A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-12

Chapter 5-12

Last we found out the Marius’s wish for a baby brother or sister was about to came true. Amy’s pregnancy was moving along well. Marius had chosen to stick around till after the birth.

He used his time wisely. First he updated some other family pictures.

He also developed a routine of, Martial Arts in the morning and…

gym in the after noon.

With nights improving his Alchemy skills.

Late in Autumn Amy gave birth to twins. Marius not only get a little sister, he so wanted, but also a little brother. Amy named the little girl, Rose II and Micheal named the boy, Leon II. Both after their grandparents.

On Halloween, Tina Abbott, Flora’s 3rd daughter. Came around Marius’s house. These girls look all different. Turns out Flora is her mom, but she has a different dad then Rose and Alsysia. 

As Marius was making ready to leave again. He realize he still had not developed his previous photo’s, so he quickly developed it, before

handing it in for sale.

They lead to a level 8 promotion, the night after he consignment them.  (I should start to remember to give them in  )

As Autumn turn to winter Marius…

booked a flight back to France, for some warmer weather.

He again booked into the lodge in the middle of town. Not that he plan to spend a lot of time there.

Before returning to the Landgraab house. As he pass toward the ballroom entrance, he notice stairs next to the house.

Curiously he went down, he could not remember seeing it last time. Below was not much, but he did find a hidden door.

Behind the hidden door was two treasure chest with some lovely gems stones.

After making sure this area was clear, he return to the house. And the same trap the last ended him bed riddle for so long. This time he was up for the challenge and disarm the thing.

With having to disarm the traps, he decided that he will be using the facilities at hand. Both the bed and bathrooms 

So he continued to go through the house, traps, feet stones…

Hidden doors. It was slow mind numbing work, but he did make slow, oh so very slow progress.

One hidden door lead up to the attic and two chest, by the did nor hold anything of interest. 

It took Marius a whole tree months, before he eventually found the right room.

In the room was also some old book, so Marius look through them all still trying to get the second piece of the map, or just some more information on Draconus Vallis. But no such luck.

This place drove him to the brink of insanity on so many time, that many a day Marius had to resort to meditating just to keep it together.  (Wish I could)

With only one part of the Landgraab chateau, Marius could not get in no matter what he tried. He left the place, he know he would one day return. But for now four months after entering it, he

needs to deliver the papers he found to the women.

As he finished with the women. He got a call, it was from the same lady, who had the walled of area. She heard rumor he was back in France, and needed his help. She was so eager for his help, she did not even dressed. Rushing outside in her underwear to greed Marius. (And she isn’t even one of his love interests  )

It seem the spirit of the person buried in the secret garden was giving her and her household trouble. And she needed Marius to find out why. Marius went to try and communicate with the spirit, seem it first want the household to have pomegranates before he would say hat bother him…weird…

Luckily Marius still had some pomegranates in his supplies. So he handed the women six.

Before returning to the grave to mourn the weird spirit.

Now the spirit was will to tell Marius while his giving the household a hard time. He just wanted to be buried with his love.

Who was in the hidden room below the house. Marius remembered the room with the sarcophagus, so he digged the remains up and took it to the room, placing it with the other human remains.

Now Marius just had to explain to the women, that two humans was now buried below her house. I guest he should have just told he, it’s time to move. 

After this insanity with the ghost Marius needed a break, so over breakfast one morning five months after arriving in France, he decided on another month long vacation, break within a vacation.

He was just returning from the vineyards, when he received a call from the Relic Merchant. Something weird was going on in the museum, she wanted Marius to investigate. As she know who good his was, and trustworthy.

So Marius agreed to do this, France and weirdness, go hand in hand in Marius’s eye by now. So first he spend time in the Egyptian part. Reported some incidents.

Then check the Chinese part out. There he found a whole in the wall, that triggered memories of hidden doors and adventure. So being Marius, Marius went and fiddle with it.

And low and behold, he heard a hidden door open up.

Following the path on the outside of the museum, through a door down some stairs. Marius found himself in a room with only a touch burning. Not seeing anything else, he just fiddled with it, till

it revealed two gear stones. Pushing the statues on was old for Marius by now. So with the strength he had develop over his explorations, it was a quickly done.

A hidden door on one side lead to a treasure chest, with nothing special.

But the door on the other side. Lead to a dead end. After ransacking the chest there. Marius started looking around. There was a movable statue, but no place it indict were it should go. No touches was movable. Out of sure frustration, Marius just pulled the statues way. To discover beneath, it was a whole. Fiddle around in it opened a well sealed hidden door.

That lead to more treasure. One of which was the Antique Signet of Museum Catacomb, over 2800 years old.

And to no real surprice, Marius also found a grave. Collecting the remains…

a very tried Marius made his way out. Completing his 4th tomb in France.

All he now need it 2 more in French, one being the Landgraab Chateau, and 5 more in China.

Marius was so tried as he left the museum, he pitched tent right in front of the building. Not caring was anyone was to think.

Next morning, he set of to bury the remains he found. In the graveyard, the spirit of the deceased lead him to a trigger.

That opened his family tomb. Marius respectfully placed the remains inside, before…

returning to the Relic Merchant. Too ones again explain to a women, that there troubles was due to ghostly apparitions and spirits.

All his spirit trouble did lead the French government to see just how good Marius was. and they extended him the honor of a level 3, the best they had, visa level.

But everything did not always go well for Marius. His multiple love spells, came back to bite him in the A.S.S… He was now known in France as a cheater. 

Worst was that Marius, developed a bit of an alcohol problem while in France. Easy access to free samples of wine, lead to him loving it a bit more, then what was good for his health.

And his cheaters reputation, did not stop him for casting love spells, when he needed something from a person.

One day, Marius was ask to look of old, as in over 5000 years old, wine. deep in the vineyards cellars. So off Marius went, looking for wine…

What he did found was another signet. The antique French Signet of the Nectary Cellars, it was old, 3594 years old.

And in another room, loads of old wine, from 500 years too 5000 years.

So he took it to the Wine Merchant. She told him to keep it. Where were is one, there will be more.

While Marius was below, he also came across a room, with 3 empty whole. As he told her about it, she send him to one of the locals, to try and get more information. She believed the special merchant would be able to help.

The special merchant will help, but for a price off cause. This price being five rear beatles. So Marius sent of on a bug hunt, killing the first one he tried to catch. Months pass as he hunt bugs. By the time he was to return home, he had the 5 bugs, now to deliver they to the Entomologist in Egypt.

Marius returned to an even colder winter in Appaloosa Plains, then when he left.

As a year had pastsince the birth, Marius missed the twins birthday. So on returning, he stopped by his parents house to check in on them all. Leon II had grown in to a little boy, looking a lot like a little Marius.

And Rose II was her mothers daughter, in more ways the one. Boths start showing signs of being magical.


Flora is still trying to re-populate Appaloosa Plains by herself.
She now has 7 kids, with 3 different men. As well as a grandchild.

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