A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-8

Chapter 5-8.
Last we left days after Micheal asked Amy to marry him.
With only a month before Marius turns 18 and 2 months away from the wedding.
So as him birthday was near, Marius booked himself for a last trip to Egypt, before having to lookafter himself.  No he still had his dads bank money to pay for his trips. 
So one morning after his final exames at school, 8 days before his birthday, he booked an 8 daytrip to Egypt. He did after all promise his dad he would be home for his birthday. 
Now knowing that the camp in Egypt is just that. A tent camp, Marius only took what he couldcarry in his bag. So arriving instead of going to the campsite, he set of to the burning sands pyramid.
Entering it he went the way he last left the place. Looking in some of the chests again. He foundthat more treasure had appear in them. Was someone hidden there loot here, well they should

had hid it better. Marius collected all he could lay his little greedy hands on.  After all, he know

he will be moving on his own soon, then he will need all the money he can get to finance his

future adventures.

As he pass the flame fruit, he add some to his bag, never know when they will come in handy.

He found that with the Pongu Axe, he still had with his. He could breeze through the rubble piles,


even the large boulders, was no match for the Axe.

They would crumble to

dust in the way of the Pongu Axe.

As he explored the pyramid, and collected as much treasure as he could.

Did remember to this time, first disarm the wall trap, that had last set him ablaze.

And making his way through the cambers, he ended up at the exit of this part of the tomb again.

So he set of into the other part, he had previously skipped, in favor of getting the flame fruit. Opening

door, finding hidden doors and chests. Getting all the boulder out of the way. Marius just kept going

on. Nothing could stop him now, or

so he though. As he was opening one particulate chest. A mummy come out of a sarcophagus.

Walking right at Marius.

Being level 7 in Martial Arts. And a cocky teen…

When the mummy attacked. Marius did not try to get away. Ohh no. He fight. But man was the

boy wrong…

Marius got his *** handed to his on a silver platter, by the mummy. 

Said mummy knocked Marius out stone cold.

But still even after the attack, Marius went looking into the same sarcophagus, the mummy came

out off.

In the chest that had brought the Mummy to the room, Marius had found another Sigil of Egypt.

This one being the Sigil of the Tomb of Rocks. It was 2912 years old and worth $224.

This also mean that Marius had fully explored, 4 tombs in Egypt.

With nothing else to do, and in no mood for a mission. Marius set of to the Sphinx.

The place was riddled with fire traps, all blazed.

But that did not bother Marius, he made his way around traps, through doors, finding treasure

and hidden doors.

Unlocking door using keystones.

Marius continued, and when he felt tired. He would drink some of the elixirs he brewed before leaving

home. It would invigorate him, full of energy he could go on for anther 24 hours, without sleep. So

soon he found the Legendary Chamber of the Soul-peace Statue.

Making the Sphinx the 5th tomb he fully explored in Egypt.

With more courage, after loosing quite a bit, battling and loosing the mummy. Marius returned to

camp, or rather went to camp for the first time. There he came across a stray dog. The first he have

seen in Egypt. The dog did not look friendly, and Marius was very weary of the animal.

All he could find on the Adventure board in camp, was another mission involving the MorcuCorp people.

This time he was to infiltrated they Headquarters.

The owner of the house, where their Headquarters were. Wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the box. She

took Marius right to the room where the hidden entrance was. 

As he made his way through the underground passages of the house, he came across some wine.

He naturally took it. 

And before long he found the room he was looking for. Dropping of the parcel to bribe the


In one of the chest he found a Sigil. The Sigil of the Criminal Headquarters. Was but 89 years

old and worth a lousy $86

In a room of to the side, Marius found some book. Looking through them he could not find any other

mention of Draconus Vallis. But in the folds of one of the book, were an ancient piece of map. The

first piece of the map leading to the lost Ancient land of the Elves.

So he turned their empty fishbowl into a mushroom, and left the headwaters laughing.

This underground tomb headquarters, done. Marius had completed the 6 tombs in Egypt he felt he

needed. He now know, that beside the one passage in the Ancient library, that mentioned the Ancient

land of the Elves, and the 4 map pieces. He would not find any more info. And besides, he now had

the map piece of Egypt. (6 Egypt DONE, 1 China = Total 7, that means there is still 11 to go =( )

Back at camp, Marius had a chat with a lady from France. She went on for hours, talking about all

the places in France that could be explored.

On his last day, he got a call from Micheal and Amy. Screaming “Happy Birthday” in his ears. Almost

leaving him deaf. So on the plane back home…

he made the decision, that he would not for get about his photo’s like last time. He made sure to

go to the consignment store, stayed from the airport.

To consing all the photo’s of his last trip to Egypt.

Arriving home, just as Amy finish the homemade cake, she made for his birthday.

With one wish, the happiness of his father and mother…

Marius grew up into an young adult.


Marius received a Fountain of youth potion from Nancy01905. She know just what he will need in


While Flora seemed to have made it her mission in life to re-populate Appaloosa Plains with fairies.

She now have 6 kids. Ranging from Young Adult to baby.


NOTE: For some reason, each part of the Burning sands pyramid tombs counted

separately in my game. Giving me 2 tombs completed from the one pyramid. Maybe

because. They have separate entrances? This time I’m not looking a given horse in the mouth.

If the game say its two tombs, who am I to argue 🙂



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