A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-4

Chapter 4-4 

Last we left with Lady showing just what a great mommy she is. 

Micheal kept a close eye on the little fellow. 

making sure all is well with him. 

Micheal was contacted with a stud request for Neptune. He was offered a stud price of $2792. 

While Neptune was doing his stud duty, Lady and Thunder slept. 

With Neptune donating sperm, it was also time for Micheal to get the last checkup before the big day. He had to undergo another health check and sperm counts were done. 

When Lady’s milk dried up… 

Micheal never minded getting up at night to make sure Thunder had enough to drink, and never going hunger. Good practice for when he will have his own little one. 

Time waits for no sim, and soon it was time for the Pleasantview Derby. 

Where Micheal and Neptune had to be happy with 2nd place. 

Followed the next Sunday by the Royal Kamel Hunt, Cross-Country Competition. 

And another 2nd place for them. 

With summer arriving Micheal took to baking pie, 

Blueberry pie 

With Micheal now constantly feeding Thunder 

It was not long before they became BFF’s 

Then it was time for Micheal and Neptune’s first international Jumping show 

And they surprise everyone, including themselves. By winning it. 

Micheal proudly displayed the trophy they got. 

The next Sunday it was another Cross-Country competition 

where again they settled for 3rd place. 

The Cross-Country was followed by the Capp Cup. 

And another 2nd place. They seem to be incapable to win any Derby’s or Cross-Country tournaments 

The 2nd place did however earn Micheal a promotion, to level 8. 

Lady’s training also went well, and she became quite good at jumping. 

So another month pass and it was time for the Allerd Cup. 

And yet another 3rd place. 

Neptune when not racing spend time with his son. He love to groom the young foal. 

Due to some irregularities a month later the Allerd Cup were repeated 

And again they got the 3rd place. 

But all to soon a year had come and gone. 

And Thunder grew into a young stallion. 

The following night the Belle International Hunt started… 

They got 2nd place again, I lost count on how many race they now been unable to win. 

A Father and Son moment. Thunder grew up with 4 skill points in racing. That was due to all the running after his mother as a foal. 

One night a zenyatta copied the trophy next to it. 

Micheal also made time to start training Thunder. 

As time pass it were time for another race… 

And the Tombo Derby delivered them yet another 3rd place. 

That weekend it was the Copur Horse Trails Cross-Country 

Ending in yet another 4th place for them. 

With all the training Thunder is getting, he soon became a Long Distance Racer. 

As it was clear that Micheal would not get 1st place anytime soon, he made his decision… 

And headed over to the house he was renting for 

the two possible surrogate mothers. 

Micheal and the chosen surrogate set off to the hospital for the insemination. 

Come Saturday night Micheal make pizza… 

To celebrate the possibility of becoming a dad. 

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