A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-1

Chapter 5-1 (A lovely 104 pic chapter)

Last time Micheal and Marius returned from their vacation in China. Back home Marius made sure to first place his new martial art equipment in his room. He kicked the rocking chair out and moved the easel.

And his pinched sun-cut stone, got a place on the desk in his room. His father never did ask after it.

After returning, Micheal quickly became friends with a wild horse that was always hanging around the ranch.

While Marius set of the City Hall the morning after arriving back home. Registering himself as a photographer.

He even reached level 2, just by selling the photo’s he took while in China.

Then he set of home, to add to his notes on Draconus Vallis. Writing down what he had so far read in the book, he was still reading. That may or may not have something to do with Draconus Vallis.

There was a new garden center in town, that Micheal hear can help someone identify unknown seed. So he set of with the seeds he found in China. There he was shown to a bench and told how to identify seed. Micheal found that the seeds he found were 5 pomegranate seeds and 3 flame fruit seeds. He was very happy to find this. Now if only he was skilled enough to actually grew the seeds 

Diamond was a very good dad, and made sure to take care of Apollo just was well as Athena did. He could not feed the fellow but he sure could groom him.

As they arrived back on a Saturday. Marius went around town, taking picture, to improve his skill. He even was luck enough to get some good money for the pictures. Earning him another promotion to level 3.

As Marius was 16 and a half, he was like every other teen boy in town and started looking at girls. The girl that captured his attention the most was none other then Aslysia Abbott, Flora Abbott’s eldest daughter. Yes I did say eldest daughter, for…

Not only did Flora changed jobs. She now worked at the local high school.

Which Beau was also attending, having turned 13 this year,

she also had another child. A girl named Rose, who had her father hair color and beautiful red wings.

Diamond joint the ranks of the Long Distance Racers running after his offspring.

Then one morning as Micheal went to check the mail. He found a parcel from Beatrice Burnbright. In it was a beautiful side table, that went wonderfully with their newly decorated lounge.

While Marius found a letter and a picture hidden inside his homework book. It was for the same girl he had been checking out the last month, Aslysia.(This was unplanned, it happened just after the day I took the pics of the kids getting out of school. I saw Marius checking her out, and now this  )

Marius wanted to impress this girl, and believed himself to be dragging about some baby fat. So he set himself a very rigorous exercise routine.

And when he was not taking pictures or exercising. He always made sure to be the first one ready with a bottle when Apollo looked even a little bit hungry. Poor Micheal ever got a change and

had to be happy, just looking after the other two horses.

One night during a particularly horrible thunder storm, Apollo got so panicked that he run away.

Apollo did not ones stopped, until he found a police officer and a wild horse.

Athena went looking for him. She looked the whole night.

In his panic Apollo run all the way to the town business center.

It was not until the morning hours that she spotted him.

Eventually reaching him, just as down was breaking

She first had to calm him down enough, before she could

get him to follow her back home.

Week later while Marius was at the local alchemy store,

Alsysia came over to him, and started chatting him up.

As they had secretly been watch each other, it was no surprise when they hit it off well.

With Marius out and about. Micheal eventually also got a turn to feed Apollo. This made Micheal a very happy cowboy.

So well in fact that it was not long before chatting turned into flirting…

and flirting into hugging. But it was getting late and they had to leave. The two arrange too…

meet the following night at the coffee shop in town.

soon they were flirting. It was clear Marius had no experience flirting, he was a bit shy.

After awhile they got to holding hands, with out it looking like Marius wanted to run away.

With his courage boosted, from holding her hand, he went in for the kiss….

As he pulled away. Thinking that he had just made a amorous blunder, she dragged him back to her

and showed him what a real kiss was.

The kiss she gave him made his head spin. The he remember a stunned he saw on a show sometime ago, so he

surprise her going in for a dip kiss. Like in the movies. She loved it.

As they came up for breath, Marius cared her cheek. Took a deep breath and…

ask her to be his girlfriend.

She said yes, without a seconds hesitation. Quickly sealing it with a sweet little kiss.

Marius had hope for the night to turn out just like this. He even came prepared, just in case…

He had bought her a bracelet, for just in case she agreed to be his girlfriend. So her whipped out the gift, and handed it to her. Holding his breath as she opened it up. She loved it, a hug later Marius’s phone alarm went off, reminding the teens curfew was upon them. They said their good nights and each went their own way.

It was hard to believe, but a year had come and gone since Apollo was born.

It was time for

the little one to grew up into a young stallion.

He was a big disappointment when he grew up without a single skill.

