Leon was a bad dad, just because Micheal taught himself so many bacis skills. Leon made sure to go take Micheal outside for strolls often. 

He even read him ‘Brolicks en Bittergal”, a children’s book about cannibals. 

By the age of 3 Micheal know all his basic life skills. 

Leon even spend night not working playing with Micheal in his playpen. 

Also Leon made sure to often take Micheal over to his grand parents house. 

Where Nick was always very exited to see little Micheal… 

but the same could not be said for Vita. 

When Leon and Nick spend family time together with Micheal, she was nowhere to be found. 

When she was around…. 

she was blaming Leon for her daughters death. No matter what Leon said, she just kept blaming him. 

This would always result in arguing between them, and Leon would left with Micheal. Without Vita spending time with the boy. 

So the years fly by and it was time for Micheal’s six birthday. 

Leon went all out and had a big party for the boy. 

As Leon brought Micheal over to the cake… 

to grow into a … 



It was during the party that I notice Leonardo inherited his fathers physique, and his mothers looks. Poor man. 

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