A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-2

Chapter 5-2 (A massive long 134 pic update)

Last time Marius returned the papers to the man that hired him. He did have a sneak peak into them. Just to look for something about Draconus Vallis, before handing them back.

When the man send him to the other women, he excepted the mission solely in the hope that as he went through tomb, me may came across something about Draconus Vallis. After all that was the main reason he wanted to become an explorer in the first place.

He reported in at the women, hoping she would send him to another tomb. Where he would hopefully found something. But…

send just send him on a wild goose chase after gems. He did not thing this would be to difficult as

he lucky had the family’s collection helper with him. However

as the sun set at the end of the day, he still had not found the gems she wanted. There were many other gems that he picked up and kept. Luck was with Marius as he found a campsite as darkness started to set in.

His dinner was some of the dried food he had in his backpack, after which

he went to lay down for the night, in the tent provided on the campground.

Sunrise in Egypt was early, just after 5am dawn break.

So Marius got up, for an early start…

setting out to try and find the elusive gems. He did not find gems, but rather came across an excavation site.

Digging through it carefully, he

found a vase, an apple and two broken relics. He decided to keep them all. For he never know when he may need one.

It was after midday, when he found the first of the elusive gems.

But late afternoon he had gotten hold of the second one, now he only needed two more.

So as his family collector showed more gems around this area, not able to tell them apart. He continued his search, as the sun was setting he found the 3rd.

It was after already 8pm when he stumbled across the last one. But it was dark, and Marius was totally lost, ending up setting off in the wrong direction…

by 11pm he came across an empty home.

It look very inviting. With a bed on the porch and a shower. So he decided no-one would know if he used it.

After a shower and a good nights rest. Marius left the empty house just after 8am the next morning, heading back to town. Now that it was daylight he would be able to find his way home.

On his way to town he came across another excavation site, so he

went digging through it again. He found a piece of a sarcophagus and a canopic jar.

Back in town the women he had to return the stones too,

look different from the one how gave him the task in the first place. She was young

and ended up asking him to talk to the local to find out what they thought about the place she work for, MorcuCorp.

She notice the canopic jar in his bag and asked him if he know the value of it. Stating that no he did not, she showed him how to accurately analyze relics to get there true value. This jar for instance was 3604 years old and valued at $992. Grateful for the knowledge he left to talk to some locals.

She hinted that he may find some local to talk to at the local market, so Marius set off to the market. He had planned to came to the market, in any case. As he was running low on showers and dried food.

The 1st person he decided to talk to was the general store owner. Marius also ask if the man had ever heard of a place named Draconus Vallis, but the man had not heard of such a place, so he ask about MorcuCorp

He told Marius, that he did not care about they one way or another. His only wish was that they stop digging around the whole place.

So after their talk Marius bought

some of the articles he needed. He also bought a better camera and a snake charmers basket. The basket had intrigued him for some reason.

Next he went over to the food store to talk to the lady that run the place.

Again during their conversation Marius ask first about Darconus Vallis and the about MorcuCorp.

So after long discussion with her, he learn that she did not like MorcuCorp at all. Marius notice that while he was talking to her, the lady that send him to talk to the local, had came into the shop. He also notice that the shop keeper did not even bother to help her.

As it was already late in the afternoon,

more like early evening Marius bought some fruit and a plate of…

falafel from her. He enjoyed his dinner on one of the tables outside just as the sun was setting.

Last he quickly went to the young women working in the relic store. Getting to know her a bit the ask his questions about Draconus Vallis and Morcucorp…

Having had a long conversation with her. He learned that she felt a lot like the general store owner. Did not really care but the digging was a bit of a bother.

It was late went he left the Relic store, so Marius made the choose to rather return to his campsite…

for a nights rest. And to think about all he had heard.

The next morning after eating and showering, Marius set off to report in on his findings about MorcuCorp. (Was that a ghost that was coming up toward the campsite?) Marius was not sure, he just run faster.

She was home when he came into town, and…

not wanting any of the local seeing him talking to her. She invited him inside.

With the information he gave her. She needed him to do another mission, if he was up to it. This one she said would ask more of him, then what he had done thus far.

There was no way Marius was going to say no, when it would have him go into a pyramid. This was what he came to Egypt to in the first place. He strongly believe that somewhere in a pyramid, he would find information about Draconus Vallis. So Marius happily set of to the smallest of the three pyramids.

To boot all his hard work, had the Egyptian government recognizing him. They even extended him a new visa level, for if he ever want to return to Egypt. He could stay here for longer.

He had 3 days left of his vacation, and hoped it would be enough. For he had no idea how long this would take, specially since the women said, it would be harder.

He really wanted to complete this before going home. He was extremely excited to enter the pyramid, feeling like that first date he had with Aslysia all over again. So in his excitement it took him quite a bit of time

to get the door to the pyramid to open. Dust went flying all over the place. It truly looked like no-one had been in here for ages.

He was somewhat peeved to see that the key he was give, fit into the socked of the first room. But knowing his time was limited, he continued, without exploring further down the hall to the next room.

Entering the room, he could see two diving wells, separated clearly by a trap.

So first he tried to see what kind of trap it was.

Turns out it was a fire trap, and he was unable to disarm it when he tried.

As he stood there looking, he though maybe there was a trigger to switch it of at the bottom of the well. With nothing to loose he dived into the well. Not even taking of any clothing, for you never know where it may lead or what was at the bottom of the well.

