A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-9

Chapter 4-9.
Marius grew up into a hansom young man.
For his birthday, mainly because Micheal know that with Neptune’s death and the funeral. This was notthe best day for his boy. He went all out with the gifts.

He got the fastest broom available the Pegasus, mostly because Micheal loved the horse carvings on it,

but he also know his son love flying.

After some internet research he got hold of a witches grimoire and alchemy station too.
He wanted to be sure that Marius will have everything he may need as a warlock.

While Micheal and Marius celebrated his birthday, Athena became a long distance racer, like her mother

and father before her.

Even riding on his new Pegasus broom,

Marius hardly ever smile. It was clear that the Alto’s genes, of sour faces still run strong within this


Marius discovered that he now had access

to all his magical abilities. He exercise his magic daily

and it paid off. As he grew stronger in his magic. He was able to do more things.

The more confident he grew in his magic.

The more advance spells he tried. One day he tried the conversion spell on some iron

it did not work the way he planned, but at least it worked.

When Marius was not busy with school, horses or magic. He would update his notes on Draconus Vallis,

with new

information he would find while searching on the internet. There was not many information on this

mystical island. But what he found he put together. Hoping to oe day, dig deeper into it all.

More then two years after Neptune’s death. Athena and Diamond

tried for

A little one of their own.

As Marius practice his magic

things does not always go well. Some of his items, mostly the food items, would just disappear,

instead of transforming into something else.

Other time it worked just fine.

Several months later after the vet came by for a visit,, it was found that Athena was pregnant.

Marius made sure to learn the Alchemy, as his know that potions was important to witches and

warlock. One never know when one may need it.

So to with the spells from the grimmoire.

As he studied the grimmoire, his magic grew stronger and stronger.

But of all the magical thing he could do, the one he still loved best was flying.

Micheal had notice how serious his son was in his magical studies, so for his 16th birthday he gave

him a new iridescent ward, according to the witches academy it was the best wand. Not many

witches could afford it, so Micheal paid the outrages amount of money requested. But his son will

have the best he can possible give him.

Marius took to all thing magical like a duck to water.

Even potion making came to him rather naturally.

Mixing things together…

stirring it just right in the right direction and any given time,

was a breeze to him.

His first potion was a success. He was so

convince about it, even his father trusted his ability that

Micheal gladly stood in as test subject. It work, not that there was ever any doubt in the two men’s

minds. Micheal was walking on air for two days, never feeling alone or stressed.

Marius was a bit lazy when it came to normal household tasks. Cleaning the toilet was

just one of those things he could do without. So one day after reading a spell that would upgrade

an household item to self-cleaning, he tried it on the toilet in his bathroom. It worked like a dream.

So came the next morning he repeated the process with the shower, making it to self-cleaning.

Now he would never have to clean them again.

Micheal received another letter from Amy in the mail. These letter’s are starting to worry Micheal

more and more. In this one it was clear she is loosing thatch with reality, as the last time Micheal

saw or spend any time with Amy was when Marius was born more then 16 years ago.

When Marius was to drained magically, he would spend his time with the horses. They always

made him feel better.

On a rainy night Athena

Gave birth to a little foal.

They named him Apollo, after some back and forward discussions between Micheal and Marius.

Marius wanted to call it Neptune II and Micheal just could not name another horse after his best


So Micheal won the argument, when Marius saw just how much the idea was hurting his father. It was

clear that even three years later Micheal still hurt for Neptune.

The little foal was almost a copy of Neptune and Athena but for his white mane inherited from his

father and his legs. That was a mixture of Lady, Neptune and Diamond.

Athena proof that she was just as good a mother as her own mother had been.


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