A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 4-10

Chapter 4-10
(An extreme chapter 116 pics)
The next morning early, the first human that Apollo met was Marius.Who made sure to slowly
introduce himself to the little foal.

After the foal sniffed him, he cleaned it’s coat. To insure that all traces of the afterbirth was removed.

Micheal got a little upset, when he arrived at the barn and Marius was already busy bottle feeding

the foal. He was looking forward to do that himself. Not that the foal needed their intervention. He

was still rather full after nursing for his mother only a hour ago.

As Marius was busy with the foal. Micheal gave Diamond some attention, this lead to them becoming BFF’s.

Both men set to clean and check the horses of because…

Micheal had booked them plane tickets to China.

They had a lovely view of China from the plane.

And the lodging Micheal booked, was in the most beautiful building they have ever seen.

After unpacking, the 1st place they visited was the old lost city. That just so happen to be in the center of

the town. 

There their attention were captivated by all the ancient artifacts that were on display.

As Marius made his way across the empty floor toward another display…

he accidentally triggered a foot trap.

Opening a hidden trapdoor with stairs that lead…

below the building. Querulously they ascended the stair…

but all they found at the bottom of the stairs was a note against the wall.

After reading the note…

Micheal was a bit worried that they were unprepared, if they should get trapped here there was not

change of them surviving. So he told Marius that they should get out of there before the trapdoor

above them closed.

Knowing they were unprepared, Marius agreed that it would be best to leave this place for now.

Thus they quickly made their way back upstairs, before the trapdoor could shut.

Following the advise giving on the note. Micheal and Marius made their way to the local market.

Where they looked at all the stuff available to prepare anyone for an adventure.

As they walked toward they counter Micheal…

decided to take only the most essential stuff for now. A tent, some shower-in-a-can’s, a piece or two

of dried food and with Marius nagging in his ears a cheap camera.

As they left the local shop, Micheal notes a shop the sold Relics.

He went looking inside, and found a beautiful little tiger statue that he wanted. So he bought it for

$621. It was a lot, but the clerk told him that it was actually a bargain. The statue was worth a lot more.

While Micheal was in the shop buying the tiger statue, Marius headed over to the bookshop he saw

on their way in.

With Marius in the bookshop.Micheal was waiting passionately outside. There he met the local relic

specialist. When he should her the little tiger statue. Telling her he got it for a bargain of $621.

He was shocked to learn the clerk at the shop took his for a ride. The statue was worth no more

then maybe $356.

Marius asked the clerk behind the counter if they had any books on Draconus Villas. The clerk said they

only have 4 books about dragons, he did not know if they may hold information about this Draconus Villas.

They happened to have stock, should Marius be interested in buying them.

Marius look the 4 books over, they all were about dragon. Maybe inside one of them there could be

information about the mystical island, Draconus Villas. So he bought all of them, hoping his father will

not be to upset about the amount of money he paid for them.

As Marius left the bookshop walking towards his father. A local woman came up to him.

Asking if he had been to the Martial Arts Academy yet.

When Marius told her no, and that he had just spend all his vacation money buying book. He doubt his

father will pay for lessons.

She calmly informed him that the academy gave lessons for free. They were there to promote the

art not make money.

Marius was so happy when he heard this, he rushed to his father, not even saying good buy.

As he excitedly told his father about the Academy and that lessons were free.

Micheal calmed him down. Then told him that he would like to go to one of the parks today and

that they could go to the academy the next morning.

The parked Micheal wanted to visit was only a short way out of town, and beautiful.

There were even some ripe and ready to be picked pomelo’s and

cherries. The two men quickly set to work picking what they could.

After harvesting some fruit, they looked at the fishes in the pond close by.

Seeing the Koi’s they decided to try and catch some.

Nothing bite at first, but then Marius decided to try some of the pomelo that they had just picked.

Succeed at last. Marius riled in a nice Ochiba Koi.

While Micheal love fishing, Marius got bored quickly after catching his fish. So he walked around the

park a bit, even going outside towards the hill. There he came across a digsite.

Captivated by the things sticking out of the ground. Marius started digging very carefully.

While digging he came across a vase that look to be worth maybe about $179.

He was however nicely surprise when after getting it analyzed it turned out to be a 2395 year old

Red Pottery Vase worth about $205.

At the lodge Marius was fascinated buy the dragon art on the outside walls.

after looking at the dragon art for a while, he sat down to start reading one of the books he bought.

Micheal in the intern made sushi from

the Koi Marius caught earlier in the day.

Their room was a two bed share. With a wall in the middle to separate the beds for a bit of privacy.

But did nothing to stop Marius from hearing his fathers load snoring.

