A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 3-9

Chapter 3-9
(Get ready for a long chapter over 100 pics, pardon some poor quality shots as they were very dark I tried to lighten them, unsuccessful)

Last time Micheal grew up into a teen, with only his horse Neptune at his side.

The boy turned into a young man, with a daredevil attitude, taking unknowingly after his mother.

And while Micheal and Neptune celebrated Micheal’s birthday. Leon was fast asleep in the house, totally forgetting that today was the boys birthday.

The next morning Leon felt awful for forgetting such an important day in his sons live.

So he offered to teach the young man to drive in the boy late grandfathers truck.

The driving lessons did not always gone well. Micheal sometimes just lost his way on the road, and the truck would end up skew across the road. But his father never got upset. Only calmed the boy down and encourage him to try again.

After a trying day learning to drive. Micheal saddled Neptune later that afternoon for his first ride ever. As Micheal sat in the saddle he realizes his LTW. He want to be a jockey, not a real surprise considering his love for horses (so who are the creator to tell the boy no, so it got locked).

On his way to the Equestrian Center to take a riding class, he actually learn his first riding skill.

Not that it helped, as Micheal landed on his butt getting of the horse.

But worst was that after the lesson, he got on the horse backwards. Making me wonder what on earth they teach. He was more capable getting on a horse before the lesson the after.

At least he was able to ride faster after the lesson, which was a good thing because…

the lesson only came out after curfew was already in affect.

Even as Micheal raced home, as he neared the house he saw the police waiting for him. Right in front of the house, they really was out to catch a Greenleaf. If they could not get the father they would settle for the son it seam.

It became more clear that the police was picking on Micheal, when Leon was not bothered with the boy being out after curfew. He knew the boy went to a lesson and that the cops waited in front of the house, which he found insanely stupid. He even told Micheal so when the cop brought him in. They just looked for an excuse to enter the house

While Micheal was at school Leon always made sure that Neptune did not felt alone. He loved feeding the horse some of his freshly picked strawberries.

Neptune seem to be enjoying it and would always beg for it if Leon took to long to give it.

One day while on a field trip, Micheal showed exactly from which family he stem, by locking the same cop how caught him after curfew in a cell.

This move of Micheal was followed the autumn of that year by Leon…

Taking over Sunset Valley’s military base and…

threatening world annihilation.

If they did not give into his demands Leon would release a nuclear missile, directed at the larges sim city Bridgeport .

There never was any doubt that the plan would NOT work…

and it was cleared just how much Leon enjoyed it when he slipped out of the base, days later. No-one the wiser of the true identity of the person, who held the world hostage.

After Leon’s stunt, things returned to normal in the Greenleaf household. Micheal concentrated on school and Neptune. Landing himself on the Honor Roll with his hard work.

Between his father’s lessons and drivers ED. Micheal got his licence the day of his 16th birthday.

To celebrate both his birthday and the fact that he got his licence. Leon gave Micheal…

the keys to William’s old truck. There was never any doubt that Micheal was over the moon with the give. His own vehicle, it was more then Micheal ever expected. (That was also when I realize Micheal has the Alto forehead, yuck)

The following evening Micheal went to register himself as a horseman at City Hall.

Micheal also received a peculiar picture it the mail from his uncle Leonardo….

It was a picture of a cowboy, but at night it would change.

What Leonardo’s plan was, was unknown. What ever it was, it did whoever not worked, as Micheal slept throw that picture changing, not bothered by it at all.

After school Micheal spend most days, training with Neptune at the ranch.

it was not long before Neptune became a long distance racer.

Leon always made sure to keep checking on the animal. To see that it was still happy and in good condition. Not that he really needed to worry. Micheal and Neptune was like to pies in a pot.

The fall after his 16th birthday, now having been training for almost a year. Micheal entered his first racing derby with Neptune.

Keeping a steady pace, though out the race….

Micheal and Neptune took 1st place in even 1st ever competition. Earning Micheal price money of $600, leading

to Micheal’s 1st promotion.

As well as a beautiful trophy.

Boy and horse was joyful of this victory.

After Neptune won his 1st ever race, Micheal was contacted and ask if he would mind if Neptune were to be stud for a mare from the Goth’s. Micheal was offered a stunning $1817 for services rendered by Neptune.

