A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-11

Chapter 5-11

Last time Marius took a break from adventures, chilling out at some vineyards.

After a lovely month long rest, Marius decided it was time to go check for adventures again.

He had to ask a guy about the Secret Library in the Landgraab house. But the guy was full of himself, he would only talk to friend about it.

Marius just gave him a secretive smile, and cast the love spell on the man. After that…

Marius had no problem getting all the information he wanted, and some he really did not need to know.

Reporting back to the lady that needed the information. She asked if he would kindly…

go look for the papers she want in the Landgraab Library. Now Marius is always one to look in all kind of places, libraries being one of the foremost, for information on Draconus Vallis. Was not gone say no, not when he could get his hand on book with possible information. 

So he set off to the Landgraab Chateau. Easily disarming the trap at the front doors.

But as he made his way through the house. He quickly learn this place was full of traps. It was going to take week if not months, to disarm most of them.

So he could not even attempt to disarm  . He just had to bite the bullet and try jumping them…

hoping like crazy that he does not get fried. 

In one chest he found a gargoyle. An Antique French Collection Gargoyle.

Some of the traps was a bit mor easy to disarm,

much like in Egypt. He sometimes just had to move statues, over the trap, to disarm them.

Using the key he received from the lady in town, Marius gained access to the Landgraab Library. But if he though it was the end of the traps…

He spend some time looking for the way to disarm the traps, that separate him from the papers he was looking for. Out of sure frustration, he switch the radio on. Just to listen to some music, and the traps was disarmed. 

Collecting the papers, he sat down and read them. Just to see if there was any mention of Draconus Vallis, but at last nothing. So…

he methodically went through the books in the bookcases. In one he found reference to a piece of an ancient map, originally from unknown part of Egypt, hidden somewhere in Landgraab Chateau. Now Marius know he had to search this whole place.

So he started with the areas he had access to. He did not find any map piece, but he did came across another gargoyle. The Ancient French Fearless Gargoyle.

With nowhere else he could enter, Marius went to give the lady the papers.

That send him into a paper delivery trail that almost had the Marius crazy. From one women to another to yet another.

After that delivery circus, Marius took a week of. Before going to check for more adventures. He needed a way to get deeper into the Landgraab Chateau. But instead he

got the crazies adventure yet. A women wanted someone to ask an Alien that had moved into town, out on a date.

With nothing else to do, and curious about how the alien looked. Marius set of to the address mentioned in the adventure

With the cast of a love spell. The alien was more then willing. Actually he would have happily done more then just dating.

But all Marius’s love spells, cast’d left, right and center had earn him the naughty reputation. Lets just hope this does not reach Alsysia’s ears.

The next day after the date. Marius reported back to the goth looking girl that wanted someone to ask the alien out. They had a laugh at the way the poor alien fell for Marius. Marius conveniently felt out the part where he had cast a spell on the poor alien being.

One day, while visiting the old graveyard. Marius saw someone how looked a lot like his uncle Wolfie. But that could not be. For Wolfie had return to his universe. He tried to talk to the man, but he just run off. Was it possible that uncle Wolfie was in their universe, and if so why? And why did he not stop to talk to Marius, when he called him?

With less then two months left in France. Marius went to look for some adventure, that just may lead him back to the Landgraab house.

And he got one. This one was not so sure the main house. But it took him to the small, shack at the side of the big house. Down the stairs at the back of the shack, he found the key to open

the door into the shack.

Inside he found the dairy he was send to collect. Try as he may, Marius could not get it open. It needed some sort of key.

The Legendary Shack was the 3rd fully explored tomb for Marius in France.

Tired looking for a way to open the dairy, Marius fell asleep on the cot in the shack.

He returned the dairy the next day. The lady could not open it either, but

she know who may have the key to the book. The same girl that had Marius dating an alien. So Marius went to her asking if she would give him the key.

She would, but for a price. She wanted some gold, which Marius had since Egypt, then she ask for gems. Marius quickly went looking and brought it back to her, before the week was out.

When next he went looking for an adventure. It turns out, the women got the book open. She was now looking into the kidnapping of the first Landgraab.

As Marius know this would lead back to Chateau Landgraab. He quickly contacted her.

Earning level 2 in his visa grading from the French government.

At the side of the big house, Marius found the entrance to the Ballroom. Using the key given he open up the door.

The ballroom was riddled with statues and gear stones. So Marius set off to move a statue onto every gear stone. When all the gear stones had statues on them, he could hear locks and traps disarming all over the house.

Exploring the house further, he found that there were still feet stones that he needed to activate, to open more doors.

It took weeks to go through the house. Marius started making use of the beds and bathrooms in the house, rather then returning to the lodge every day.

But he did have his troubles in the house, like setting of traps accidentally, when trying to deactivate them.

One of these traps, chard him so badly. He had to stay in bed and soak daily for a week. Not able to do anything else. He could not even get out. Luckily he had enough food packed.

By the time he was well enough to move without problem. It was the day his plane was leave.

The day after arriving home. he went to greet his parents. Just to…

find that Amy was with child.  She jokingly blamed him, and his toast at the wedding for her getting pregnant.

But in good spirit, she challenged him to a duel…

Which she won. after all it was not as if Marius was going to hit her, knowing she was carrying his baby brother or sister. He secretly hope for a little baby sister. So he could spoil her rotten.

Micheal went not dotting on his pregnant wife. Was full steam back to training horses. After all with the new baby on the way. He would need to be able to comfortably provide for him or her.


On Wolfie. He was removed from the house using split household. And then the clipboard with him on was deleted. Wonder how he ended up in France?

And it is now eight sim days, excluding the time spend in France. Since Marius moved out. Sp did not wait long to get her pregnant. She is now on what her 2nd day, by the look of it.

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