A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-6

Chapter 4-6 

When we last hear Amy went in for her C-Section. 

It took forever, but late that night a little boy was born. Micheal named him Marius (Actually he was named for my brother who turned 47 today) 

Micheal had the nursery done weeks in advance hoping it would be a boy. (But I so hoped for a girl  Am I never to get another girl in this game  ) 

Marius Greenleaf what will the future hold for you? 

No matter how tired he was, Micheal happily got up in the middle of the night for Marius. 

Lady also became an Endurance Equine, joining the rest of her family in this achievement. 

Marius loved being bath by his daddy, it was a great way to bond for them. 

With Neptune retired, Micheal trained Thunder to take his place in the races. 

Their 1st competition was the Horseshoe Cup. 

Thunder did well in the beginners race and got the 1st place. 

Micheal hate leaving Marius alone with the babysitter to attend the races. So when he return, he would snuggle with the boy till he fell asleep in Micheal’s arms. 

As Micheal did not want to be away from home so much, he rather had Thunder do some stud work. Earning a respectable $1236 for his first time. 

The stud money was enough to promote Micheal to level 9 in the horseman career. 

Micheal always had time for his oldest friend Neptune. Neptune is grew old very fast, becoming tired more quickly and eating loads more. 

Some days when Micheal bath Marius or change his nappy, his hand would be a bit heavy on the baby powder. and both of them would be lost in a cloud of powder. 

When Thunderstorms was hollowing around Appaloosa Plains, Micheal would sit and rock Marius till it all calmed down. 

Rocking Marius also had the added benefit of resorting some of Micheal’s energy. With 3 horses and a baby, Micheal barely had time to sleep. 

All to soon a year had come and gone. 

And it was time for Marius’s birthday. 

As Micheal did not really know people in Appaloosa Plains, he and Marius celebrated it all on their own. 

Marius turned out to have his mother blue-grey eyes and blond hair  . It also became clear the elven ears was lost forever within this family.  

Micheal loved tossing Marius high into the air, Marius would giggle for hours. 

Everything was not fun and game whoever. For Micheal had to teach his son how to use the potty. Not easy with a boy that did not want to sit still for more then a second. 

It got so bad, that Micheal had to put Marius in a playpen, whenever the boy was not in his crib or highchair. 

And this boy spend loads of time in his high chair, for no other reason then… 

to eat and eat. He always seem to be hungry. 

With the little human in the house, Neptune and Lady got to… 

working on enlarging their own family. 

While Micheal was teaching Marius to talk properly… 

the vet confirm Lady’s pregnancy. 

Marius was getting into everything and slipping outside in the snow, if not for his playpen his father would have gone insane with this little over active boy. 

The months pass and soon Lady was ready to give birth to… 

a beautiful filly. Micheal named her Athena. 

Athena looked a lot like Neptune. She had the same coloring the only differences was that her front legs did not have the black and her snout was pink like her mothers. 

Lady proved herself again to be a very good mother. 

As for Micheal, he succeeded in training his boy to use the potty and NOT his nappy. 

And Island made a return appearance, for some more years of toddler abuse. 

With 4 horses and a toddler, Micheal just could not keep up. So he made the hard decision to sell Thunder. It was a tearful good buy, but Thunder was at least sold to very good owners at $8633. 

Micheal also found our that Athena not only took after Neptune in coloring but also in manners. She would do she version of the heroic poses almost on a daily bases. 

As Athena was born in the middle of winter, Micheal made a habit of check her over on a daily bases, to see that there were no health problems. 

When not busy with the horses Micheal took time to teach Marius to walk. Marius love crawling all over the place, but hated learning to walk. 

Neptune and his daughter spend many days chasing each other or socializing in the barn. 

And father and son did some more bonding over a bath. 

On a clear winters morning Micheal… 

Took Marius for a stroll to the Equestrian Center. 

Where he proceed to again try and get the concept of walking into the little boys head. With all the other people and horses around, Marius seem to concentrate on everything else and actually got up and walk. This clearly showed the boy was just lazy and when his attention was on other things he forgot that he did not want to walk, and did it. (This was according to my mother what my brother did too, he was very lazy and only started walking at age 3 1/2) Marius was about 4 1/4 in game time when he eventually learn to walk. 

A years has come and gone since Athena was born. 

And as with all little bitty things in life, it was time for her to grew up into a 

stunning young mare. 

Athena surprise everyone, when she grew up with Level 7 in jumping and Level 5 in racing. Out doing her brother by a mile. Poor Thunder only had Level 4 racing when he grew up. 

Time waits for no sim, and soon enough it was time for Marius’s 6th birthday. 

With only Micheal and Marius in attendance, just like with his 1st birthday. 

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