A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-9

Chapter 5-9

Last time Marius turned 18, reaching the young adulthood.

To make his birthday, even more special. He got promoted to level 7 in the photographic career.

As everyone, was tired they went to bed. Without realizing that outside…

Athena had go into labor.

She gave birth to a beautiful foal. That was named Zeus.

Zeus had his dad’s coloring, but for his mane, tail and one back leg. 

Athena made sure the foal drink, before they return to the stables. For a nights rest.

A month later, on the day Micheal and Amy was to wed. Marius’s graduation ceremony was to be. Marius graduated Valedictorian, keeping the family tradition alive. He was also voted Most like to become a sport star – HEHE not likely.

Amy and Micheal was their to congratulate him. Before they…

were all of to the wedding. To Amy’s biggest surprise, Wolfie Langraab, her brother was there. Her message that she was getting married, had made it back home and Wolfie was the only one able to get here, without causing friction between the universes. Amy was almost in tears seeing her big brother there.

Then the bride and the groom made there way together, down the isle.

Ready for their big day.

On one side of the isle was Marius, with his girlfriend Alsysia Abbott. Behind them sat Alsysia’a sister Rose and

On the other side of the isle was Wolfie and behind him sat Flora Abbott. Amy and Micheal wanted a small wedding. With only close friends and family. Originally it would have been only Marius and Alsysia. But Alsysia’s mom and sister nagged till they were included. And Wolfie was a surprise.

As they looked into each others eyes…

Micheal started with his vows. ” Amy, my angle, my rock and my world. With this ring I thee wed.”

With eyes shinning of tears ready to fall to the ground, Amy said her vows. “Micheal, you are the man that hold my heart in your hands, had for a very long time. I hurt you so badly, yet your forgiveness have no boundaries. You pick me up when I fall, and hold me close when I am sad. I gave my all to you, to love and to hold. I take thee to be my wedded husband from this day forward, till I breath my last breath.”

Before the official could even say, the groom my kiss the bride. Micheal had Amy in his arms.

Seal the marriage with a kiss, in the eyes of the sim’verse.

Wolfie was the first to shower the newly weds with rice, followed

closely by Marius.

The reception was to be held outside the little chapel they go married at.

But before Wolfie could even make it outside. Flora was hunting him down. 

Micheal cut the cake and …

handed the first piece to his bride.

As everyone sat down to eat. Micheal could not believe that Amy was his, now and forever.

After the cake, Marius brought out the wine. Wolfie took the first toast. “Amy my little baby sister. You have came a very far way, to find the man you love. The man that will, and better – here Wolfie gave Micheal a long and hard stare – look after you. Love you, and NEVER cheat on you. May this marriage be a blessed and happy one.”

When Wolfie sat down. It was Marius’s time. ” It took you guy’s forever. I’m just glad dad finally got the courage to make my mom his. And only his. Dad you hurt mom, and Uncle Wolfie, will not need to come and sort it out. I will do it, before he even arrive. Love you both, and remember I want a baby brother or sister before you are to old.  ” At this everyone started laughing. Amy just looked at Marius, then asked loudly. “Are you nuts, we are both in our fifties. Will you raise the kid?” Clearly she have no plans on getting pregnant.

As the afternoon turn to evening, everyone was chatting away.

With the romance of the wedding, Marius and Alsysia got some romance of their own in.

Marius noted that Rose had not gotten cake when they all sat down, she had disappeared somewhere. So he brought the last piece of cake to her.

With a witch and a warlock in attendance, no one was surprise. When magic came out to play.

Marius hit Alsysia with a good luck charm and

Amy hit her new hubby, with a sunlight charm.

Amy’s playfulness, sparked Micheal’s own playfulness. And soon the man became quite frisky.

So with the guests all happily chatting,

the bride and groom sneaked away.

Arriving home, Micheal used Marius’s bathroom to brush his teeth, while Am y used theirs. When Micheal walked into their room. Amy was waiting for him on the bed in some lingerie.

As the to got ready to consummate their marriage. They just know the wedding party was a killer party.

Their marriage was consummated with load of tender love.

By the time the party was over, it was late. Wolfie said he would leave round 5 am to return to his universe. So Marius offered his bed, to his uncle for a couple of hours rest.

While he himself took the couch.

With the human so busy, they did not even had time to came and see the new foal. Athena look after her kid.

4:30 am the next morning everyone was up and talking in the lounge. Wolfie talked about all that has happened in their universe. (Please see Piazzagirl1015’s story. That is a absolute must read. )

With a hug for his sis, Wolfie again warn Micheal not to hurt his sis.

Amy just hold her brother tight, whispering to stop threading her hubby.

Then it was time for Wolfie to leave. The portal had appeared, time had run out. And with a promise that they would come visiting, Wolfie left Micheal, Amy and Marius.

During breakfast, some time later…

Marius informed Micheal and Amy that he was also moving out that day. He felt that the newly weds need the place to themselves.

And after some tight hugs and

tears, Marius was off…

To a nice two bedroom, double story house in….


Thanks to piazzagirl1015 for Amy and Wolfie, I did borrow Wolfie without asking 

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