A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-3

Chapter 4-3 

Last time Micheal and Neptune settled into Appaloosa Plains quite nicely, they were even joint by a mare named lady. 

Although they did not do as well in the competitions as they would like to, life was good. 

Neptune reach level 10 in jumping, as he was training hard to try and better for the cross-country competitions. 

As soon enough the new season started with 

The international Freizerbuni Cup. 

Competition was tough and sadly even with all the training they put in. They only got 5th place. 

After the Freizerbuni Cup, Micheal took a long hard look at his life. He realize that he will need a heir to continue the family name. Though the way things were currently going, he had no time for women. His life was training, training and more training. 

So after some serious thought, he decided to put an ad in one of the world wide news paper for surrogate mother. The women would have to be willing to donate an egg and curry the child to term. Invetro fertilization would take place at the Appaloosa Plain Hospital.After the baby was born, Micheal would pay her $50000 and take the child. She was not to have any more contact with the child after that. 

A month later 

It was time for the Eugenia Cup. 

They took 4th place, and after the race 

Micheal had an interview with the first of the two ladies that had caught his eye when they applied for the surrogate mother position. 

Her name was Amy Hoppcraft, she was the sister for a solo legacy heir named Wolfie Landgrabb. But unlike Wolfie she was not a werewolf, but rather a witch. 
Piazzagirl filled in the application on her behalf. 

Her blond hair and stunning blue eyes would make a lovely contribution, or so Micheal thought. 

The interview went well… 

Micheal was quite impressed with this women, that was… 

untill she lost it. After what he had to deal with, with Leonardo Alto. 

This did not set well with him. She scared the bejeebee’s out of him, for nothing. They were talking when all of a sudden she attacked. 

Micheal quickly pardon himself and left. Turns out Amy’s traits are Light Sleeper, Cat Person, Easily Impress, Evil and Mean Spirited. 

While Micheal was interviewing a possible mother for his future child. 

Back on the ranch Neptune and Lady 

Decided they had waited long enough 

and started working 

on their own little family. 

One day while Micheal was checking and grooming the horses 

He made a surprising discovery. Lady was pregnant. 

The weekend after Micheal discovered Lady’s pregnancy, he and Neptune were due 

To complete in the Llama Cup. 

Where ones again they only manage to get 5th place. 

Followed a month later by 

The Strangetown Derby. 

This race was a horror upon horror for the two. As Neptune got spooked by lightning and threw Micheal off during the race. Leaving them with their worst position yet. 10th place. 

Micheal made sure to give Lady all the help and attention she needed during her pregnancy. They even became BFF’s 

Two months after the disastrous race, 

they were to complete in their 1st ever international jumping show. 

Where they walked away with the 3rd place. A boost to their ego’s after the last race. 

This also earned Micheal another promotion. 

A week later they completed in the Jennifer Cross Country Competition. 

and had to settle for 4th place. 

The night after the cross country competition, Micheal went to meet the second of his potential surrogate mothers. 

Flora Abbott turned out to be a fairy. This was a rather big surprise for Micheal. 

He invited her to the local bar, for the interview. He ask all kind of questions and learned that she was a good, excitable, supernatural fan that loved gathering things in the outdoors. 

While busy with the interview, Micheal received a call from his neighbor to inform him that Lady went into labor. 

When Micheal informed Flora about his mare giving birth, she agreed that they can meet again at a later time, then she accompanied him outside before returning home. 

Lady gave birth to a beautiful foal. 

With his daddy’s leg and mommy’s coat. 

Neptune connected with his son instantly. 

Lady was a great mother, nursing and 

grooming him all the time. 

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