A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-5

Chapter 4-5 

Last Micheal was celebrating the possibility of becoming a father with some pepperoni pizza. 

But the next morning, Sunday, he received a call fro the doctor at the fertility clinic. 

He was informed that when they preformed the last sonar just before harvesting the egg for fertilization. It was found that Flora Abbott, Micheal first chose in surrogate mother. Was with child. She was expecting her boyfriend Benjamin’s baby. 

Micheal would have to wait a year before they could try again. 

Not willing to wait, and more then a little upset, for the ride this women took him on. She lived happily in the house he rented for the women, and then got herself knock-up by her boyfriend. 

Micheal, the went to Amy Hoppcaft’s work place, and ask her to be the surrogate mother. Amy agreed and was inseminated that same day. 

Life continued on the ranch, Lady became a Long distance Racer. 

And Micheal and Neptune participated in yet another race. 

The Freiserbuni Cup, again where they got 2nd place. 

Two months later. 

Micheal received news that the insemination worked and that Amy Hoppcraft was now caring the next generation of Greenleaf’s. 

The news was followed by the Royal Gnomes International Hunt Cross-Country Competition. 

Where Micheal and Neptune got 6th place. Micheal jokingly blamed it on the news he got that morning, about the pregnancy. 

Neptune and Lady still had time for one another, love spending it grooming each other. 

Micheal made sure to be at every single doctor’s appointment Amy had. 

To insure everything was going A-Okay with both mother and child. 

One stormy Autumn afternoon it was again time for the Capp Cup. 

For the best part of the race Neptune was 1st, but sadly he lost the 1st position just before they reach the finishing line. 

Micheal did spend some time in the local library, reading up on all things related to babies and children. 

Months pass and soon they were competing in the Desiderate Derby… 

Where they only manage a 3rd place 

(One day I was snooping around town for Amy) 

Found a heavily pregnant Amy in the town Library, 

she picked a book to read. Looking closer at the cover, I think (is almost sure) that the book she is reading is one of the pregnancy books. 

It look like the possiblity of a baby is affecting Micheal’s brains. Being a jockey as long as he have been. It is not logical for him to not know the front of a horse from it’s back, or maybe this is way they can not win a race.  

And leaving this two alone they ALL WAY do the heroic pose on there own. 

As the months pass it was time for the Eugenia Cup again. 

And yet another 3rd place. 

It was enough to push Micheal in to the $40000’s earned as a jockey. Now he completed his LTW for real.  

Amy on the other hand was getting larger and larger by the minute. 

While thunder took after his dad and became an Endurance Equine. 

The Capp Cup was re-raced, because there were some problems with urine samples, of the winner disappearing, before tests were preformed. 

And guest what! Another 3rd place. 

Soon the day came 

for Amy to have her Cesarean Section. 

Micheal rushed to the hospital, to be on time… 

for the arrival for the baby. 

While Micheal was at the hospital awaiting the birth of his child… 

Neptune grew into an elder. 

(This surprise me as I was unaware of how old he was) 

Being an elder, Neptune will now retire from racing and just live his life out on the ranch. Maybe he will be use as stud horse sometimes (don’t know if elders can do that)  


Flora gave birth to a little girl, with the fairy genetic’s. (Note: I age her up with NRaas to see how she will look. She was born the day before Amy went into labor) 

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