But at least he was okay looking. Not the best looking horse on the block but with training, in fact a lot of training, Micheal may be able to make some money off him.

His mother, Athena, proof to be more horse then her son. When she earned the title of Endurance Equine.

On his 17th birthday, Micheal had told Marius that with the next school holiday. Marius could go to any country he would like on his own. His father know how much he wanted to explore, but Micheal himself prefer to stay home with his horses. So as the spring break arrived.

Marius booked himself a plane ticket to Sim Alhara in Egypt.

The view from the plane, surprise Marius. He could clearly saw the Nile River that run through Sim Alhara.

But he was very disappointed to find that the place he booked into, was in fact a rather under developed tent camp.

So after putting his stuff in one of the tents. Hoping that no one was going to steal it. He went looking for adventure.

The only adventure on the board, at this time was from someone called Hasan of Morcucorp.

With nothing else, Marius set of to the address given on the adventure note. He was glad that he had thought of packing his broom in. It was fast transport, and the guy lived some ways way from the campsite.

At first glance Marius, did not like or trusted this guy. But as it was the only adventure available. He decided to took a change with Hassan.

The adventure sounded easy enough. How hard can going to fetch some paper now really be?

What surprise Marius more, was how close this suppose tomb was to the camp he was residing at.

So he headed over to the location of the tomb. It did not look like mush from the outside.

And as he entered though the door. There were clearly nothing to this place.

But was his eyes adjusted to the light he notice stairs leading down in the corner of the room.

So he headed down the stairs to see what was below.

On the wall was a note, very similar as the one he and his father found in China. Well he had food, a shower and the tent. All thing still bought in China.

Thinking himself ready, he headed to the next room. In this room were two locked door, some chairs, gold coins and a treasure chest. Marius picked the coins up and open the treasure chest to see what was inside.

In the chest was a crescent shape keystone, that looked like a fit for a keyhole in the wall.

With nothing to loose, he placed the key into the stone bracket.

It worked, the chain on the door next to the keystone disappeared. Unlocking the door.

Without thinking about it, Micheal went through the door.

Inside this room, was nothing but a floor tile marked with two feet.

Remembering the stone he stepped on while in China with his dad, that opened the floor revealing the stairs. He tried the same here.

And it did reveal stairs that went down to another level in the tomb.

Now Marius was excited, he quickly hurried down the stairs, to see where they would lead. It lead him to a room with another locked door, two statues and a stone with feet carved in them.

He did not have to think twice

he just stamped on the feet pictures. As expected the door was unlocked. This was a lot easier then he though it would be, so

he entered the next room. In this room there was a statue and a stone on the floor. But this stone did not have the feet carved, it was a type of gear carved into it. Looking around the room, taking in what was in the room. Marius stood for a moment to think. The only think he could think that the gear thing may be activated with was the statue, as it was the only thing in the room.

As he came to the statue, he found he could pull it with some effort.

He will need to became stronger, if this is what await him on his adventured, was his first though as he started pulling the statue.

His plan worked and the door was unlocked.

Entering the next room, there were 3 statues, and a gear stone. So he pushed at all the statues, till he found the one that he could easily move.

He dragged it over to the gear stone, but…

this time it did not unlock the door. Rather

a stone with the feet carved into it became visible. So he stamped on it…

and the door unlock. as he entered the room, he realize. This was the room he was looking for.

So he looked around for the papers. Not finding it, he went looking though the chest.

Inside were the papers and a canopy jar. He took the papers and the jar.

The jar was worth about $474. So he though that the jar alone was enough of a bonus for this adventure. As he looked around noticing stairs going up in the one corner. He also notice, a difference on one of the walls.

The wall next to the chest was different. On closer inspection, he found a hidden door. Pushing and pushing and a few curse words added. He got the door to start opening.

The room behind the door was small. It only had some useless junk, a small pile of gold and a chest.

So Marius picked up the coins. The head over to the chest.

Inside the chest was a statue it looked old.

It turned out to be 3702 years old and to be a sigil of Egypt. But not worth all that much only $117.

He exited the room and turned towards the stairs, heading up…

At the top of the stairs, was a locked door, with a foot carved stone and a chest to the side.

Marius first went to check out the chest.

Inside he found seven bars of copper ingots, which he pocketed.

The he stomped on the feet stones, the door opened

to reveal he was back at the first room. Where he found the crescent keystone.

He had successfully explored his first tomb. Marius was very happy and…

headed up the stairs, out of the tomb. To go and hand the papers over to Hasan.

Only to be given another adventure, which he was not going to turn down. Marius was hooked.

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