A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-7

Chapter 4-7 (another long chapter 83 pics)Last Marius grew into a rather hansom young boy.

After cake, instead of going to bed. Marius went on a submarine adventure.

Even though Marius does not have the neat trait, yet, he made his own bed when he got up the following morning.

With nothing to do, before the school bus arrive on a cold winter morning. Marius decided to

dig around in the book-shelve. Looking for something to read. He came across an old tattered looking book…

With his interest pricked, he just had to read the book. Sitting down on the couch…

Marius spend got totally absorb in the book. His attention was drawn in by the mysterious island

mentioned in this book, some place called Draconus Villas. He almost

missed the bus on his first day of school.

Later that day, with a heavy heart, Micheal

took Lady to

the Equestrian Center

to be sold. She was getting old, and he needed to make money from her before she was to old too sell.

He was offered a stunning $10542 for her.

After school Marius hang around in the playground and missed the bus home. He was still thinking

about what he read that morning, not really listening what was happening around him.

So he made his own plan to get home.

Arriving home Marius got help with his homework from Micheal

With his homework done. Marius told his dad about

the old book, about a place called Draconus Villas, he found in the book-shelve this morning.

Micheal listened to Marius. Then realize the book Marius was talking about, was the book that had

been past down the family for generations. Since William had taken it with him when he left home.

Micheal was stunned to learn that it was between the things he packed. He could not remember

that he took it, but he must have.

He told Marius that the book was handed down for generations, and was written by his great great

grand mother or something like that.

He told Marius that as a teen or child he remember reading it, but he had totally forgot about it.

Marius ask if Micheal think that one day they may be able to visit Barnacle Bay.

Micheal said he will have to find out where exactly it was, but if it were at all possible he would

take Marius if he really wanted to go.

As time pasted Marius worked hard on the Ranch helping his father.

A Year after Lady was sold, Micheal went and

bought a stallion named Diamond.

Diamond’s previous owners said he was aggressive, but

He was very sweet with Marius, who loved to feed him apples and brush him.

Diamond took after Neptune and Athena, in that he loved the heroic pose with

or with out a rider.

One day while collecting the mail. Micheal received a letter from Amy Hoppcraft, the women

Micheal used as Marius’s surrogate mother. In the letter she confess her love for Micheal…

Micheal was not happy. he had used a surrogate, because he did not have time for women in

his life.

Also in the mail, was information about Barnacle Bay he had ordered from the internet over an

year ago.

So that Christmas break, Micheal bought two airline tickets to Barnacle Bay…

And he and Marius was of on Marius’s first adventure.

Micheal had rented a small two bedroom cottage for them in Barnacle Bay.

So went they arrived both tired, they head for bed

for a good nights rest, before their adventures begin.

The next morning while Micheal made breakfast, Marius went over the book again.

And as they sat down to eat, they made their plannes

for the day ahead. They were only on the island for 3 days, so they had to plan ahead, to insure

that they fit everything they wanted to do into the time frame.

So while Micheal got ready for the day, Marius washed the dishes.

The 1st place they wanted to go to that morning, was

the beach were Andrea and Sunshine arrived at.

While at the beach, Marius saw some flowers. He decided to pick it, to put in water, maybe

later he can put some of it on the graves, if they find it.

Later that day, they when to the street the old house were on…

To their surprise it was still standing, and a nice family, the Henning’s were living in it.

Micheal felt a instant attrection to the lady of the house,

she was not bad looking, but she was married. So Micheal will have to control himself, if

they don’t want to be kicked out, before they even entered the house.

To the visitors surprise the house looked just like it was described in the book. Noting had

changed, not even the wall paper.

The current family living in the house, was captivated by the history they learned from the


The next day,

Micheal and Marius visited the local library where Andrea wrote the book.

There they met

some of the descendants of Morgan Inkbeard. The man that help Andrea and Sunshine those

many years ago. It was unbelievable that there was still some of his descendants living in

the same town. In contrast to the Greenleaf family that thus far were unable to stay in one

place for long.

That afternoon

Micheal and Marius went to the graveyard. To find the graves of their ancestors. But the

graveyard were overgrown, and un-kept. Nobody have been buried in this old graveyard

in 75 years. Micheal was able to find the graves after almost 3 hours of searching.

They mourned at the graves of the bravest women that they know of,

Andrea Engleton Greenleaf.

Remembering all she had ones wrote down in a book.

Marius took some of the flowers he picked that first day on Barnacle Bay and put it

on the grave, then

they turned to the 2nd grave. That of Sunshine and mourned for her. They did not know what

had happened after Andrea’s death, but it also did not matter to them. for them she was

but a women, who had a tough life, with may heart aches, that was one of the reasons

for their existence. Marius put the rest of the flowers he brought on her grave, before

they left.

The last day on the island the just relaxed

Marius got a lovely bronze tan,

before he tackled the dragon ride.

While Micheal did the fire pit walk. Ah the life of a daredevil. 

Then night before they were to return. marius reread the book, to get all the facts together.

The next morning there were

barely time for breakfast, before they had to catch the plane back to Appaloosa Plains.

Returning home to mid winter after the nice summer weather made them both a bit


But there were good news waiting. Seems that while they were away, Diamond’s stand in

trainer helped him earn a new trait – fast.

Upon returning Micheal and Athena were to complete in their 1st Advance Race

The Redwood Derby

Where Athena barely manage to get 3rd place.

Neptune is getting very old, he now mostly just sleep and eat. He does not even gallop

around much anymore. It is sad, and Micheal fear that it will not be long now before he

would be gone.

The following week Athena was to complete in her 1st even Cross-Country. Micheal had

entered her into the advance hunt. Maybe not such a good idea on his part.

But as the Michelle Regional Hunt began

Athena gave it her all, and walked away with the 3rd place.

That night went Micheal and Athena arrived home…

It was time for Micheal to celebrate his 40th birthday.

He celebrated it with athena at his side. Marius was already asleep.

Bonus Shots:
2 Zenyatta’s decided to pose next to the trophies

Overhead shot of the holiday house. It was a quick 3 min build

Floor level shot, walls down.

Micheal unlocked the Sole Survivor Achievement for me. To think I have about 10

other sims in my game already done the fire pit walk but none of them were able

to do it. I thought it was one of those achievements with a bug.


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