A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5-6. (may it not bore you to death)

Last time Marius arrived back home, from China. to find his father had return, was in fact sleeping peacefully with his surrogate mother. So being tired himself Marius went to bed.

The next morning, he found his father coming out of the bathroom, just as Marius left his own room. Running over to him, he…

hugged his dad, as tears run down his face. He hide in face in his dad’s shoulder. Leaving a large wet spot, but neither for them cared one bit.

Amy was busy in the kitchen making fresh bread. Something Micheal had not have in a very long time. As they sat down to eat. Marius ask his dad what happened. Micheal’s only replay was that it would be a story better told by Amy. As there were still some thing ever he did not know.

So Amy started the story from the beginning. Never leaving any thing out, or made herself look better. She just told the truth. First she told them that she is from an alternate reality or universe, explaining that she was sent her for the solo reason to be a surrogate mother. She had a husband in the other reality, but fate was fickle and she fell in love with Micheal, and did not what to return home.

Little over a year ago, a man named Leonardo Alto. Stopped her outside City Hall. She recognize the surname, as her family back home in her universe, had their own run-inns with the Alto’s.

When he told her if she want her family back home to stay save, she would follow him. So against her will, with very little choose. Amy dragged on behind him, to a house just outside of town he was renting.

When they got there. Leonardo started talking. He did not sound to sane, that made Amy even more fearful.

No matter what this man what, for the safety of her mother, brother, his new wife, niece and the man she had ones loved, she would do as told.

First he only send her to follow Micheal. She was too

make sure not Micheal, or anyone else could recognize her. So she got out an old Halloween costume, to dress up in. Then followed Micheal around town.

They had also watch Micheal at home, after Marius left for Egypt, from Leonardo’s vehicle.

One day, Amy was to leave a not for Micheal to phone her. She would ask him to meet her in town…

As Micheal went to dress for the outing, they watched. Amy would not…

meet him in town. But rather be waiting for him in his house when he returned.

Along with Leonardo…

who had Amy brew a sleeping potion, to weaken

Micheal. But Micheal had more fight in him, then Amy bargained for and the potion, only made him tired. Not knocking him out as planned.

So Leonardo, went into a rage. Hitting Micheal with his cane and

then tackle him to the ground. Amy silently hoped the Micheal would beat the old man. But in his

rage Leonardo was like a wounded animal. Knocking Micheal unconscious.

They loaded Micheal in Leonardo vehicle and drove to the house. Where Leonardo had build a

cell in the basement.

Micheal add some thing from his point of view, while Amy took a bite.

There was no privacy in that basement. He was held behind a chain link fence and a laser door.

But luckily he could hear if someone was coming down.

So he was able to never be embarrassed by being caught on the toilet. Laughing now about it, he told Amy to please continue.

Amy told how she was beaten till she agreed to

cast a spell on Micheal that

would turn him into a toad. Tears run down Amy’s face as she told is. Having her magic abilities used against the man she loved, hurt her more then words would ever be able to explain.

Leonardo had her keep Micheal in his toad state for months.

It that time, Micheal was able to stay alive, by eating any insects that made their way into the cell.

Then after three months, Leonardo told her to break the spell. Amy was not able to use the potion, but was told that she had to get Micheal to

agree that she kiss him. Knowing how Micheal felt about her…

Amy know this will not be easy. Leonardo was doing this to punish them both. He was a very sick man.

After Amy explained to Micheal that the only way she would be able to help him return to human state, was a kiss. It took over a week for him to give in and so with one little

pick on the cheek, the curse was broken. This was…

however only the beginning of Micheal’s ordeal.

Now Leonardo started on Micheal. first he told Micheal how his father, and him by implication. Was the reason Tonya his twin sister was dead. If Leon had not gotten her pregnant, and Micheal was not born. Tonya would still be alive.

He blamed Micheal that he was caught after he murdered Leon, for his crimes. If Micheal did not run and call the cops. Now one would have thought anything of Leon’s death. He was an old man, and Micheal could have said he died of old age. But no Micheal had to run to the blasted cops.

It was all Micheal’s fault that Leonardo, was send away from his family for 25 years. His wife left him, move herself and their children away from Sunset valley. But that women, will not evade him for ever. He would hunt her down like a dog, and put her out of her misery as soon as he is done with Micheal and his family.

Amy admitted that Leonardo did not want to feed Micheal, he wanted him to die of starvation but every night after dinner. When Leonardo would go to bed…

Amy sneaked down to the basement to conjure an apple to leave for Micheal. That was all she could give him

without Leonardo getting suspicious.

It did baffle Leonardo, how Micheal could survive without food. Heck this was the reason he had the toad curse remove. For he saw Micheal eating bugs. Was the man still even in human for eating bugs to survive?

So he started looking closer at Micheal. Watching his every move.

This was so bad that Micheal even had to shower in his trucks, for there was no reason he was going naked before that man. Micheal chirp in.

Not being able to figure out how Micheal was surviving, Leonardo upped is harassment of Micheal.

He still blamed Micheal for all that ever went wrong in his live. Even digging up how

Leonardo’s own father, chose Leon over Leonardo. How the old man dotted on Micheal, but never spend time with Leonardo’s kids. Micheal tried to remind Leonardo, that by the time his kids were born. Nick had past way. There was no way Nick could have spend time with them, even if he wanted too. Heck Leonardo’s kids were toddlers, when he was send to the institute.

