A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-1

Chapter 4-1 (Another long one) 

Last time Micheal celebrated him 18th birthday. 

Growing up into a cowboy. And thankfully out of that sloping forehead of the Alto’s 

Okay I admit. I hide the forehead behind the hat. But otherwise his is a nice looking young man. 

With Micheal all grown up the cake rush started. 

With some of the guests even going for seconds. 

While the party was at its peak. Neptune took a shining to Micheal, becoming BFF’s, again? (They became BFF’s when Micheal was a child??) 

When the cake was finish, the dancing continued till the early morning hours. 

Even if Micheal danced like someone how swallowed a stick. This poor cowboy can’t dance to save his life. 

The last guest left the party around 3am. 

Every one that attended thought the party was amazing, but the two men was so tired they really did not care. 

The following morning it was time for Micheal’s graduation. 

Micheal was the Valedictorian, following in both his grand father and fathers footsteps. He was also voted most likely to became a sport star. Now Equestrianism is a sport and Micheal being as good as he currently was, it really was a no brainier that he would become a sport star. 

Arriving back hone after graduation. Micheal started training Neptune in jumping fire. First Neptune did it without a jockey, till he felt comfortable doing it, then… 

Micheal mounted him and they did it together. 

They kept at it till late that night, before Micheal unsaddled Neptune and returned indoors… 

Inside Leon got hungry and found the loaf of white bread Leonardo brought over the previous night of the part. 

Cutting a slice off he went to the table to eat… 

But the first bit… 

was all it took…. 

His tummy cramped up, painfully 

and Leon collapsed 

on the floor just 

as Micheal walked into the room. 

Seeing his father dead on the floor, Micheal called the police. He just know something was a mist. 

Lieutenant Micheal Bachelor was the responding officer. 

A veteran of 2 years on the force. Lt Bachelor immediately found this death strange, 

especially went Micheal Greenleaf told him that his father was in excellent health. 

Lt Bachelor look at the food on the table since that was clearly the last thing the victim did. Smelling the bread, he found a strange odor to it… 

Lt Bachelor quickly bagged the slice of bread as well as the rest of the loaf on the cabinet into evidence bags, to send of too the forensic lab. 

Before he called the paramedics to come and collect the body for an autopsy. 

Lt Bachelor kept a close eye on things as they worked to remove the body. 

As they were working the Grim Reaper came to collect Leon’s soul. 

Leon begged for a second chance but… 

the Grim Reaper 

would have none of it. 

R.I.P Leon Greenleaf 

You were ripped away from you family at the age of 62. 

You always tried to do the best you could for your family. 

You completed you LTW Emperor of Evil, held the world hostage for 3 days. 

Neat (from William) 
Artistic (from Jade) 
Evil Charismatic 

You reached the top of the criminal career (Evil branch) 

The funeral was held 5 days later, after the autopsy was completed. 

Holly Alto-Hart and her family was there, 

as was Leonardo Alto 

and Bridged Bachelor, Lt Bachelor’s mother and a old friend of Leon. 

Lt Bachelor was in the backgound, keeping an eye on then all… 

As everyone was mourning Leon… 


kept bad mouthing the deceased. 

Saying how much better then Leon he was… 

Leonardo just kept going on and on 

Bridget tried to calm Micheal, 

while Holly’s husband held her. No-one could believe how Leonardo was going off. 

During all Leonardo’s ranting and the funeral. Lt Bachelor received a call from the department. They have found a high doses of strychnine poison in the bread. A team was already out at the Alto house, since witnesses saw Leonardo bringing the bread to the party. 

Three empty bottles of strychnin were found on the premises. When Lt Bachelor tried to talk to Leonardo about this… 

Leonardo flipped. Showing clear signs of insanity. 

Then turning his back on Lt Bachelor. 

But Lt Bachelor was not going to put up with Leonardo’s behavior, so he took him on seriously, confronting him strait forward. 

Still not realizing the seriousness of the situation. Leonardo yelled back at the lieutenant, “So what if I killed the old fool. He killed my sister. He was a weak old man. He did not deserve to live.” Going on and on in the same manner. 

The was the last straw for the lieutenant. He proceeded to arrest Leonardo on the spot at the funeral. 

When he arrived at the station backup was waiting for him, as the officers all know the Alto family. They wanted to insure that there were no chance of someone breaking Leonardo free. 

And soon Leonardo was behind bars. 

The trial started a week later. 

What came out during this trial, rock Micheal’s foundation. 

Holly alto-Hart testify that like her mother, Vita and sister, Tonya. Leonardo also inherited the family curse of insanity. 

This same insanity was what had her mother organize the robbery that lead to Tonya going into early labor, simply because Vita did not want anyone to be hapy. And Tonya was happy with Leon. 

Then when Tonya died in child labor, she moved the blame to Leon. Specially since he was so close to Nick. She disliked the fact that Nick saw more of a son in Leon then in her son Leonardo. She always blamed Nick for calling Leonardo after Leon, because she said he wanted Leon as a son not Leonardo. Holly testified that her mothers logic drove both her and her father up the wall. 

With Vita always saying Leon killed Tonya, Leonardo later believed this as absolute truth, no one could convince him differently. Leonardo was also the person responsible for organizing the string of break-in’s that happened the past two years at the Greenleaf house. 

Micheal and most of the town were shock beyond words as Holly testified. 

The trial lasted three months. Just before the verdict were to be read… 

Micheal pulled Lt Bachelor to the side thanking him for the hard work he had put into this case. Specially considering how the cops have treated his family in the pass. 

The verdict was read and it fell on Lt Bachelor to drive the convicted Leonardo to… 

the mental instituted. 

Arriving at the instituted late in the evening, Lt Bachelor could not wait to hand Leonardo off to the nurse on duty. 

This women was use to working with insane criminals and it did not take her long to, have Leonardo change into his new wardrobe, then locking him secure into the room… 

he was to spend the next 25 years, undergoing shock- and other therapy . 

The morning after the trial, Micheal made a life changing decision.. 

Packing up his belongings, and some of the family pictures,he made a call to a moving company. hired a horse trailer and set of… 

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