A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-8

Chapter 4-8

Last time Micheal grew up into a full fledged Adult.

The 1st day after the Christmas school holiday, turn out to be a snowday for Marius.

Marius decided that since he did not have school today, it would be the prefect time to made some notes on all he learnt in Barnacle Bay, about his ancestors.

While on the computer, he received a message from Amy Hoppcraft, his surrogate mother.

He spend hours talking to her on the computer, even sharing his secret with her.

He could make a broom fly.

She told him that if he want to know more about his abilities, he need to came over to her house. She gave him her address.

He told her he would be over shortly. She waited for him on the porch.

Then she invited him in, offering him a seat. The started to explain…

That she was a witch. She inherited her abilities from her mother, as he had inherited it from her.

As he grew older his abilities would increase. He will be able to do more things.

She then showed him by conjuring a poisonous apple.

Marius ask if his father know that Amy was a witch.

She admitted that she had not mentioned it on her application.

Marius looked at her, and said he was going to tell his father about them both. About their abilities.

Amy begged him not to do it. She only kept quite because she wanted to be the mother of the world renowned jockey’s child.

She begged him not to tell. She added that when Micheal put her and his other choice for surrogate up in one house. Amy was mad. She did not like the competition, being mean and evil. She actually went as far as to instigate the relationship between Flora and Armand, her now husband. She was the one to talk Flora into falling pregnant. All just so she could be the one to carry the child.

Marius could not believe it. The woman how was his mother, must be beyond evil to screw with so many peoples lives, just so she could get what she wanted.

He promptly excused himself

and left for home.

While Marius was having the talk with his mother, Micheal was building hockey snowmen.

Before long it was time for Micheal and Athena to head out for another Advance Race

This time the Brooke Derby

Where Athena walked away with second place.

Three days later, it was time for

the second leg of the Michelle Regional Hunts.

Athena received 2nd place in this event.

The next morning over breakfast

Marius told Micheal about his visit to Amy

He told his father every thing Amy told him, including how she had manipulated Flora into getting pregnant, so she would be the surrogate.

Micheal was shocked to say the lease. But he could not quite get his head around the witch part. So when he told Marius not to tell tall tales.

Marius ask him to join him outside, and showed him how he could fly a broom.

Micheal was stunned. He did not have anything against supernatural being. Hell his first choice in surrogate were a fairy.

The following week he made an appointment at the salon, he just needed a change. As he tried to work through all the new information.

There he learn that Flora was the new stylist. This worried him a bit…

and with good reason. She put him in an ugly as sin outfit.

When Marius was not in school, he was in the library reading every thing he could. For more information on the mystical Island, Draconus Villas.

He even dreamed about this mystical island.

With all the things going on in their humans lives. The stallions groomed each other and Athena.

Marius learn that

he could change and replace any toy in the toy box.

giving him an unlimited supply of toys.

Even though Amy had a partner. She kept phoning Micheal all the time.

It was during one of these calls that

Micheal took her on about the things she told Marius. Wanting to know if it were true.

Amy admitted that she did influence Flora to get pregnant. But stated that Flora was now happily married, and had two lovely children.

As spring arrived Diamond only had one wish. the wish to have a foal with Athena. 

Micheal in the meantime was going through a midlife crises of his own. Buying himself a new car, even if the other car was still running just fin.

And while his father was battling a midlife crises, Marius’s obsession with Draconus Villas, was getting a bit out of hand. He even bought an umbrella with Dragons on it. 

Micheal even bought Marius a training broom and

installed a zoomsweeper broom area, for him to fly in.

Marius loved flying…

and when his father was not looking. He would do some hair raising stunts.

(I tend to agree with this picture. His stunts are scary, a specially for someone who has an abnormal fear of heights.)

The older Neptune become, the more time and attention Micheal and

Marius would shower on him. They were getting worried…

Athena and Micheal had yet another race to complete in

the Davis Derby.

Where Athena showed who her father was, by winning the Cup.

This won also lead to Micheal last promotion. He was eventually level 10 in horseman career.

That night after the competition, arriving home. Micheal checked the mail as was his routine. Now surprise by know, there were another letter from Amy. She was starting to become a starker.

That same night

the one thing every one was fearing happened.

The Grimm Reaper came for Neptune.

Athena and Diamond were the only witnesses to this.

Grimm was very kind to the old horse, he first hugged Neptune

before he mounted him and

opened up the doorway to the other side.

Letting Neptune do one last of his beloved Heroic poses before…

riding him into the afterlife.

Even as Micheal slept, he felt the lost of his oldest friend in the world.

Diamond tried to console Athena but nothing helped. The mare was inconsolable.

The next morning Micheal went to City Hall, to organize the funeral.

That evening as the sun was setting

Neptune was lay to rest in the town graveyard.

The whole household were in attendance, to pay their last respect to a beloved member of the home.

R.I.P. Neptune Greenleaf.

You won all the Beginner and Advance competitions, but could only ever won one international competition.

We place one of your trophies on your grave, so that every one passing will know what a wonderful competitor you were.

Rest in piece our beloved friend (human and horses)and father (Athena and Thunder).

You will be missed and our heart will pain for many years to come. Miss you already.

After the funeral, it was sadly also time for Marius to grew up. As everyone was saddened by Neptune’s passing, Micheal and Marius went to deer park.

Where a deer almost ate the cake before…

Marius could place it on the table

Now he was ready for his 13th birthday celebration.

Oh what to wish for…

the to blow out the candles. Making sure all was blown out on the first attempt to insure the wish will came true.

Then time to become a teen….


This must have hurt Neptune, happened days he past away.

** Piazagirl1015 = sorry for turning you sim into this creature, but she just had all the traits for it. and she is kind of obsessed with Micheal. 

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