A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-3

Chapter 5-3Last time Marius delivered the flame fruit as requested by the lady from
MorcuCorp. She ask him to help her ones more.

His time in Egypt was running short, he was to return home the next night. He accepted it anyway, hoping

to complete it. Since he only had to get some information out of a old lady, and to book the women said

something about an ancient book. No way he was missing out on that. There may just be something in

there about Draconus Vallis in it. So he headed over to the elderly ladies house.

He know it was late, but he was determent to have a talk with her.

As he got to know her better, he found that she was but a lonely women. Her eagerness to chat till late

was impressive. So when he mentions about the book he heard of. She was more the will to tell him…

That he would find it in the Ancient Library. The library was below the house of Madbouli.

As it was already late, he know that he would not be welcome at this hour. He returned to

the camp for a good nights rest.

Early the next morning a very excited Marius set of to the house of the Madbouli’s

He was cleary very early for them, as he found the man of the house still in his pj’s.

But when he explained that the elderly women had send him. He was told to go to the courtyard. There

was a whole in the ground, set to hold the trigger to enter the Ancient Library. No one from his family

were ever able to open it, but Marius was welcome to try.

After much fiddling in the hole, Marius manage to trigger it, opening up stairs leading to the lower

part of the house.

Marius quickly headed down, before any of the family may decide to try and stop him, now that the

stairs were open.

In the first room he entered, was two doors, loads of bookcases and a foot stone. First Marius had a

quick look at the title, but he found it was the same titles as sold in most bookstores. So he know there

would be nothing about Draconuc Vallis here.

So he step on the feet stone, to unlock the door that lead to

another room with bookcases and a foot stone. A quick look releive again nothing special in this


So he step on the feet stone, to unlock the door that was in this room.

Inside this room, was a gear stone and a movable statue.

Knowing by know what that mend. Marius pulled and push till the statue was on the gear stone. He

looked around as he hear a door unlock. But could see nothing. So he went back room for room.

Till he found that the door that was unlock, was the one in the room he entered via the staircase.

What was in this room, had him staring. Thinking hard. Two gear stones but just one movable statue.

Was he suppose to push the statue from the other side all the way here? But would that not lock the

door again?

So he just decided to pick one of the stones and push the statue on to it, to see what happen.

As he did, he could hear a door unlocking. He went out to the room with the two lock door to see, if one

of them opened. And

one did. it was a strange shape little room, with nothing but a feet stone.

So standing on it, he hear a very distant noise of a door unlocking. That was strange since the only

lock door here was close. That sounded farther away.

Going out he notice the other door was still lock, so he returned to the room with the two gear stones.

Pushing the statue on the other gear stone. He

hear a door unlock. So he set off to see which door unlocked. It was the 3rd door. The one he wanted


Through the door was more bookcases, a set of stairs and a another door. This must have been the door

he hear unlocking earlier. A quick look at the bookcases revealed nothing of interest, so he headed for

the door.

Through the door was just a treasure chest, opening it he

found inside another

canopic jar.

Returning to the room he headed down the stairs.

This was the room he was looking for. It had two chests, a table and chairs with very old bookcases.

He went to one of the chest, inside he found the ancient book, and a

piece of a diving well. Pocketing both he

went to open the second chest.

Inside was the Egyptian Sigil of the Ancient Library.

With all this old book around most with titles he never hear of, Marius sat down to see if he could find

something of Draconus Vallis. There was a book that mentioned the old Elven homeland. But not by name

and with no instructions to get there. Only that there were 4 pieces of a map, that would lead someone

to the Elven homeland. Three was hidden across the worlds. The last lost in time.With this information,

Marius notice the time. It was almost mid day already.

With two of his six tombs in Egypt fully explored. Marius

ready to leave. He still

needed to talk to the women from Morcucorp, and give her the book.

To his amazement it turns out she lives right next to the Madbouli’s, and did not even know the Library was right next door. 

He handed her the book, which she quickly skimped through…

asking Marius if he would do one more job for her. As she asked him to talk to Tahiya he accepted. He

had gotten to know he while he talk to the locals.

So he quickly made is way over to her, after greeting her politely and making some small talk.

He ask if she had the relic in question.

She said, yes she had. But she will one part with it if he gave her somecopper pieces. Since

he had picked up quite a lot when he was gem hunting. He gave her what she asked for, in

return she handed him the relic.

Which he in turn handed over to the women from Morcucorp.

The women told him she need two pieces of Mummitomium stones, and the just turned away. walking

into her house, without waiting for Marius to even agree to do this.

Shaking his head, and noticing that the family Collector showed massive metal deposit’s just out of

town. He decided to just go and have a look. If he found something good, it not, well to bad. Luck

was on his side. There were gold and one Mummitomium stone at the old mine. And

on his way back to town. He stumble across a second stone on the beach.

Making his way back, he were able to get it to her by 9pm that night.

She tried to push another mission on him, but this time he quickly refuse.

He went to the local food market to

buy his last dinner in Egypt before returning home.

Just sitting enjoying the view while he ate.

After dinner, he tried to phone his dad. to make sure Micheal remember that Marius will be arriving

home sometime tomorrow morning. But he could not get any answer. He left a voice mail. Hoping his

dad would phone back before his plane left.

Then to pass the last 20 min in Egypt, Marius tried playing the snake charmers basket.

Arriving home in Appaloosa Plains, Micheal was not at the airport to pick Marius up. After catching a cab home. It look quite…

As he entered the front door,

the house look like it was hit by a tornado….


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