The next morning Micheal made them some cherry pancakes for breakfast.

After breakfast Marius ask his father when they could leave for the academy.

Micheal answer was that their was no better time then right now. 

The two was presently surprise by the Academy.

They were first taken by their instructor and told to watch what he was doing.

Then set up with their own dummy’s to practice. Micheal could not get his feet high enough to kick

the sprockets…

while Marius at least was able to hit the dummy.

That same day Marius advance a level.

An early the next morning attending another lesson, Micheal graduated to the next level.

This was also enough for the cowboy. He came to China to see the sites and relax. Not to hit a

dummy day in and day out.

And that was exactly what he did for the next couple of days.

He saw the world in a new light.

But they did make sure that

they always ate dinner together.

Soon Marius advance another level in Martial Arts.

That included training with board-breaking.

This all happened while Micheal happily gone his own way during the day. Enjoying the outdoor.

But not all their time was spend apart. They would go out to lookout points and off the beaten

track places together.

At one of these of the beaten track places Marius hidden stairs leading…

below the ground to where he found some treasure chests.

In one of the chest was the most beautifully sun cut stone Marius had even seen.

He quickly looked around to make sure the coast was clean, and then pocketed it. 

Marius just kept advancing like crazy, the master thought he was a natural.

They also visited the legendary Terracotta Army.

Marius was much lease impressed by this site then his father. Who wondered between the

statues for hours.

As Marius waited patiently in the morning when they were at the terracotta Army. Micheal said

they could visit the Scholar Garden in the afternoon.

At the garden Micheal played chess by himself, while Marius ones again practiced his martial arts.

As the sun was setting Micheal called Marius over saying they would go to dinner from here. As soon

as they arrived at the market for dinner Marius took a can shower, while Micheal got the food.

Which they ate under the light of the full moon.

The next day, the 5th day of their trip. Micheal was roaming the country side, when he came across

the local hot springs.

As he was alone, he went for a skinny dip in broad daylight.

While Marius was working on this Martial Arts. Reaching level 4, the master requested that he please

remove his hat. He was no longer a silly student, but was becoming an example to other. Marius

reluctantly did as asked.

By late afternoon people started arriving at the hot springs. Micheal not wanting to be caught

naked, quickly dress in his swim trunks. He promptly fell asleep laying down on his towel.

Hours later when the sun had set, Micheal was still sound asleep. The hot spring water had tired

him out.

As night fall, Marius went to they normal meeting point for dinner,

as the hours pass. He wondered where his father could be.

This was the first time he missed dinning together, in the 5 days they had been in China.

Worriedly Marius returned to the lodge, hoping to find his father there.

But at last, Micheal was nowhere in the lodge.

It was very late before Marius gone to be, he had waited for his father still he could not kept his

eyes open any longer.

Micheal was still snoozing away at the Hot springs.

In the early morning hours Micheal awoke…

First he was confuse as to where he was. The realize he was still at the springs. He know that by

this time Marius would be sick with worry. His cellphone had no respection between these

mountains. He set off in hast

but still only arrived at the lodge as dawn was breaking.

Just as Micheal walked into the lodge. Marius came in from the rooms.

As happy as Marius was seeing his father unharmed. His first reaction was to grill his father about

his where a bouts the previous evening.

Micheal took this in strides. as he know the boy was but worried. So he calmly told him about the

hot spring and how he fell asleep. Only awaking mere hours ago.

To make up for being the reason his son was so worried. Micheal promises to stay at his side the

whole day. So Micheal set off with Marius to the Martial Arts academy.

Where he was astonish with the progress

Marius had made in such a short time.

Later that afternoon Micheal took Marius

to the local merchants store.

To buy his his own dummy and board-breaker. Sort of a sorry I had you worried gift.

Following the trip to the store

they sat down for their last dinner in China.

After dinner Marius hugged his dad, saying thanks for the holiday and the gifts. He really do

appreciate what his dad does for him, and he loves him tremendously. Micheal had to pick

away a tear from the corner of his eye. He loved his son more the life itself.

Their flight only left at midnight. So the tried men got a couple of hours sleep before boarding

the plane home. It was that this time that Marius decided while sleeping the one day he would

like to explore the whole world. He dreamed of finding crucial information on Draconus Villas in

a long forgotten tomb.  (I was so happy when this came up) 

But all good things come to an end, and all to soon they had to get up. Heading out to the airport.


Opening up my game this morning. I received a gift from Nancy0105. Inside was a personality

adjuster potion. The first thing that went through my mine was. Amy  .

And on another note. While in China I say this women eating banana cream pie with chopsticks.

I thought it must be extremely difficult to get pick up the soft pie. 


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