A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-10

Chapter 5-10

Last Marius moved out of the house, into his own 2 bedroom house in Appaloosa Plains. It was on the other side of town, from his parents.

As he only received the house and $50000, he took the Tiberium he found in Egypt. Had it cut in a spiral cut, costing him $7500. Then when it was returned to him. Buried it behind the stairs for a week. Before taking it to the consignment store to be sold.

It sold almost instantly, earning him a massive $68620

He also set to work enlarging the old family photo’s, starting with the one of Andrea, Sunshine and William. Their names was faded at the back of the old photo.

As the weeks pass, Marius set into an easy routine. In the morning he cleaned the house, afternoon was spend training in Martial Arts…

And in the evenings, he would magically upgrade one item at a time in his house. Only with magic can something be spelled to stay clean, or never break. What a advantage witches and warlock have over normal humans. 

Three months after his moved out, he went to visit his parents. But only Micheal was home. So Marius inform him of his plans to leave for France the next day.

While talking Zeus came begging for his bottle. Micheal told Marius that Athena’s milk was dried up. So the foal was being hand raised.

After the foal had his fill, Marius spend some time playing and talking to his. As little attention he and received soon after birth. Zeus was now always getting attention from the family of humans.

Early the next morning, Marius booked a six month long adventure expedition to France.

The place he booked in over the internet, turned out to be a very large old building. In the center of town.

He had his own room, but the view was a bit disappointing. As it was strait into the house across the road.

With all his belongings stored away in his room. Marius made his way to a board that held all kinds of adventures.

On the board as an adventure ad that asked for a daring soul. Well the women how placed the ad will have to look far to find anyone as daring as Marius. So he set of to the interview.

She asked him to bring back, something that fell down a whole. Giving him a key to enter the tombs below.

So Marius head over to the site,, down some stairs. With the key he received he opened the door and entered the tomb.

As he made him way deeper into the tomb, Marius had to climb over skeleton remains of other adventurous folk who did not made it out again.

But he found the key to the rest of the tomb, and soon was exploring further and deeper.

But he rather found a exit to the outside. 

Turning around, he started moving the statues. And after some time opened up stair leading below.

Into a maize. He quickly navigated his way in and around the maize.

Collecting every treasure he laid his eyes on, and opening some secret doors.

As it was getting late, Marius came across and tent in a corner of the maize. So he settled in for the night.

Early up the next morning, he used the keystone he found the previous day. To open a door. The door…

just lead to a treasure chest. So he moved on to the door near the feet stone he revealed yesterday.

Stomping on the feet stone. He opened the door in the room he was looking for.

As he was collecting the treasure. He found the treasured item, a baseball. 

Behind a hidden door, he also found his first sigil of France. The Sigil of the Kings Burial Ground. He look all over the place, and sure that there was nothing that could have a connection to Draconus Vallis.

Marius took the stairs up, activating a feet stone. That lead him out of the tomb. He felt good. He know there was nothing left in this tomb to explore. (So Marius completed his first tomb of France)

On his way into town, Marius noted many excavating site. So he stopped at some, and carefully digged through them.

Arriving at the local general store, he handed the baseball over to the women. Tears filled her eyes as she held her precious baseball again.

His phone rang, it was the French government. Extending him an upgrade in his visa for France. Should he ever what to return. He would he more then welcome to stay for longer.

While Marius was at the store, he took the time to stock up on some supplies. Mainly shower cans and he also got himself a better tent.

Then he went to the Market square and took pictures of all the people walking around. Thus leading to him mastering the Technics of photography.

Taking his time, and looking for adventures he like. Marius found another promising adventure a month later.

He had to investigat, why a part of a garden was walled off.

So taking the key the women handed him, he set of into the basement to explore. In one room, there was a large blue and another red square. First a bit baffled, this is the first time, something was not blatantly clear. Marius tugged and push on everything. As he moved one of the statues. He was able to find a touch light that tilted …

to reveal two gear stones. He quickly pushed the statues on there places, and step on the newly revealed feet stone.

A door open, that lead him deep below the basement. Where he found grapes, and a floor switch. The floor switch revealed a hidden room…

Inside the newly opened room, was a sarcophagus and a treasure chest.

After searching then, for he never know where he may find information on Draconus Vallis. He returned to the other room and went up some stairs. There he found the reason why this part of the garden was walled off. In here was a grave. Clearly it was to be hidden from the world. Who’s grave could it be, and why was the person buried here. But that was all questions for another adventure.

Marius found a feet stone, that opened a hidden door, to the outside garden. After reporting his findings to the people of the house. Marius left

to the vineyards of France. He decided to take a couple of weeks of just to relax. Do some wine tasting…

and staying at the vineyard, to see how they operate…


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