A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-2

Chapter 4-2 

Last time Micheal had made the decision to leave Sunset valley after the trial was over, and Leonardo was sent to a mental institution. 

He sold the house, got a horse trailer and packed all his belongings, and his horse up and left. 

He arrived in Appaloosa Plains, early on Sunday morning. 

Both he and Neptune were tired from the long hall across the country. 

The Realtor Micheal contacted, got him a great deal on a two bedroom farm stead, complete with double horse barn and training area. 

Micheal spend the Sunday unpacking and settling in. 

The first week Micheal and Neptune got into their own routine. With Micheal spending the mornings tending the garden. 

And Neptune, would practice his jumping. 

Before the two would head out in the afternoon 

Too participate in the local and international competitions held at the nearby Equestrian Center. 

In their first international Derby… 

They sadly only succeeded in getting 2nd place. 

The derby was followed days later by… 

Their first International Cross-Country Competition 

This also did not go well for them. They only succeeded in getting 6th place overall. 

At least the 6th place prize money earned Micheal a promotion. 

Micheal always made sure that Neptune got the best possible care a specially after tough competitions. 

A year after arriving in Appaloosa Plains, Micheal bought a thoroughbred mare named Lady. 

At first Neptune and Lady did not get along at all. Micheal only hope that with time the two would get along better, for he has plans for them. 

Live on the ranch was everything Micheal every dreamed of. He love his kitchen and when it was rainy outside, he would bake bread or pie. 

For there was nothing other the hotdogs, that Micheal loved more then freshly baked bread and coffee. 

On his way to another international Cross-Country Competition, Micheal was contacted by the Equestrian Society with a unique opportunity, to attend a seminar for free. Of cause he accepted, both Micheal and Neptune learn quite a lot from Horus Quine. 

After the seminar, it was time for Micheal and Neptune to try their luck at the Cross-Country Competition again. Hopefully they will do better then previously. 

They did do better, but still they only succeeded in getting 3rd place. 

The Cross-Country was followed the next weekend by an international Derby 

Sadly they were not worst off then in the previous competition, but not better either. They only got 2nd place again. Even if Micheal and Neptune had taken the lead at one stage, they just could not held it. 

Taking a break from the international competition. Micheal and Neptune trained even harder. Neptune reached level 9 in jumping. 

They even trained… 

jumping trough hoop’s. That be flaming hoops. 

But all to soon it was time for the new season and they started off with… 

another international derby. 

Where things got worst and they were only able to reach the 4th position. 

(That was when my game went nuts – it decided that Micheal had reached his LTW even if he had only made $12100 as a jockey. I will keep and eye on things and take a picture when he really reach $40000) 

The derby was followed a week later by another Cross-Country tournament. 

For the second time they got the 3rd place. 

Thing between Neptune and Lady was slowly moving forward, as they started horsing around at night. 

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