A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-7

Chapter 5-7
Note: Amy is a playable character, I know it goes against the game play, but as income she made, is removed from the family funds. Also her job and LTW does not count in the game. Top that with the fact that it will be only a thew days game play before Marius grew up and move, I really hope no-one take offence.
With every one back together. They quickly settle into a routine that worked for them.
Amy settled into making elixirs.
Marius worked on his Martial Arts and

Micheal run the ranch. After his ordeal, he had branched out from just Horses to now owning cows and chickens too.

Soon Marius reached level 6 in his martial arts.

Meanwhile Amy was going around town, cursing people and

then kindly curing them. 

As Marius Martial arts skill increased. He decided he needed to work on his athletic too, so he developed a routine of working out every morning before school.

When not in town cursing and curing people, Amy made sure the two men in her life ate well. After all they say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. 

And Amy was making fast progress on cursing and curing the 12 people she needed for her LTW.

Cursing unlucky number 12 and then

kindly curing the girl.

This is by far the easiest LTW out there. Amy is now one very happy witch.

So with nothing left to do, Amy became a Alchemist. (As stated before, all the money she make, is removed via nraas household funds. Luckily its easy to she what she makes, via consignment store.  )

Also luckily for Flora that Amy is no longer evil, as she took up stacking Micheal. Micheal kept quite about this as he did not want to unnecessarily upset Amy, but he was not a happy man.

And Amy still worked on her men via the route through their stomachs. If Micheal and Marius did not exercise so much they would have been rolling around Appaloosa Plains by now.

For boy could this women cook. She made food every time she was left to her own devices.

Micheal and Amy loved eating outside in the beautiful summer weather,

then chatted long about what they wanted in life. all their hopes and sorrows. Amy missed her family, but still love being in the alternate universe. She would not change a thing, for she truly loved Micheal.

And Micheal loved her right buck, so much so that

Marius was walking in on them all over the house. One day coming from school, he again walked into the two of them in a loving embrace, or rather more then a kiss. Rather sick of it all, after all he was a teen boy, seeing his parents kissing all over the place was disgusting, in his eyes. Shaking his head, he loudly told his dad “Oh for crying out loud, just make a honest women out of her.”

Micheal looked at his son, and then made the decision. And ask Amy

to become his steady partner, for he though they were to old for the girlfriend / boyfriend stuff. Amy naturally said, yes, and quickly sealed it with a kiss.

While Micheal was busy asking Amy out, Apollo decided to eat the only life fruit plant and all, just as it made its first fruit. 

One day while in the consignment store, Amy saw young Rose Abbott with a toddler on her hip. Flora was in her late fifties, by now. So first Amy thought the girl had gotten herself knocked up, the she hear the women next to her whisper.” Can you believe that Flora Abbott had yet another child?” The humans was not use to the fairy’s in town yet, their long lives was starting to confuse them. For even though Flora age she did not look it, and was rumored not to become old for many years to come.

Athena feeling left out, maxed her riding skill. Just to prove to Micheal she was still there and working hard on what he started training her.

But even with Athena trying to prove that the horses was there for Micheal, giving it there all. Micheal made the sad decision to sell Apollo. He received a good $5167 for him.

Not understanding why the human had sell their baby, Athena and Diamond tried for another. Maybe the human will keep this one. After all he did kept Athena.

Amy also worked hard, trying to get over Micheal selling the beautiful stallion. She had really liked Apollo. All the hard work pay off and she reached level 10 in Alchemy.

Towars the last days of summer, Micheal took Amy out

to the local festival. To spend

the day together just the two of them.

And later s the sun was setting, he took her to the local greener gardens. Where he handed her the most beautiful red roses she had ever seen.

As they stood there talking, small sparkles, sparked around them.

Micheal kept asking Amy about the future and want she wanted. Then

he told her to just wait for a second. As she stood there baffled

he dropped down on one knee and ask her the most important question a man can ask a women. ” Amy the rose of my heart. You who had been and still is my salvation. Would you do this poor cowboy, the honor of becoming his wife?”

With teary eyes, Amy said yes, and watched as he put the ring on her finger.

Then as Micheal got up, she flung herself into his arms. She could not believe the man she had loved for so long, had finally asked her to be his. And only his.

A man content, this is the first hit of a smile Micheal had ever had on his face. Not even when Marius was born, did the man smile. Now he had at least manage a grin.

Marius was happy for them, and as summer turned to Autumn. He finally remembered he still had

pictures on his camera, from his China trip. With all the things that had happened, he totally forgotten about it. So he sat of to the consignment store to see what he could sell.

The picture sold rather good, and Marius was promoted to level 6 in the photographic career.

To celebrate his promotion, and his girlfriends 18th birthday. Marius took Aslysia out to the movies.

Alsysia had grown into a stunning young women, or should I say fairy. She looked like a princess. Even if she did start working in a mans world, she wanted to be an astronaut more then anything else in the world.

That evening the vet informed Micheal, that his mare was pregnant again. Micheal only had a blank look on his face. No-one know how he really felt about this.

With Marius’s 18th birthday in only 2 months, and the wedding planned for the month after, about the same time the foal was suppose to arrive. Micheal may not have been to happy.


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