But there was nothing at the bottom of this well. So standing there all soaked, Marius got an idea. Why not try to cross while he was soaked.

So slowly he braved the trap, carefully stepping so as not to set it off.

He made it, as he past the last step, it went off. But he was clear.

On this side, he notice there was more then just the well.

One side was a pile of rubble he set out clearing away

to find a old bowl, so using the skill the women taught him he

figured that it was approximately 3451 years old and should be worth $435

On the other side was a locked door. As he could not find a way to open it. He decided to take a look in the well again. So with a splash he went in.

At the bottom of the well was a lever that he pulled, and it opened the door.

Through the door was a room with some junk, a feet stone and stairs leading down.

Making the choose he first activated the feet stone.

It opened up a hidden door,

that one closer inspection Marius notice. Lead back to the room where he first dived into the well.

So he took the staircase down.

As he walked down the stairs he notice some flame fruit, but what held his attention was the wall in front of him.

Closer inspection show it to be a hidden door. Putting his back into it, he pushed and pushed till it opened.

Inside the room it revealed, was a treasure chest.

Opening it he found a canopic jar

he used his skill on, finding out it was worth $833. But he was unable to really guest the age. He did put it as the 3rd piece of a special 5 piece set.

SO he return to pick some of the flame fruit, only getting 2 fruit of the 5 he needed.

To the side as he was picking he notice movable statues, in front of the fire trap.

Thus he pushed it over onto the trap to disarm it. Then slipped by into a small hallway.

Further down the hallway he found some old coins…

and around a bend, more statues and fire traps.

Repeating the same move as before he disarmed the fire trap and slip pass.

On one side was a diving well, and on the other a corridor with piles of rubble. He went down the corridor clearing rubble.

Under one pile was a chest…

inside he found another piece of a sarcophagus.

Still heading down the corridor, he cleared the other pile of rubble to

find some old coins,

and across from the rubble pile a foot step.

Stepping on it, turns out it too opened a hidden door leading beck the way he came.

So he turned around towards the well he saw. As he neared it his foot slipped and he fell into it.

At the bottom of the well was a tunnel. Knowing onto he did not find a way on, he went through it…

Only to come up in the most scary room, he had entered thus far.

It had fire traps all over the place, with statues, a gear stone and a locked door. Marius immediately realize, he will have to move one statues, to the gear stone.

Not all the statues were movable. The one he could move, he accidentally pushed forward, disarming one of the traps before pulling it back on the gear stone.

When the statue was on the gear stone, it did not open the door, as Marius thought it would, but instead revealed another gear stone.

Marius was glad he had accidentally disarmed the one fire trap, for now he could cross, to another statue.

That he found was movable. He dragged it all the way over to the second gear stone.

He was so tired when he reached the gear stone. Only to have another stone appear. This time a foot stone.

But Marius choose to rather set up camp for the night. No way he was going to explore when he was this tired.

So he got into his tent, settling in for a good nights rest.

More refreshed the next morning, he notice a difference to one part of the wall. The same difference he now would lead to a hidden door.

Inspection proved him correct. So putting his shoulder to it, he opened it up.

To reveal a room with a well.

But he notice the wall behind the well, showed the same since, that was a dead give-away of a hidden door.

But this door was different. Marius could not just push it open. Somewhere there had to be a switch or level that worked this door. So he looked all over the room, not finding anything. Then staring at the well, it hit him. There must be a level at the bottom, like in the other well of yesterday. So

he dived in. Where at the bottom, as expected there was a level. He pulled it, opening up the hidden door.

Behind the door was only a treasure chest.

But inside he found not just any sarcophagus piece, no he found his first King sarcophagus piece.

With nothing else in these two rooms, he returned to the big room.

Stepped on the foot stone and unlocked the door.

The door lead to a room with a chest and more flame fruit.

First he gathered all the flame fruit he needed, before

he went to open the chest.

Inside of the chest was the Burning Sigil og Egypt.

Worth $225 and approximately 2994 years old.

On both sided of the room he notice the tell tail signs of hidden door

So he inspected them both,

one side there was a fire trap and a well, he could see

the room went on further, but there was a humongous bolder in the way. Marius just know he would need some special type of pick or ax for this one. So he turned around to..

the other hidden door.

Marius had grown a bit cocking in his explorations, as all teen tend to do…

So not being very careful, he manage to trigger a fire trap on the wall, setting himself on fire.

In his cockiness, he grabbed out one of his shower cans thinking he could put the fire out, but it did not work…

realizing he was in more danger he though, Marius took of in a panic to the large room, with the well…

Diving in to put himself out. As he reach the surface again, he got out and

headed strait for the door on the other side of the room, with the flame fruit.

Only to find stairs leading up. Upset and tired of this pyramid he headed up…

to find a long coridor, with rubble to one side. That he cleared away

to find a chest

with an oval-cut Alabaster stone inside. It was not worth much only about $21.

But just a short distance away was a foot stone.

Standing on it, it ones again open up a hidden door.

As Marius went through it, he realize it had taken him back almost to the being of the tomb.

Across the room was the door that lead to the

hidden door he opened up yesterday that would

take him into the first room he unlocked and out of the pyramid.

Outside he realize he only have one and a halve days left, so he set off to the women that gave him

the mission, to hand her the flame fruit.

** Note: This chapter took me 3 hours 30 min to write. I need to make my chapters shorter.  **

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