Micheal told Amy how much he had appreciated the apple she would leave at night. He never know what a risk she took to do that.

With tears in her eyes, Amy ask if they could move to the lounge, to get a bit more comfortable for the next part.

Months pass, Summer turned to Autumn and now Autumn had turned to Winter.

The basement got every cold, so Amy very careful, sneaked some extra blankets down to Micheal. She was so proud of herself when she succeeded without Leonardo catching her.

But was spring came around Leonardo make his first big mistake…

He ordered Amy to preform a love spell on Micheal…

As Amy was already head over heals in love with Micheal, she kind of did not really mind doing this. Admitting this ti the two sitting with her, was an embarrassment now.

Micheal looked at Amy sitting in the chair next to him, and said that by the time she had cast the spell. He was already falling for her. So the spell only brought them closer.

This new closeness, backfired on Leonardo the next time

he was having as go at Micheal again.

Amy turned on Leonardo. She had had enough of him abusing the man she love.

Leonardo just laughed at her and went to slap Micheal to prove, just how good a hold he had on them both.

The Leonardo tackled the weakened Micheal

and strangle him. Letting go just before, he suffocates.

Leaving a beaten and bruised Micheal in his cell.

As Leonardo left the cell, Amy took him on again. Asking why he did that, she only ask he not beat on Micheal. She did everything

he asked, accept slept with him. She had drawn the line there. She know her mother would understand, besides she had gotten word out. Hopefully her mother had received it by now.

After Leonardo left laughing all the way up the stairs. Amy went in to appologize to Micheal for her involvement in this whole mess.

Micheal had hear more then what Amy or Leonardo though through the opening of the stairs. So he know that Leonardo had a hold on her through some family. He did not know everything, but he know what he would do for his son, therefor it was not hard for him

to accept the apology, from the women he love..

She promised to think of something.

So when Leonardo went at Micheal some days ago…

In the lounge time had passed for the outside world, but Marius and even Micheal was caught up in what they were hearing. Amy took a deep breath before continuing her story. This was not a part she was proud of, she felt sick having to tell it to her son.

After the last time Leonardo went at Micheal, Amy lured him to the small lounge upstairs.

She told him, that she was serious when she had warned him to leave Micheal alone. He must release them both now, or there will be consequences. For since she had first stood up against him. She was just as much a prison as Micheal, for Leonardo had showed her photo’s of Marius. Telling her if she as much as looked t him wrong the boy was dead.

But this was to much for her, she pulled her wand and cast

a curse of Leonardo’s sorry ***.

He was haunted by a young foal for days.

But Leonardo did not let them go, no Amy was beaten and in bed due to injuries for two days. In that time Micheal was severely weaken by his sudden total lack of food. The next time Leonardo came at him Micheal could barely stood, mush less do anything else. Luckily Leonardo was only in a screaming fit, and no physical altercations took place.

Amy hear this and when Leonardo left. She went down to Micheal. This time she left the door open after giving him a kiss, then told him to get the H E L L out of there.

She made her way upstairs, still hurting

to deal with Leonardo ones

and for all. He would never, ever…

hurt anyone else. She was a bit shocked at how fast Grimm was there t collect

Leonardo’s soul. Leonardo was barely dead and Grimm was their. As if he had just waited for someone to end this.

Micheal had frozen in pure shock at the top of the stairs, after slowly making his way up. Just staring at Grimm and Amy. Then he notice the pile of ash. Amy came over as she saw him…

She though she was to loss him now, he had saw what she did. She honestly did not want to do it. It she could just kill, she would have killed Leonardo, that first day. Maybe she should have. Then she would have saved this wonderful man so much pain. With tear in her eyes, Amy told this to Micheal as they stood in the small living room, in a rented house.

Micheal had one thing on him, a small vase with a potion he was given many years ago. The letter just said it would change a person that needed changing, he would know how and when. He was to always keep this on him. So it was hidden in his vest pocket at all time. Pulling it out he smiled at Amy and through the small bottle at her.

Amy felt herself change, for the better. She became a shy, excitable clumsy bot fan with a wonderful green thumb.

As Amy and Micheal left the house, they took the ashes with them.

To bury deep in the woods around Appaloosa Plains. Before returning to Micheal’s house. To find Marius gone. But the man who worked with the horses was in the barn, so he opened the house for then. Telling them Marius was in China, but expected but that night.

Marius was so thankful that he could just hug Amy. Not able to say a word.

After Marius settled down a bit, he made a call to Lt Hank Haliwell. To inform him his dad was back. Stating that his dad does not want to talk about what happened. He just want to continue with his live,in peace.

The sun had set, by the time their conversation was through. After dinner the humans went to bed…

And Apollo become a Long Distance Racer, while

Diamond showed his aggressive side for the first time. First wanting to kick Marius then…

Micheal. If he continue on this patch, Michal may just decided to sell him. After all Micheal went through, he will not put up with a horse attitude.


Amy received a bottle of Ad Nauseum the next morning in the mail. What will she do with this, now that she is not evil anymore.

** For those who noted the changes in the wall paper in the basement. I had to remodel and used the wrong paper the second time, so please pardon, my mistake. I only realized it when I uploaded the pics.***

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