Leading to another promotion for Micheal

That winter

Micheal and Neptune competed in their 1st Cross Country competition.

Where they succeeded in again winning the 1st place.

Earning Micheal yet another promotion and….

a beautiful trophy.

All the while Leon reached level 10 in logic, being the Emperor of Evil he needed to be able to think fast on his feet..

When winter truly sets in, Leon and Micheal spend many a night in front of the TV, just relaxing together.

When winter was almost over, Leon went to watch his son complete in his 1st ever….

jumping competition.

With how good Micheal and Neptune did in their 1st Racing and Cross Country competitions all eyes were on them.

And they did not disappoint. Both kept a level head and steady pace. To win the jumping competition too.

They succeeded in winning 1st place the 1st time the completed in all 3 different stiles of competition, that lead to them being move to the advance class.

Micheal made a wall of fame for Neptune, just like his grandfather had made for his father.

After another raise Leon was now making $3177 per night, excluding all the extra stuff he sometimes gave himself as bonus.

Hard work also paid off with Neptune reaching level 10 in racing, just before….

Micheal reach level 10 in Riding…

and he became a horse whisperer.

Then it was time for them to compete in their 1st advance racing derby.

The competition was tough but they got 1st place.

The weekend following their win in the Advance racing Competition.

Their were to compete in their 1st Advance Cross Country race.

This one was pure hell.

If not for Micheal going for broke near the end, they would not have gotten the 1st place. This was that hardest race for them up to date.

The hard work they gave during the competition, earned Micheal another promotion…

and Neptune another trophy.

The one night

Leon celebrated his 60th birthday.

Alone, for growing old id not for everyone.

He was force to retire, for he was not as mobile as he was in the pass. Now he had difficulty walking, what to say running away or hijacking.

With Leon’s old age

Micheal took over driving. He did not like his elderly father battling with driving. Most of the time Leon could not even see properly in front of him, but he refuse to wear glasses.

With Leon’s retirement, every criminal in town started targeting them.

The cops let them get away every single time. It was as if they did not really worry about catching the people how broke into the Greenleaf house.

Leon spend hours on the phone

trying to get behind why all of a sudden they are being targeted.

neptune earned the title of Endurance Equine, and…

Micheal went to the prom, where he got prom King and

found a love interest.

The night after the prom. Leon sat Micheal down. To talk to him about what Leon found out. It would seem the new Emperor of Evil, targeted them because of some personal reason. Nobody would however tell Leon, who the new Emperor was, so he could not found a way to stop the harrasment.

Feeling useless for the first time in his life, Leon took up painting to keep his sanity.

On the day of Micheal’s 18th birthday,

he and Neptune was scheduled to compete in their 1st Advance Jumping competition.

Leon was there to support them.

It was even harder then their previous competition. Progress was slow,

they only took the lead at the last possible moment.

Leon was waiting for them outside, to congratulate them.

While they were there, one of the judges come over and ask Leon if he would be willing to be a late entry in the David Derby as,

one of the horse that was suppose to compete got injured.

Even thou they had just finish a jumping competition, Micheal agreed.

Neptune might have been a bit tired, but they still made it in the 1st place at the end.

Again Leon was there to congratulate them.

Neptune’s trophies was growing. And even the space Micheal made for it got to small. It was overflowing onto the dresser.

Leon orginized a surprise party

for Micheal. Even renting a dance floor and disco lights.

Before the fist guests even arrived, Leon was dancing…

and testing the beer keg.

Micheal did not wait, when he got home from the Equestrian Center, he hit the dance floor.

But the time the first guests arrive, the boys just dragged the girls onto the floor.

Holly Alto Hart rather eat, and Leonardo brought a white bread with him? Considering Leon made it clear that the party would be catered, this was weird. So Leon just put the bread in the fridge.

Leonardo talked Leon into a keg stand bending the old man. Leon did not want to make a seen, but that hurt.

Every one was soon on the dance floor, which turned out to be a bit small for everyone. Still they danced inspite of it.

Time arrived and Micheal was to

blow out the candles on the birthday cake.

The noise was earsplitting, as everyone hooted and screamed.

While Micheal grew into a young man.

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