A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-4

Chapter 5-4

Last Marius arrived back from Egypt, to a house that look like a tornado went through it, and his father missing.

Not touching a thing, Marius called the police.

The responding officer was one Lt Hank Haliwell, who was shocked at the condition the house was in.

Hank took Marius’s statement. As Marius told him he was in Egypt for the last six days, only arriving back, an hour ago. to find

his father gone, and the lounge looking like this. He remembered trying to phone his from Egypt and not getting any answer.

Hank said that normally when an adult went missing. A person have to wait 24 hours before, a missing report can made make. But since he can see that something went down here, Hank would start working on it right away.

First order of business, was to find if Micheal had any enemies.

Marius did not know of any enemies, current or in his fathers past. He did know his father was being stacked by his surrogate mother, one Amy Hopcraft.

Taking down all the boy said, Hank confirm ones again that Marius had touch nothing.

Before proceeding to try and find any finder prints.

Hank promised Marius that he will contact him, if anything come to light.

Soon Hank was of to the crime lab, hoping that he would have something in all the prints he took.

While Marius set to clean up the house, moving things back where they belong. And throughout the broken stuff. Sadly one of his fathers trophies was between the broken stuff. A gold trophy with Neptune’s name on it.

Early the next morning Marius was off to the consignment store

To consign the pictures he took in Egypt.

That night he received a payment of $420, that

also lead to a promotion. This was

a lucky break for Marius. As he had spend all the money Micheal gave him in Egypt and now

his father was missing, and there were bills to pay.

Along with the bills was a parcel from Amy in the mail. Marius put it in his dads room, and phone Hank to tell him of the parcel. Clearly if Amy was still sending parcels, she was not involve in his dad’s disappearance.

After school Marius looked all over town for his dad, every single day. Days turned to weeks.

Weeks turned to months, with no movement on the case. As Marius was making himself some food. He could only hope, that where ever his dad was, he at least had food.

Marius worked hard at school, not wanting to give the social worker an excuse to take him away, from the house. It paid of and Marius go on the Honor Roll.

Months after he gave his photo’s in, the last of them sold for an astonishing price of $1472.

This was enough to promote Marius to level 5 in his chosen career.

As the months pass, Marius kept seeing a car driving around the ranch frequently. He did recognized Amy but he did not know the man with her. So he took a picture and

gave it to Lt Hank. Hank took up the investigation again.

An undercover officer was put on Amy. But all she seemed to do all day, was brewing potions in the Alchemy store to sell.

The elderly man, was a total different case. He was a man recently

released from an metal institution after a 25 year stay…

It was clear to those who followed this man, he was not mentally very well.

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