A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-8

Chapter 3-8 

Last time Micheal celebrated his sixth birthday. 

He grew into a beautiful little boy. 

The party was still in full swing, with every one dashing for a piece of cake. There was not enough cake for everyone that arrived. 

Leonardo was very upset at not getting a piece of cake, and showed that not just did insanity run in the family (he changed into his swimsuit with flipper) in the middle of the party, but Vita’s evil also run true in the family line. He did not even saved the birthday boy for his heckling. 

At the party Nick kept calling Micheal the little prince of the empire. Not really knowing what his grand father mend by it, Micheal started running court in the middle of the party. Pretending to be a real little prince. 

The party was amazing for those that attended, and lead to jealousy for those not invited. Our little man only got to bed at 1h28 in the morning. 

The next morning over breakfast…. 

Leon told Micheal that he had a surprise for the boy. They will be going out shortly, so Micheal must finish up and get ready to leave. 

Leon took Micheal to the new equestrian center that opened up the previous week in Sunset Valley. 

Where he told Micheal he may pick any horse for himself. No matter the price, this was to be his birthday gift. 

After looking around Micheal settled on a thoroughbred stallion named Neptune. 

As he was not able to ride the horse yet, really EA did you not know children can ride horses????? 

Micheal lead his horse over to the training ranch next door as it started to rain. 

As the months after Micheal’s birthday pass, Leon got a rather forward and shocking letter from Vita in the mail. 

That women was the stem of the family insanity. 

Despite is almost mother-in-laws lack of sanity, Leon tried to be a good father. When the school year started he made sure to be home to help Micheal with his homework. 

and that there was always some of Micheal’s favorite food in the fridge when he had to leave for work. 

As his father tried his best to be a good father, Micheal tried to be a good horse owner. He always went down at night to say good night to Neptune, and to make sure he was save in the stables, Leon had built. 

Nick kept on calling Micheal the little prince, and being a kid, he loved playing pretend for his gram-pa. 

His trusted stallion was his war horse. Micheal could play pretend for hours on end. 

Then shortly after Micheal’s 11th birthday Leon got the news that Vita had past away during the night. 

The news of Vita’s death did not even bother Micheal, even thou he was close to both his grand parents. 

How ever when the news of Nick’s passing came only a week late.Leeon… 

and Micheal were very upset. He really was a true friend and gram-pa for them. 

even Neptune could not take away the pain Micheal was going through 

Nick was laid to rest next to Vita at the back of the Sunset Valley graveyard. 

Days when Micheal was busy with school project and good not give Neptune the attention he needed, Leon was there to give a hand, or hug. 

Micheal was a hard worker, always giving 100% in everything he did. So it was no surprise when he made the Honor Roll at school. 

As the years pass father and son, still made time to just hangout together. Chatting or playing a game. 

Even Neptune and Micheal became BBF’s. 

The morning of his 13th birthday, as he was alone at home. Micheal dig through an old backpack that had always been on one of the tables against the wall of the sitting room. Inside he found a old weather book. His interest piqued and quickly he sat down to read. Turns out to be the true story of his great great grand mother on his fathers side someone called Andrea and how she survived being stranded on an Island. Whow that must have been something he thought. 

Micheal spend the afternoon talking to Neptune about what he read, totally forgetting… 

it was actually his 13th birthday. 

and so he celebrated his birthday alone with his BFF Neptune. 

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