A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-5

Chapter 5-5
Last Micheal went missing.
Marius kept record not only of all his findings on Draconus Vallis, but also on his fathers case.
Meanwhile Diamond with the help of the trainer Marius hired. Become an Endurance Equine.
The Police still kept a close eye on Leonardo Alto. Amy was cleared as she never did anything suspicious. Leonardo kept his nose clean. He would milk his cows,

and sell his veggies with a smile. Never indicating that he did anything wrong. Was he really rehabilitated? Was he perhaps not involve in Micheal’s disappearance?

Time pass and it was summer again. Almost a year to the day that Micheal had disappear.

Marius needed a break from everything going on. As the one year point of his father’s disappearance neared. Every journalist in town started hunting Marius down. Not able to take it any more,, he booked himself a weeks vacation in China.

Arriving in China…

Marius had booked himself in the same lodge his dad had booked them into. All those years ago. So he quickly put his luggage away…

before heading to the board. For his first Chinese adventure.

When he report in. The women talked about a relic hidden in the Lost City. Marius remembered the staircase he accidentally triggered. He found it strange that others had not gone down it. But maybe the message on the wall had stopped them too.

But this time it would not stop him. He was prepared. With tent, food, shower and even some light reading to pass the time. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he notice, he was correct. The keystone he was given, fit perfectly.

So he started making his way through the toms, he did came across an electrical trap…

but was able to disarm it by pushing a statue on the trap.

He found ahidden door that he needed to look for a switch before being able to open it.

He found a feet stone under some rubble…

That unlock the hidden door, the lead to 3 treasure chests.

The feet stone, also revealed a hole in the wall. That after closer inspection. Opened the door to the next room.

Where there was only a door with a keystone lock, and a well. Remembering Egypt Marius dived into the well and went through the tunnel at the bottom.

To came up in a room with a chest that, held the keystone for the door.

So he returned to the door, via the diving well. And opened the door.

To the room that held the Ancient relic. He quickly collected it, before searching the other two chest in the room.

In one of them he found the 1st of the Chinese Collection Relics. There were rumored to be nine.

The Antique Chinese Symbol of the Hall of the Lost Army was not worth much only $118

As he left the toms, he know that he had just complete the 1st of the Chinese Tombs. He now have 2 complete tombs in Egypt and 1 in China. 3 down 15 to go.

After reporting back to the women and handing her the relic. the Chinese government send him a text to inform him that his visa level was raised to level 1.

As it was rather late in the day, Marius returned to the lodge for dinner and

return to bed early. He was even given the same set of rooms, he and his dad had. This only reminded Marius of how much he miss his dad this past year. Will he ever see him again.

Next morning after a quick breakfast, Marius went to the board to look for a new adventure. There was one that asked for someone to enter the Dragon Cave, something Marius had wanted to do since first learning of it. He wanted to search it for any information on Draconus Vallis.

He had enough expires now to know how to open the cave quickly, with very little hassle.

Then set to explore. First taking the room he entered into. He pushed some statues, open some hidden door…

As he went on he cleared rubble to find a locking mechanism for a door.

That lead to the room of his dreams. A room filled with book within the Dragon Cave. Marius sat down and worked his way through the books. Looking for reverences to Draconus Vallis. But at last nothing 

What he did find in the room, while looking at the books, was another hidden door.

That lead to a room, with loads of sarcophagus. Some was easy to open,

some he first had to dig out.

Others had his head spinning, after looking inside (Do wonder what he saw inside  that had him see stars)

More statues was behind movable statues, he first had to move.

Inside one of those he found another ancient relic, a Ancient Vase 1603 years old and worth $426.

As Marius was sure there was no undead mummy in the sarcophagus’s he set his tent up for the night and got some rest.

Next day he returned to the room he first entered, to proceed through the door. Down the corridor he found another hidden door, and inside a martial arts gnome.

In the room of to the side, he found treasure, and got a vision.

The vision disturbed his enough that he did not want to continue exploring. Rather he went to see the man how had place the adventure.

The man sent his to collect two pieces of platinum. Marius could not see how this would help the poor explorer being attacked…

On top of it all, when Marius came back with the platinum. He was again send to collect 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli stones.

Delivering that, it was only to be send home, like a little boy.

It was getting late, so Marius upset about the guy’s attitude, got dinner from the food merchant before returning to the lodge.

Come next morning Marius again went to see what adventure was available.

There was a adventure requesting metal to be delivered to some guy. So as Marius had metal on hand, he took it.

The guy that asked for the metal, requested that Marius took his telescope to the special merchant to be fix. As Marius had nothing better to do he agreed.

Just to be asked to get 3 locals to turn of their lights at night, upon returning the telescope. After having to do this in Egypt, Marius decided that he was not a warlock for nothing. Why did he know the love spell if not to use it. So he went to three nearby houses

cast the spell on the person that open the door. Not even bothered by some small thing like gender

and got them all to quickly agree to turn their lights off.

This lead to Marius getting another text too inform him he now have level 2 visa clearance for China.

When he told the guy that three of his neighbors agreed to turn their lights off. Marius was send packing. He was rather peeved that all this run around he did and not even a peak into a tomb.

Ones again he headed to the lodge for the night. And come morning looked for adventures.

Some nut in town wanted to clear away a boulder, but could not do so without permission of at least 3 locals. So off Marius set to the three “victim” of his curse the previous day. To get them to agree to this nuts plans. He did not have a problem.

So soon he was back to report that the needed premission was given.

Marius was then ones more send to the special merchant, to ask about an ancient magical item. 

The merchant agreed to tell Marius about the item, if he brought the merchant 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli stones. Off Marius went again gems hunting. He was getting rather sick of these Chinese and there silly little errands.

However when he return with the stones, he got the quest he hear legends told of even in Egypt. The quest for the

Pangus Axe. His sad  saddened that he only got this the day before he needed to catch the plane back home.

Hoping he will have enough time, Marius set of to the Heaven Temple.

Clearing up doors, and

using keystones to open door.

He dived into well got get

to the next room, disarming traps, ever even bothering to look for hidden doors,

He found it!!!!!

As he picked up the axe he could feel the magic coursing through it.

As he made his way out, he just had to try it one.

Oh brother, it went through the biggest boulder Marius could find, like a hot knife through butter.

But Marius was growing tired. He know it was late afternoon of the day he was suppose to catch the plane. But he just had to rest.

By the time Marius made it out of the temple and back to town, he had less the 15 min before the plane was to leave. So promising himself. He would be back one day to give the man the axe. He packed it in with his things and left for hime.

Arriving home, everything was dark, as he expected. The horses was calm and well looked after. So he proceeded into the house….

Entering the house he hear some load snoring. No one was suppose to sleep in the house when he was not here. SO he followed the noise to find…

His father and Amy Hoppcraft, fast asleep next to each other in his fathers bed. They looked tired. So he softly left the room

to go to his own bed. He could always find out what happened the next day. For now all he needed to know was that his dad was back, and seemingly unharmed.


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